Now I finally know who is against Trump

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

The U.S. election has a sudden change.After waiting for three days, CNN, FOX, "Washington Post" and other media suddenly announced that Biden had won the election.Regardless of the dispute, Biden declared his victory, claiming to be elected president, and was congratulated by many countries in the world.

In fact, as a presidential candidate, there is no legal basis for eager to declare victory before the dispute over the ballots has been solved.The final result is likely to be decided by the court until the Supreme Court ruling, similar to the scene of Bush Jr. to Gore 20 years ago.

The Democratic Party and the leftist media have done so with the goal of creating an atmosphere of public opinion in which Biden has been elected and putting pressure on Trump and his supporters.Once Trump couldn't bear this pressure and gave up the struggle, Biden naturally ascended to the throne of the presidency.

So far, Trump has not given up, claiming that a full-scale lawsuit will be launched on Monday, and it is estimated that the lawsuit will continue to the Supreme Court.

Let us wait and see who will win the US election.

However, a series of dazzling operations in the past few days has allowed people to see clearly who Trump’s enemies and opponents are.Some of these people are in front of the stage, some behind the scenes, some have been made public, and some are still squeezing, "still holding the pipa half-hidden", and now they have completely torn off their disguise and concentrated on the American public And before the world.


Four years ago, Trump, a political veteran, stumbled into the White House as an outsider, but he was not on the list of "Protective Talisman" of the establishment politicians, so that when he came to power, he was combined by many forces. I've never stopped for a moment!

The first unit: the establishment of the Republican Party opposes him because he is a "dissident";

The second issue: The Democratic Party opposes him, all his policies and decisions must be opposed, regardless of right and wrong, black and white, and oppose for the sake of opposition;

The third issue: Almost all mainstream media such as New York Times, China Post, CNN never wait to see him. Almost all media (including online media) criticize him, so that he does not even have a media to speak out, so he has to use "Twitter Governing the country", Twitter is now restricted or blocked;

The fourth unit: Ivy League Kochi and academic celebrities are not waiting to see him. Over the years, these so-called celebrities have cultivated generations of leftist descendants in the academic circles, which can be described as far-reaching;

Fifth Unit: Wall Street financial predators will not wait to see him, because Trump prevented their "internationalization" and prevented them from making money all over the world;

The sixth strand: Hollywood stars laughed at him and ridiculed him, saying that his anti-abortion and anti-homosexuality were "feudal granite heads";

Seventh Unit: Almost all Silicon Valley technology giants such as FAAMG opposed him. It is very likely that these high-tech giants used their own technical means to send Biden into the White House;

Section XNUMX: External forces are even more powerful. There are so many people who oppose him internationally. Even most of the European allies in the past have become his enemies. It is they who rushed to admit that Biden was elected!

These people who monopolized American resources have long denied that Trump is the president of the United States. Even if he does win the election, they will have to oust him and replace him with Biden.

This is reality, the harsh reality.

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