Ma Yun Lakeside University, an extremely dangerous political signal

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Lakeside University known as the world's number one

, Known as Ma Yun, Liu Chuanzhi, Feng Lun, Guo Guangchang, Shi Yuzhu, Shen Guojun, Qian Yingyi, Cai Hongbin, Shao Xiaofeng and other nine entrepreneurs and famous scholars co-founded.

But from the perspective of its operations, the dean is Zeng Ming of Alibaba, the base is in Hangzhou, and Jack Ma is the principal. There is no doubt that this is a new organization with Jack Ma as the core.

Lakeside University began its first phase of enrollment in 2015. The main direction of the first term is Internet-oriented entrepreneurial elites. It enrolled 36 people, mostly born in the 80s and 70s. Among them are industry celebrities such as Wang Lifen and celebrities such as Wang Xiaofei. Second generation.

In 2016, the second enrollment was expanded to traditional industries, 39 people were admitted, and the students reached the age of 37.3 years old. There are not only big names in the catering industry like Hangzhou grandmother Wu Guoping and Xibei Jia Guolong, but also 58 city Yao Jinbo. Such successful Internet entrepreneurs include leading figures in their respective industries such as Gu Jiangsheng, Gu Jiangsheng and Hu Yu of HKUST, and three rich generations such as Huo Qiwen, the grandson of Huo Yingdong.Among them, there are 8 listed companies and 12 companies with annual revenue of more than 5 million yuan;

In 2017, the enrollment scope was further expanded, designing enterprises in 12 socially important fields, including medicine and healthcare, insurance finance, investment, food, daily chemicals, home furnishing, communications, education, the Internet, new energy, smart manufacturing, and new technology.Almost all aspects of the national economy are covered.

There were 1080 applicants who met the preliminary review for the third session. Lakeside University focused on visiting more than 300, and finally admitted 44 people, with an acceptance rate of 4.07%. The acceptance rate of Stanford University, the world's most competitive, was 4.4%.Therefore, the Dean of Lakeside University Zeng Ming said that Lakeside University is the world's first.

The planned new campus of Hupan University is located in Cangqian Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, and is expected to be put into use in 2020.At that time, the scale of enrollment is expected to be further expanded. In addition to the CEO class, CTO classes, CPO classes, and CFO classes will be gradually opened, and even the "second generation of enterprises" will be studied how to succeed.

The ambition of Lakeside University

In terms of selecting trainees, in addition to setting the basic threshold of "three years of entrepreneurial experience, more than XNUMX employees, three years of tax payment, and XNUMX million turnover",Lakeside requires applicants to have three sponsors, at least one designated sponsor.

What the hell is a sponsor? It should be grafted from the apprenticeship system of the traditional Chinese folk art circle. If a person in the cross talk industry wants to learn from a teacher, he needs to introduce a teacher and a sponsor. The introduction is like an introducer, and he needs to truthfully introduce him between the master and apprentice. In the relevant situation, both the master and the apprentice are satisfied; the protection of the master is to play a guarantee role, not only to ensure that the master is patient to pass on the art, but also to ensure that the apprentices study earnestly, laying a solid foundation for "a day as a teacher and a lifetime as a father";

The sponsor system, to put it bluntly, is a mixed circle. To enter this circle, you must have a qualified sponsor to ensure the solidity of this relationship.Therefore, Lakeside University is definitely not a school for preaching and solving puzzles in the general sense, but a circle, a circle of cattle fork merchants;

List of sponsors of Lakeside University

According to Jack Ma's vision, among the future China's top 500 companies, at least 200 of the top XNUMX companies should come from Lakeside University. This is an extremely ambitious plan, which means that Lakeside University will become the "godfather" of China's top economic elites in the future;

In the opening ceremony of the third term of Lakeside University in 2017, Jack Ma even proposed"Establish a heart for the market, establish a mission for businessmen, continue to learn from reform and opening up, and create peace for the new economy"This means that Jack Ma will not only be the godfather of China’s economy, but also be a saint and be a teacher of all ages.

Not only Lakeside University, but the Yungu School under Jack Ma is also training the next generation of economic elites. From father to son, a package of education plans will completely change the brains of future Chinese economic people.

This is a great plan and a very dangerous signal.

