Morrison Biden re-emphasized the call! Australia and the United States are the most determined alliance! The vaccine is questioned! The Pfizer CEO sells stocks, and the Australian Chinese male volunteer: The side effects are quite serious!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
Focus on Victoria
Celebrate the whole world!
Today is the 14th consecutive day in Victoria
The epidemic is "double zero"!

But although Victoria has been for 14 consecutive days
The duration of double zeros makes people feel safe and confident
But Governor Daniel Andrews said
The pace of restriction relaxation will not be fast!

He says
Must wait until November 11
Next sunday
To announce further unblocking measures

He said
"I would like to announce today that various restrictions have been lifted.
But this is not safe. "
In a hurry
Steady and steady play is the last word!
Pfizer vaccine is questioned! The CEO sold 62% of the stock that day!Volunteer: The side effects are quite serious!

On Monday, Pfizer of the United States and BioNTech of Germany jointly announced that

New crown vaccine jointly developed by two pharmaceutical companies

Effectiveness is over 90%

As soon as this news came out, the world boiled and the stock market soared!

WHO consultant says Pfizer vaccine

"May fundamentally change the trend of the world epidemic"

Even Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau also urgently convened a press conference, stating that Pfizer Vaccine has given Canada "the light at the end of the tunnel."

However, on November 11, a piece of financial news caused all those who had just seen hope during the epidemic to sink their hearts...

Pfizer Chairman and CEO, Albert Bourla, after announcing major positive news about Pfizer’s vaccines, Pfizer’s share price soared.

Sell ​​62% of Pfizer's shares

$560 million(About 3714 RMB)

In the bag!

This amazing transaction was disclosed in a document filed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Tuesday evening.The documents show that Bura sold 41.94 shares at a price of $132508 per share, with a total profit of $560 million.

You know, after publicly announced on Monday that the vaccine could prevent 90% of the spread of the new crown, Pfizer's stock price soared by 15%, reaching $41.99, which is the highest point of Pfizer's stock price in a year.

The CEO of Pfizer, at this highest point, sold more than 60% of his stock.

Moreover, Burla is not the only Pfizer executive who has tasted the sweetness of Monday's vaccine results announcement.

Pfizer’s executive vice president and chief corporate affairs officer Sally Susman (Sally Susman) also saw Pfizer’s share price rise to $41.94 on Monday.43662 shares of Pfizer were sold, and 180 million US dollars (approximately 1194 million yuan) were collected.

With such a precise timing, it’s hard not to make people want to taste...

In response to Pfizer's CEO selling stock, CNN questioned Pfizer.

When announcing that the vaccine’s effectiveness exceeded 90% on Monday, Burla said that he learned about the news on Sunday, the day before the test results were officially announced.

In other words, he had determined at that time that the stock would surely rise the next day.

Generally speaking, many corporate executives will sell stocks every once in a while to diversify their investment portfolios.But they can also choose to postpone the sale of stocks to avoid seeming to profit from a one-time event that might boost the company's stock price.

However, Bura obviously didn't intend to avoid suspicion this time, and it seemed that he still felt a little magnanimous...

On Monday, when Pfizer’s vaccine was 90% effective, Burla claimed: “Today is a great day for science and for mankind.” He also said that when he learned of the results on Sunday,She shed tears of excitement.

It now appears that Bura’s tears of joy may not only be for science and humanity...

But combined with recent days,

Several volunteers vaccinated by Pfizer broke out

The side effects after vaccination are quite serious

This series of operations has to be more imaginative...

Among the volunteers, Glenn Deshields, a 44-year-old man from Texas, USA, said that after the Pfizer vaccine

Side effects like "severe hangover"

Carrie, a 45-year-old woman from Missouri in the United States, said that after being vaccinated with Pfizer, she appeared

Symptoms of headache, fever, and general aches

And after the second dose, the symptoms became more severe.

