Lang Xianping: Jack Ma is the destroyer, let China go on the road of no return!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Jack Ma is the destroyer, let China go on the road of no return!Joining in not splitting Alibaba under the anti-monopoly law is ashamed of hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens, ashamed of tens of millions of innovative enterprises, and ashamed of the precious Chinese market resources, which is a great crime against the Chinese country and people!

May I ask, which country in the world allows a company like Alibaba to seriously waste extremely precious national resources for its own benefit and let the innovation engine die?Which country allows companies like Alibaba to sell national resources cheaply in exchange for foreign exchange to fill the private pockets of foreign major shareholders?Is it tolerable or unbearable!

The launch of Taobao is undoubtedly stifling the innovation of many industries in China. All products that want to participate in the competition have to fight a price war. In this way, the Chinese market, which is already rampant with fake goods, will lose its original motivation. The road to “created in China” may be From then on, we will falter and fall, becoming the least valuable part of the division of labor in the world!

Taobao used its monopoly position in the online shopping market for its own benefit to detonate major merchants into a price war, thereby reaping the benefits of the fisherman.On the surface, it is for the sake of online buyers, but the buyers are actually hurt!

There will be many terrible things in the hot online shopping.

Looking at those products with sales of tens of thousands, and looking at the mountains of express shipments from express companies, I feel a sense of stormy weather.

1. How will people shop in the future?

The vast majority of people will use online shopping to shop.The goods purchased online are good, cheap, convenient, and really good.

Adverse effects

① A large number of shops, clothing stores, tool stores, digital malls, shopping malls, will be closed, even if they are left behind, it is hard to support and it is difficult to make a surplus profit.It is often seen on the Internet that some large markets, such as Zhongguancun in Beijing and Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen, have fallen into depression.

②Many retail shop owners are unemployed, and many salespersons and promoters will be unemployed.Many landlord’s shops will not be rented out.This group of people is the first to be affected by Taobao, and the impact is the most direct.

2. How will Taobao develop?

Small businesses will all die out, at least 90% of Taobao shops will die out, and the remaining 10% of large Taobao businesses will experience absolute super price wars. Vicious circle.

The original intention of Taobao was to allow all sellers to directly face consumers, reduce intermediate links, and benefit consumers.The original intention of this establishment may be good, but Taobao evolved to this day, and it did not expect it to develop into this way.

It will develop into the elimination of physical middlemen, and in the end even manufacturers have to compete in large numbers for survival.Many products in China have almost become unprofitable and have to be made, and the products have appeared in false prosperity everywhere. Even if they are sold everywhere in the streets and alleys, no one makes a profit.

Even manufacturers can't make a profit, at best they can make a little money, because the sales are too cheap.There are 9 items with 9 free shipping everywhere.Click here to enter the boss group

There is no winner if a product is too cheap. A company that sells a lot but does not make money is an unethical company.

When all the merchants are placed on the same platform, the competition will be too cruel, just like there is only one supermarket in a town, and you have to open two, three, four or five supermarkets. The truth is that opening a supermarket can make money, opening two can save money, opening three can only make everyone lose money, not to mention that there are more than tens of thousands on Taobao.

All corners and corners are Taobao shops. Taobao is taking advantage of human weakness and greed to let us turn the originally reasonable industry into vicious competition, endless vicious competition. Eventually affect all industries in China.

3. People of all ages can shop online.

Online shopping is developing so fast that no one has expected.From childhood to adulthood, people of all ages buy things online.

There are many people who dare to sell things at a loss on Taobao.Someone will always dare to sell lower than you.So, in order to make the picture cheaper, everyone bought it online.

4. Jack Ma, the invincible.

From the current point of view, Taobao's momentum will continue to develop. Jack Ma is a terrible person. He once said that there will be either e-commerce or no business in the future.

In 2013, Wanda CEO Wang Jianlin was not convinced and even made a bet with him, betting XNUMX million yuan.It is said that in a few years, if e-commerce exceeds XNUMX% of the retail industry, he will lose XNUMX million, and he will not lose XNUMX million more than Jack Ma.

Oh my God, this gambling game is terrible. Fifty percent of all retail sales in China are sold by Taobao, and they are still sold at very low or no profit, and it will also affect the original price of physical stores. Think about it. What will happen to China and what will happen to the Chinese economy.How many people and families can make a profit and support their families.I dare not think about what will happen to China without profit.

5. Taobao continues to grow.

As Taobao continues to expand, if the country does not control Taobao, Taobao's turnover will increase by several times every year. There is no way, human weakness and greed urge us to go nowhere.

Ma Yun is like an expert, but he is also a destroyer. He uses human greed (making buyers greedy for cheap, sellers greedy to sell more, and ordinary people greedily want to come in to compete and get a share of the pie), and he makes the original A healthy economy has become Taobao's dominance, very smart and very smart.Bullet")'>The atomic bomb is also made by man-made, and future destruction will surely occur.

Taobao is like drug abuse that is irresistible, and Taobao is like a snowball that makes sellers unable to extricate themselves. The unprofitable snowball will become bigger and bigger, and vicious competition is inevitable. In 2008, Jack Ma once arguably surpassed Wal-Mart, when his Taobao turnover was only 1000 billion.And Wal-Mart was 3.5 trillion.Taobao can definitely surpass Wal-Mart, or even ten times that of Wal-Mart, because its business model is seamless!

