Just now, Australia closed the city again!Morrison refused entry of foreign students!The first batch of pilot programs stopped?The official reply is here!Australia's bid to host the Olympics again, today is mixed

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Epidemic hot spots in Australia today

Victoria added 0 todayAn example, 0 people died.

Only 3 active cases remain in Greater Melbourne

Congratulations to Victoria for the 19th double duck egg!

Seven new cases were confirmed in NSW,

All inbound tourists from overseas.

There is one new case in Queensland.

Morrison once again rejected the proposal for entry of international students

Source: Network
Morrison delivered a speech after the National Cabinet meeting some time ago and said--
The current federal government’s primary task is to allow citizens to return to their homes, and to strictly limit entry limits, and it is necessary to enforce quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, so quarantine resources have reached their limit.
He said: "Unfortunately, this will delay bringing international students to Australia because we have to use all possible places to bring Australians home."
"This is a priority. Our priority must be to take care of Australian citizens and residents first."
Source: Network
Obviously this decision made local businesses and universities unhappy.Recently, a student dormitory provider with thousands of vacant single rooms has criticized the Australian Federal Government!
Craig Karacher, founder and chairman of Scape Australia, said: "Prime Minister Morrison seems to believe that hotels are the only solution."
It is reported that Scape said that the accommodation single room is ready and canOverseas students who return to Australia to study in isolation for free, their return will revive Australia's local economy.
However, this proposal became yellow after being submitted to Australian Prime Minister Morrison!
Morrison once again rejected the proposal for the entry of international students, insisting that the return of locals to Australia should be the first priority. However, if I remember correctly, the prime minister was not worried about the issue of hotel isolation?
Why is this problem resolved or rejected?

Last Friday, Morrison ruled out the possibility of overseas students returning to China, although Australia will face a serious domestic financial crisis.

Morrison said:"The challenge we face in getting Australians who are drifting away to return to their hometowns means that there is currently no way to welcome international students back to Australia through isolation arrangements. After all, resources are limited."
Mr. Karachel, the person in charge of Scape, said: "I am very frustrated." His company has 18,000 single student apartments worldwide (14,000 student apartments in Australia).
He believes that the government's view that only hotels can be quarantined is wrong.He said that this may be suitable for tourists or those returning to Australia, but not for students.
Mr. Karache said: "Scape student dormitory can immediately provide nearly 4000 individual single rooms in seven buildings suitable for international students, and the entire student dormitory industry will increase this number to 10,000 rooms.
He said that dedicated single rooms are ideal for isolating overseas students because they are independent, with kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, and can ensure isolation.Regarding Morrison’s decision,Industry alsofeel depressed.
Unilodge CEO Tomas Johnsson (Tomas Johnsson) said,He estimated that 6000 to 10,000 beds and single rooms could be used to isolate incoming students.
Morrison said:"It's hard to say when we can get more students."

The outbreak of the epidemic in South Australia has entered the lockdown again!

The pilot program for returning overseas students to Australia may be suspended

this afternoon,

The Governor of South Australia held a press conference

Announced emergency closure of South Australia for 6 days!

There are two new cases in South Australia. The lockdown mode will be opened tonight, schools will be closed, bars and cafes will be closed, and travel to remote areas is not allowed.
The six-day blockade includes:
  • All schools except basic workers and disadvantaged children; universities; takeaway food

  • Bars, cafes, coffee shops and food courts

  • In addition to emergency surgery and cancer treatment, other elective surgery

  • Open inspection and auction of real estate.

  • Outdoor sports and physical activities-you can't leave home to exercise; regional travel

The Minister of Health of South Australia announced at the press conferenceMandatory South Australia Mask OrderDuring the lockdown period, people are not allowed to go out for exercise.