Donglin Academy, the source of the imperial crisis

Donglin Academy was founded in 1111 AD in the first year of the Northern Song Dynasty Zhenghe. It is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. It was the place where philosopher Cheng Hao of the Northern Song Dynasty, the senior brother of Cheng Yi, and Yang Shi, a well-known scholar, taught for a long time.Spent later.

In the 1604nd year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, that is, in XNUMX AD, it was restored by Donglin scholar Gu Xiancheng and others and gathered here to give lectures. They advocated the spirit of "reading, giving lectures, and patriotism", which aroused widespread responses from scholars across the country and became famous for a while With.

The famous couplet written by Gu Xiancheng, "The sound of wind and rain, the sound of reading, the family and the country, everything is at heart" is well-known.There is the praise of "the scholar who speaks the world, the first Donglin".Donglin Academy has become a gathering place for humanities in the Jiangnan area and the main public opinion center for discussing state affairs.

It is this Donglin Academy that advertises "reading, lectures, and patriotism", "establishing the heart for the heaven and the earth, for the life and the people, for the sacred and sacred learning, and for the peace for all generations".On the basis of organizing lectures, it developed into the "Donglin Party". It was the Donglin Party that sounded the death knell for the subjugation of the Ming Empire.

The Donglin Party actually became the spokesperson of the landlords, merchants, and bureaucrats at the time. They encouraged merchants not to pay taxes, and made the central government empty in the name of "hiding wealth in the people." The official and business class possessed huge social wealth. The final result was that Emperor Chongzhen fought the war Without money, I watched as full of people enter the customs and perish the country;

Bureaucratic merchants do business with Jurchens, and the iron and gunpowder trade is also an important trading object, which directly leads to the rise of Jurchens’ military strength;

The distinctive feature of the Donglin Party is that it gathers forces in the name of giving lectures. In the end, this college not only has a large number of high-ranking Donglin Party officials in the imperial court, but also has broad support from the landlords and merchants in the south of the Yangtze River. A huge cancer of the Ming Empire.

This malignant tumor has formed an ecology. They pretend to be clear and current in their speech, have the right to speak, are supported by the bureaucratic system at the political execution level, and are supported by businessmen and landlords in the economic field at the grassroots level. They really want people and money. Money, speak out and call the wind and rain.

Lakeside University, a dangerous political signal

Undoubtedly, Lakeside University is now also a place for lectures. The elites who established this university are all great people in the Chinese economic field who have huge social wealth and social power resources. These great people have more complicated interests and powers behind them.

If the previous capital giants were still fighting for their own interests, the emergence of Lakeside University marks a dangerous political signal——The capital giants have a tendency to merge.This is their new response to the changes that are taking place in China, and it is also a new organization established by these elite front-line figures who are unwilling to be manipulated and want to "independently".

No matter how attractive the slogan of this organization and how great its goals are, the risks are self-evident.What kind of evolution is behind the group of social business elites,Has become predictable:Merchants and officials merged,To form a new ecosystem, behind this new ecosystem, there must be demands for greater interests.

What is this appeal for interests?

The Northern Expedition after Whampoa Military Academy

The establishment of the Whampoa Military Academy is destined to be related to the subsequent Northern Expedition. Sun Yat-sen, from the very beginning of the preparations for the establishment of the military academy, was to prepare for the subsequent Northern Expedition to wipe out the great powers and warlords. Therefore, its establishment had a significant impact on the subsequent Northern Expedition.

During the Northern Expedition, about 7.5 soldiers and soldiers of the Northern Expedition died, of which about 3 students from Huangpu Military Academy died.

The students and talents cultivated by the Whampoa Military Academy are numerous.For example, within the Communist Party, Zhou Enlai, Chen Yi, Lin Biao, Chen Geng, Luo Ruiqing, Ye Jianying, and Xiang Ying all came from the Whampoa Military Academy.

The first principal of the Whampoa Military Academy was Chiang Kai-shek. Without the foundation of the Whampoa Military Academy, this little man from Xikou, Zhejiang, would definitely have no political achievements.

The opening speech of the third term of Lakeside University in 2017: In the first ten years of Lakeside University, we hope that everyone who enters this school will be like Huangpu Phase I and Phase II. You are serious and down-to-earth, and come here to build such a school with us. This school is no longer a private enterprise school, and this school is not so small that we compete with state-owned enterprises.——What is the bigger demand?It seems to be self-explanatory.

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