It's just that the consequences are too serious. Maybe Jack Ma himself did not expect Taobao to become like this. It is almost a fact that the small businesses are dying out now. The remaining large manufacturers are still shopping. There is no way. If you don’t fight, you will die. No one is willing to quit, even though the profits are already very low.

6. The chronic effect of Taobao.

With the closure of retail stores in all walks of life, many industries will be affected.The first people affected now are retail business owners.Although it has not yet reached the point of complete extinction, business will become more and more difficult over time.Self-employed individuals will not be able to make money, which will affect other industries.

1) Affect the catering industry:

As many retail shop owners close their doors and have no food to eat, they will definitely find a way to survive. Perhaps opening a restaurant is a good choice, and then there will be more restaurants and greater competition.

2) Affect the entertainment and recreational consumer industry: such as KTV.

Nowadays, there are more and more KTVs in each city. Many bosses have entered into KTV because their business is not good, resulting in a serious surplus of KTV in each city.Nowadays, KTV is no longer profitable, and many boxes are vacant for a night and few people sing.

3) Affect the hotel accommodation industry:

How many hotels are there in each city, and the occupancy rate does not need to be said any more.

Taobao only affects the interests of opening retail stores and rent collection by shop owners, and has nothing to do with others.It is ridiculous to say what will promote the development of manufacturing.The retail industry is closely related to every industry. It is indispensable, one is damaged, and one after another suffers.

Nowadays, the manufacturing industry in every industry has been seriously damaged, and not everyone has seen that the manufacturing industry is developing very well.Wealth is about to be in the hands of a very small number of people. As more manufacturers close down, the unemployment rate will increase, and more people cannot afford clothes, restaurants, beauty, and movies. House, can't afford massage, can't sing KTV.This has led to the sluggishness of the above industries.Caused the economic crisis of the entire country.People will have no business to do, this is Jack Ma himself said.

Someone once asked Jack Ma: "I have read a lot of books, but then most of them forgot. What is the use of reading?"

Ma Yun replied: "When I was a child, I ate a lot of food, and now I can't remember what I ate. But what is certain is that most of the food has grown into my bones and flesh and blood."

In fact, the height of your life basically depends on the books you have read and the people you meet.

The life reversal of Russian emperor Putin

Everyone knows that Putin is the President of Russia and he has been in this position for more than ten years.He is called the Putin of the Russian soul and the most attractive man in the hearts of Russian women.

Putin once talked about a magical little thing about reading in his book "Putin".

After graduating from university, Putin has been following his mentor Sobček.Sobchek was not only Putin's mentor, but also the first and only mayor of St. Petersburg at that time.Putin was Sobček's right-hand man.

In 1996, Sobček failed his re-election campaign, and a fierce and dirty attack on Putin followed.After the election failed, someone once gave Putin a job in the new St. Petersburg government, but he refused, frustrated, and even considered becoming a taxi driver!

One day, when I was decadent at home, because I was bored, I turned out a copy of "Lenin" given by a friend of the past. After reading it carefully, I discovered that Lenin had an experience that was as unwilling as him.

He had a sudden enlightenment and found that in his previous career as an aide, he had made a big mistake in strategy, which led to the situation today.

The next day, he asked his wife to pack up his bags and head to Moscow with his family. Through strategizing and proficient in personal connections, he also had the Emperor Putin whom we later knew!

Du Yuesheng, Emperor of Shanghai and Godfather of Gangsters

If you have not been exposed to advanced thinking and strategies, you will never know how to change the current dilemma in life. Those who have no money will continue to have no money, and those who will plan will get better and better.

A generation of heroes, Du Yuesheng, the Shanghai gang boss of the year, is the best example!

In the past, Shanghai had three ruthless characters: Huang Jinrong, Zhang Xiaolin, and Du Yuesheng.There is such a saying: Jinrong is greedy for money, Zhang Xiaolin is good at fighting, and Du Yuesheng will be a man.

These three people are all mixed up, and they have a good face in Shanghai.But only Du Yuesheng picked up the sacks at the dock.

Du Yuesheng's family was poor and had not read for a few days. When carrying sacks at the dock, Du Yuesheng took refuge in the then boss Huang Jinrong.

Du Yuesheng has a hobby, that is, he goes to the teahouse every day to listen to the "chittering" of the teller. The storyteller talks about Zhu Yuanzhang today, Su Dongpo tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.

For others, the teahouse is just a place to pass the time, but for Du Yuesheng, this is his "study".

Although he is only a thin and thin little wanderer who has not read many books, in this teahouse, five thousand years of wisdom has been integrated into his mind from the mouth of the storyteller.Then there was the emperor of Shanghai and the godfather of the gang.

Du Yuesheng’s wisdom is most talked about by his wisdom in dealing with things. He often said: “The superior; the ability is big, the temper is small. The middle man; the ability is great, the temper is the inferior; the ability is small, the temper is big. ."

All the people in Shanghai on the beach obey him!Chairman Mao also commented that "Du Yuesheng, a man, has the ability and no temper!"

Later, Zhang Xiaolin publicly surrendered to the enemy, coexisted and prospered with the Japanese, and was shot to death in 1940;

Huang Jinrong swept the road at the gate of the Great World in 1951 and accepted renovation;

Only Du Yuesheng spent the rest of his life in Hong Kong and eventually destroyed all IOUs in his place.

In life, most people actually don't have a higher education, nor do they have the opportunity to study sages.

However, anyone with a small accomplishment, regardless of background or culture, must be a person who loves to read and knows how to make progress!

Everyone reads differently. People with time and education will hold a book in their hands and study hard anytime, anywhere.

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