Three new confirmed cases were added to the Parafield cluster outbreak in South Australia. At the same time, more than 3 virus tests were conducted across the state.
In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic, South Australia, as the first pilot for overseas students to return to Australia, seems to have turned yellow again...
A student contacted a school in South Australia,The school said that the pilot program was temporarily suspended and postponed. In addition, because the entry of international flights was suspended, everything needs to be determined with reference to the local epidemic.
In order to confirm the above news, we contacted the South Australian State Government at noon today, and their official reply to us is as follows:


The health and safety of South Australians is the current priority, and is one of the reasons that inbound flights have been suspended until the end of this week. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and work with South Australia's universities and the federal government with respect to the international students pilot program.
The health and safety of the people of South Australia is now the focus of the state, which is why inbound international flights will be suspended until this weekend.We will continue to observe the local situation and work with universities in South Australia and the federal government to make follow-up decisions on the pilot program for international students returning to Australia.
At present, the first batch of foreign students' entry exemption has not yet been passed through the South Australian border.For details, please check the third article we pushed today.
Source: sbs
Following the outbreak of cluster infections in Adelaide, the South Australian government imposed a week-long ban on all inbound international flights on Monday.This is likely to cause delays in the pilot program for returning overseas students to Australia in South Australia, and the pilot program for overseas students is basically suspended pending a decision.
The plan was to start this month and bring 300 international students back to Adelaide via Singapore.
A state government spokesperson said: "Our top priority is the health and safety of South Australians."
Source: sbs
The spokesperson said: "All inbound international flights have been suspended until the end of this weekend. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will cooperate with SA's universities and the federal government on the pilot program for international students."
The South Australian government confirmed earlier this week that it has invited students from 9 regions including Singapore, Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia to participate in the pilot.
The plan was finally approved by the federal government last month after a long period of deliberation.
Source: sbs
Phil Honeywood, CEO of the Australian International Education Association, said,Although it is not yet possible to predict the direction of the pilot program, the state government will most likely stop the program immediately.
One of the prerequisites stipulated by the government for the pilot program is that the federal government may suspend or postpone the arrival of international students in Australia at any time, for example, if the local health conditions change or the initial pilot program finds some problems that need to be resolved.
Source: sbs
The suspension of all flights into Adelaide also affects stranded Australian families.
Previously, South Australia received 600 international immigrants every week.
The prolonged flight ban may affect the government’s plan to bring another 27,000 Australians back home before Christmas.
———Promote the dividing line————
———Promote the dividing line————
The following is a collection of local news hotspots:

Australia applies to host the 2032 Olympic Games

This time the sender is Queensland

Image source: smh
Recently, Morrison said,He hopes Queensland will restart its bid for the 2032 Summer Olympics.
Morrison met with IOC President Thomas Bach in Tokyo on Tuesday, where they discussed the issue of hosting the Olympic Games after the COVID-XNUMX.
Health Minister Greg Hunt said that Australian athletes are likely to go to Japan to participate in the Tokyo Olympics next year, and organizers will work hard to provide vaccines to participants.
Image source: smh
Hunt said that the federal government will support the Olympics in a safe manner.
During a meeting with Japanese business leaders in Tokyo on Tuesday, Morrison said that renewable energy projects in Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia are critical to protecting the environment.
Morrison also discussed the export of renewable energy from Australia.
Image source: smh
The Olympic Games will create a lot of job opportunities for Queensland. It is estimated that about 1 full-time jobs will be created in the southeast of Queensland alone.
The International Olympic Committee also praised Queensland’s achievements in responding to the new crown epidemic.
In addition to Queensland, the current 2032 Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee has also received bids from Qatar, India and Indonesia.
There is bad news and good news locally in Melbourne...
Look at the bad news first,

Melbourne cancels New Year's Eve fireworks and changes to food festival

Source: 9 news
This year's New Year's Eve fireworks in Melbourne have been cancelled and replaced by a two-day food festival.
Melbourne Mayor Cr Sally Capp said, "We know that everyone wants to say goodbye to this extraordinary 2020."
"Although the fireworks will not continue, we still expect the city to be full of cheers."
Source: 9 news
The "Street Feast" will be held in 11 districts of the city, including Little Bourke St, Hardware Lane, Docklands and Domain Road.
Cr Capp said: "We are very happy to have so many places to help us provide this year's extraordinary experience."
Source: 9 news
Anthea Loucas Bosha of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival said that this event is a unique experience for the city.
For many Melbourne companies, this has been a long and difficult year, and the opportunity to participate in such an event on New Year's Eve is gratifying.
Joanne Gamvros from Bar Lourinha in the Central Business District said: "This has become more exciting and it also provides us with another opportunity."

