Melbourne will start producing the new crown vaccine soon! 150 million Australians hit first!Today, Australia has waited for the biggest good news of the year!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

In a blink of an eye, the new coronavirus has infected nearly half a billion people worldwide.The hearts of people all over the world have been crushed time and time again, but this unreal nightmare shows no sign of ending...

Just a few hours ago, the number of confirmed cases in the UK officially exceeded100 million.Prime Minister Boris gave an order,

England will be locked down again next week

Panic crowds immediately re-crushed the entrance of the supermarket, stuffed cars with big bags and small boxes;

Countless people who don’t wear masks gather again and have fun in the streets, like a doomsday carnival...

In France

Half month curfewDid not achieve the expected results

Since yesterday, the whole country has been blocked again

Germany, Austria, Belgium,

Italy, Czech Republic, Greece...

All start secondary blockade

Lock the city again

The sacrifice may be the jobs of countless ordinary people

Maybe it's the hard work of tens of thousands of small vendors

Maybe it's a lonely old man crying lonely

But I can only try desperately

美国It took only half a month for the diagnosis to go from 800 million to 900 million.

On average, 1 person is diagnosed every second

On the one hand, the general election is imminent. Supporters are happy to meet Trump and ignore the weak parents in the family.

On the back of the people’s carnival, there are medical staff transporting corpses. They are so tired that they are almost numb to death...

The epidemic is so severe that the huge number of patients has almost overwhelmed the medical system.A report from the University of Minnesota even showed that

40 basic drugs commonly used in the treatment of new crown patients

There are 29 severe shortages

Without proper medical treatment, people use their bodies to make armor, but they still don’t understand how fragile they are...

If you say, the world will not be better

If we say, this is the naked reality during the epidemic

at the same time

There are two places in the world immersed in peace and joy

As if out of step with the rest of the world

One is China, where the entire network has just paid the double eleven final payment

Laugh and make fun, the whole people play

Joyous to almost unreal

The other one is Australia

Australia, with zero new additions, awakened

When the most developed countries are still suppressed by nightmares

Australia seems to be slowly waking up from this dream

This process is too difficult

But the Australians may have been through most...

Seeing thousands of new additions in so many countries, almost thousands of people die every day, the good life in Australia is really incredible:

Today, the total number of local diagnoses in Australia is 0

Melbourne, add zero!

Sydney, zero new additions locally!

Can you believe it?Except for imported cases isolated in hotels, Australia really did not find a new case!

In NSW + Victoria alone, 1.5 people were tested. Among them, 876 people were tested in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, where the epidemic was the worst, but no positive case was found!

The last national zero local addition was June 6

To wait for today

Australians have been waiting for another 144 days

Having lived in the shadows for so long, today's sunshine is especially warm on people, because it is also in everyone's hearts.

The northwestern states that have already contained the epidemic can finally enjoy the sweet fruits with confidence;

Sydneysiders who have developed the habit of social isolation have heard the clarion call for victory;

Melburnians who have just spent the first weekend after unblocking can finally enjoy the long-lost freedom...

This is the second consecutive day that Victoria has zero new additions

Melburnians, really worth it!

Brett Sutton, Victoria's chief medical officer, who has always been serious, finally has the long-lost joy on his face.

He happily said that Victorians are on the right path, as previously announcedNext release on November 11, I hope greatly!

In addition, Victorian Lieutenant Governor James Merlino also announced more upcoming announcements of unblocking:

Indoor sports will return soon,In particular, children’s sports will be strongly supported. Each of Victoria’s 10 children will receive a $200 "sports voucher"!

The arms and legs that haven't been stretched for too long

Finally able to run and jump carefree

This generation of children will never forget the fun of basketball and football

At least Australian kids don’t...

Yesterday's haze swept away

The upcoming journey is full of summer sunshine

Australia continues to exert strength

Begin this month to manufacture vaccines!