In addition, Bryan, a 42-year-old engineer from Georgia, USA, who also participated in Pfizer human trials,

After receiving two injections

Still infected with the new coronavirus

Not only that, his children and his wife were also diagnosed one after another, and eventually the whole family was infected.However, Bryan speculated that he might have been given a placebo.

Similarly, an Australian Chinese man who participated in Pfizer's new crown vaccine trial also said,Some vaccinators experienced adverse reactions such as fever and migraine.

Stanley Wan, an Australian Chinese who lives in Los Angeles, said in an interview with KIIS 101.1 that some volunteers had adverse reactions after being vaccinated.

He said that adverse reactions included fever and migraine, and some people complained of "a feeling similar to a hangover." "Interestingly,They will let you stay there for 30 minutes after the injection and make sure to send you home afterwards.”

Stanley said that he received the first injection on August 8, but he did not feel pain and showed no symptoms of infection.

"50% of trial participants will be injected with a placebo,

The other 50% of the participants will actually get the vaccine. "

He said: "I feel like I was given a placebo."

Stanley said he volunteered to participate in the trial because he wanted to help in some way during the epidemic. "I want to do something, so I checked what I can do. I saw these trials and everyone is signing up."

He explained that these vaccines are stored in an environment of minus 70°C, and it takes about 15 minutes for medical staff to defrost the vaccine. 

For each injection test, Stanley can get 120 Australian dollars. Stanley needs to inject 6-7 times in total, and can get 120 Australian dollars each time. In addition, enter the symptoms after injection in an app every week to receive 5 Australian dollars. 

Currently, according to the "Daily Mail" report,

Australia has signed an agreement

Ordered 1000 million doses of Pfizer's new crown vaccine

If approved

Can be promoted across Australia next year

But these two pieces of news about Pfizer are undoubtedly worrying :

  • Even if the vaccine is really promoted across Australia, do you really dare to use it?

  • Will these executives exaggerate the results of the vaccine test in order to enrich their own pockets and fool the public?

But think about it on the bright side,Perhaps volunteers who claimed that the vaccine had side effects were given a placebo?High-management wealth is also reasonable. Who doesn't want to make a fortune?

Morrison and Biden spoke for the first time after the election: "Australia and the United States are the most determined alliance!"
On the morning of November 11, Australian Prime Minister Morrison tweeted that he had already had the first phone call with Biden.
Congratulations on his election as President of the United States
And said that Australia and the United States are the best friends and the strongest allies

In addition, Morrison and Biden also talked about AustraliaHow to prevent and control the epidemicAndTechnology to reduce carbon emissions的 重要性. 
Morrison told reporters: "The president-elect is very interested in the victory of epidemic prevention here in Australia. He asked about Australia's epidemic prevention experience and talked about it from both the epidemic and economic perspectives." 
Regarding the environmental challenges facing Australia and the United States, "especially in the technical field of reducing carbon emissions." Biden will set a goal of achieving net zero emissions in the United States by 2050, but Australia has not set a goal of achieving zero emissions in the next 30 years.Simultaneously,
Morrison invites Biden to visit Australia next year
Commemorating the 70th anniversary of ANZUS
Morrison and his team are very confident in establishing a strong relationship with Biden.
Prior to this, Biden had stated that he would tell Morrison that "the United States is back" and be prepared to strengthen the alliance with Australia.
Biden said earlier,
Australia and the United States have an "unsurpassable relationship"
In the face of a rising China, the two countries will seek closer ties. 

The 77-year-old former vice president said that he hopes that the American alliance can share the responsibility for global change, not just "the United States fighting alone." 
It is understood that Biden has spoken with national leaders including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin in recent days.He said:
"First, I want to let them know that America is back."

"We will return to the international community, not just the United States alone."
"I am confident that we can restore America to its past glory."
It is understood that Biden visited Australia in 2016 as Vice President.In 2017, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the ANZUS alliance, Morrison visited the United States. 
When visiting Australia in 2016, Biden made it clear that he believes that the military and economic cooperation between the United States and Australia is the key to maintaining stability in the Indo-Pacific region. 