The chemical substance leaked from the University of Mexico,

Evacuate hundreds of people

Source: news
yesterday afternoon,Faculty, staff and students at the University of Melbourne were evacuated urgently due to a chemical leak in the laboratory.
Source: news
At around 12:15 in the afternoon, a professional firefighter was asked to check the chemical spill on the Parkerville campus.
The incident was declared under control at around 2.15 pm.
Source: news
For prevention,About 100 people were evacuated from the school, and firefighters stayed at the scene for several hours to ensure the safety of the area.
The Victorian Fire Department said the incident was triggered by a chemical reaction, when two chemicals were mixed with water in the bathroom of the research room.
Source: news
It is understood that the incident occurred in the Department of Medical Infectious Diseases.
No one was injured at the scene.
Source: news
A spokeswoman for the Victorian Fire Department said, “Following a possible chemical leak in the research room’s bathroom, FRV staff were called into the incident.”
Source: news
“The firefighters arrived at the scene within six minutes and worked with FRV scientific officials to contain the leak and ensure the safety of the scene.”
"More than 100 people were evacuated at the scene."
Here is some good news...

The first international flight to Melbourne in months!

Source: 9 news
Victoria has zero new coronavirus cases and deaths for the 18th consecutive day.
The state has joined the tourism bubble established by New Zealand and the federal government.
Source: 9 news
Travelers from New Zealand can enter Victoria without isolation,This is also the first time that Melbourne has an international flight in a few months.
Source: 9 news
The situation in Victoria gradually improved, but the outbreak in South Australia started.
Source: 9 news
Andrews declared South Australia a hot spot.
However, Andrews has not taken measures to close the border or enforce quarantine.
He said: "I know the Northern Territory and Tasmania have declared South Australia as a hotspot, and we will do the same. But it will depend on the situation."
"When they arrive at Melbourne Airport, they need a quick test."

New Melbourne train line will connect Monash and Box Hill

Source: ABC news
Melbourne's future suburban railway loop will start at Southland Shopping Centre, one of the six new railway stations selected by the Victorian government.
The entire project aims to connect all major train lines between Frankston and Werribee through Melbourne Airport.
The budget includes 22 billion Australian dollars for the current 26 km early project.
There is no estimated completion date yet, but early works are expected to begin in 2022.
Source: ABC news
The government also announced the preferred locations for six new subway stations from Cheltenham to Box Hill.
The station will be built near Monash University and Deakin University, while the new station in Clayton will serve as an interchange station for V/Line services and Cranbourne-Pakenham trains.
Daniel Andrews said: "This project is real. This is exactly what we said to do. The project will help Victoria recover from the pandemic."
At present, the government has not disclosed the cost of the entire project and is still conducting a comprehensive cost analysis.
Source: ABC news
When the project was first announced in the 2018 elections, the entire loop budget exceeded A$500 billion.
The owners and tenants of as many as 300 houses and businesses have been notified that they may be affected by the project.
The government said that due to the complexity of the project, there will be inevitable destruction and land acquisition.
Andrews said that the project will create 800 direct jobs, and during the peak period of construction, the project will provide 20,000 jobs.
"It is expected to take decades to complete."
Source: ABC news
"It was started by our government, but it will be completed by another government in a few decades."
The project allocated 3 million Australian dollars in last year's budget for design and development.
Marion Terrill, director of transportation and urban projects at the Gratan Institute, said she is concerned about the lack of transparency in the government.
She said, “We still don’t know what the cost will be, and we don’t know what the benefits will be.”
"In fact, you can get a lot of things with this money."
Source: ABC news
Shadow Infrastructure Minister David Davis said that in theory, establishing transportation links across the city is a good idea, but there needs to be a business case and a clear final cost, which he believes may exceed 1000 billion Australian dollars.
He believes: "The government's proposal for suburban railways has always been very secretive. In fact, it has not been publicly released in a way that people can fully and appropriately analyze the issue."

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