If all the results so far are not stable, then another heavy news announced today makes the most pessimistic people unable to sit still:

Start this month

Australia will make a vaccine!

All major Australian media reported the news this morning


"Australia started manufacturing the new crown vaccine, and the implementation plan was made public"

Daily Telegraph

"Covid-XNUMX vaccine: Australia's plan and who will be given priority"

Health Minister Greg Hunt revealedNext plan:

Australia has 4 important time points

· 2020.11 Start production of Oxford vaccine

The vaccine will be produced by Melbourne's CSL Pharmaceutical Factory, and it is expected that each vaccinator will need two injections, 30 days apart.

·In the beginning of 2021, 150 million medical workers and the elderly will start vaccination in the first quarter of next year

The vaccine will be given for free, but it is not mandatory.Doctors, nurses, and the elderly are expected to start vaccinating around March.

·Subsequent frontline workers

The second batch of people who are given priority for vaccination are "essential workers". The specific definition has not yet been proposed, but it may include transportation workers and teachers.

·Before the end of 2021All Australians completed the injection and the Australian border opened

The Australian government will register every injection of all Australians in order to track any problems that may arise.Those who choose to vaccinate will be required to report any side effects.

At the same time, the government's goal is to inoculate 2/3 of the population, and ultimately achieve the effect of herd immunity.

The plan is in front of everyone, and whether it can be achieved smoothly or even in advance depends on the good luck of the Australians.

In order for all Australians to get the vaccine faster

All the forces that can be used have been conquered--

Melbourne Pharmaceutical Factory: Ready to go!

The factory for mass production of Oxford vaccines is located in Melbourne.This pharmaceutical factory called CSL has invested a lot of resources to develop production lines that adapt to different vaccines!


Once the Oxford vaccine is delivered to Australia, this CSL pharmaceutical factory will produce 3000 million doses at full speed; and when the UQ vaccine is successfully developed, the manufacturer will also supply 5100 million doses of vaccine.

The total population of Australia is 2500 million

If everyone needs two injections

These vaccines are enough for everyone to get 3 shots

It seems that this time, Australia is once again ready to help the world!


In addition to rushing to work, this pharmaceutical factory also supports various local new crown research such as the "molecular tweezers" vaccine of the University of Queensland.In order to help various research teams to produce vaccines faster, they even donated their own patented and mature adjuvant technology MF59 to multiple research projects for free!

As a company that has produced flu vaccines for many years

Their valuable experience can save more people from illness

No matter how hard it is,they willFor the Australians


Expert team: hurry up and study the plan!

How the vaccine will be given, who will be given it, how it will be arranged, all these seemingly one-sentence issues, the issues involved are too complicated.

The Australian government has assembled a team of experts

Urgently determine the priority level from the most professional perspective

The first batch of vaccinated people have been identified as medical staff and the elderly, including general practitioners, pathologists, and elderly caregivers; experts need to determine in the shortest possible time whether the second batch of "frontline workers" includes Who, teacher?porter?Farmers?


This is only the smallest question, and there are too many thorny questions before them: Which vaccine is the most effective?How to coordinate the production line?What is the form of the supply chain?

These top brains in Australia

Race against time to think for all Australians

Government departments: buy, buy, buy!

Although Australia has long reached an agreement with Oxford Vaccines, and its own country also has the University of Queensland vaccine as a backup, the government has not stopped its progress.

Vaccine procurement continues


According to Health Minister Greg Hunt, in addition to the two existing vaccines, the Australian government will complete the purchase of two new vaccines in the next few weeks, including one of the most advanced mRNA vaccines.


Since then, the chance of Australians getting the vaccine has doubled

It doesn’t matter which of these 4 vaccines are effective

As long as there is a kind of ok

Australians can fight immediately!

This invisible war

Fight is mentality

What affects is the heartbeat

Undoubtedly, Australia relies on a united and brave heart

Already at the forefront of the world

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