Morrison has already congratulated Biden and Kamala Harris on their victories.
He said: "This is a very profound time, not only for the United States, but also for our partnership and the world. I have confidence in the American democratic system. It is time for us to advance some important Work because we still face many challenges."
Georgia recounts votes, Trump yells: We will win!
Morrison made the first call with Biden on this side
But Trump, who "rules the country on Twitter", is still not idle...
Everyone knows that Trump has still refused to admit defeat since Biden announced his victory in the US presidential election.
After Georgia announced on the 11th that it would recount the votes,Shouting again on Twitter on the 12th
"We will win (WE WILL WIN!)"
To encourage its supporters. 

Trump posted videos of his supporters, and he said in the narration:
"The more people tell you that it is impossible, then you should be more determined to prove that they are wrong and turn the impossible into motivation. This is an opportunity to be regarded as an outsider and embrace the label of an outsider, because only outsiders can truly change the world."

It is understood that in Georgia, one of the key swing states in this election, Biden and Trump differ by only 14,111 votes.

Secretary of State Raffensperger (Brad Raffensperger) announced,Manual methods will be launched to recount the votes, hoping to provide accurate and fair election results.
The Trump campaign hopes that through legal challenges, audits, and official recounts, they can reverse the situation.
They claim thatMajor voter fraud in urban centers controlled by a few Democrats will block Biden's path to president. 

But so far, Republicans have not been able to provide evidence of voter fraud, But they are collecting hundreds of witnesses in the form of sworn testimony to prove the alleged illegal behavior, some of which have been submitted in court documents.
For example, in Michigan, a lawsuit filed against election officials in Detroit included the testimony of a poll challenger Andrew Sitto.
Cito claimed that in the early morning of November 11, he witnessed "tens of thousands" of suspicious votes being sent in from the back door of the TCF Center's counting hall. 
"I especially noticed that every vote I observed was voted for Biden"," he said in a written statement. "When counting these new votes, I heard tellers say at least five or six times that all five or six votes were cast for Biden.All the ballot samples I heard and observed belonged to Joe Biden. " 

Speaking of suspiciously high turnout, I have to mention that in Wisconsin, Biden leads Mr. Trump by approximately 20,000 votes, and the total turnout rate exceeds 90% of registered voters.
"Even in a state that was registered on the same day, such numbers seem unbelievable," Mr. Cortez wrote. "Obviously, in this year of strong political atmosphere, as the channels for mail voting have expanded significantly, the turnout rate is expected to be high.However, the reported numbers completely exceeded reasonable expectations.
Mr. Cortez said that Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s largest city, was the decisive location for Mr. Biden to get a lead of 145,916 votes. The 84% turnout rate made the 51% more credible turnout rate also from the Midwest city of Cleveland, Ohio. It pales in comparison.
However, the fact-checkers refuted this claim. They believed that in a state on the day of registration,Voter turnout is not calculated based on registered voters, but based on qualified voters. 

"USA Today" stated this: "If you divide the 11 votes in Wisconsin as of November 5 by the election-age population of Wisconsin (according to the election commission data, the election-age population as of 3278963 is 2019), Then the turnout rate was 4536293%."
Do you think Trump continues to "claim to win"
Can it be done or not?
Leave a comment and tell us what you think!
Speaking of vaccines, in any case, I hope that the "90% effectiveness" of Pfizer vaccines can withstand the test, and don't let people who are looking forward to suffering a long time happy...
At the same time, after the U.S. election, I also hope that Biden’s coming to power can improve the current "chaos" in terms of the epidemic, the global environment, or international relations... I also hope that Biden, who plays more in accordance with the rules, can give Australia-China relations and Australia. The Chinese bring a better future...

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