Official announcement!Australia has determined the time for vaccination for all people, and the batch of vaccinated people will be announced!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!


The Australian Minister of Health announced:

In March next year, the new crown vaccine will start!

At the end of the year, achieve universal vaccination!

-Australian Department of Health

With the optimism of Australia's epidemic situation, there is new news about the vaccine!

The Australian Minister of Health declared:

In March next year, the first batch of new crown vaccines will start!

At the end of 2021, achieve universal vaccination!

Finally, after experiencing the first wave and the second wave of the new crown epidemic,

Australia finally saw "a ray of light" recently!

The states in Australia are gradually lifting the ban, and inter-state interoperability will be in sight before the end of the year!

According to the Daily Telegraph, Australian Minister of Health Hunt announced the vaccination plan. He said:

In March next year, 3 million people will be vaccinated first, and by the end of the year, the whole people will be rolled out!

The first vaccinated population

According to Australian media, if approved by the National Cabinet:

Those onesPeople who are on the front line of fighting the epidemic and have poor physical fitness, Will enjoy priority.

E.gDoctors, nurses, pharmacists, pathologists, aged care workers and elderly, Will become the first group of people in Australia to be vaccinated.

The second batch of vaccinated people

The second batch is:

Transport workers, teachers and those engaged in product supply

However, the timing of children's vaccination has not yet been determined. It depends on whether the existing vaccines have been tested in safe children.

At the same time, Australian media also revealed thatThere are currently four different types of vaccines to choose from.

1. Vaccine developed by the local Queensland University

2. The manufacturer CSL will start production in November, Oxford 11/3. The other two vaccines are in the leading position in the global vaccine competition.

Second, Minister of Health Hunt has "very high confidence" in the vaccination work in the first quarter of next year!

He said: "As long as everything goes well,At the end of next year, the possibility of Australia opening its borders will be stronger! ”

Suddenly panic... Opening a border at the end of next year...

Q: Does it cost money to vaccinate?

Free for everyone!

Q: Is vaccination mandatory?

Not mandatory!

But there should be only a few people who regard life as dung...

For example... the group of people below

At present, some Australians are anti-vaccine people, but their influence is not enough to undermine the smooth progress of the vaccine plan.

By then,The vaccine will be given twice in 30 days, The staff will strictly record all kinds of vaccination information and track accurately to ensure that each person receives the same type of vaccine twice.

After vaccination, the masses will receive information two days later, requesting feedback on adverse reactions, so that problems can be found and solved in time.

In addition, the government will also launch a large-scale plan for nurses to ensure that enough people participate in the vaccination work.

At the same time, some health experts warned thatThe first batch of vaccines may just reduce the symptoms of the new crown, It is not possible to completely prevent the virus,And there is no guarantee of permanent immunity.



In any case, there is definite vaccine news, which is good news.Under the condition that we coexist with the virus for a long time, it can improve the immunity against the virus, which is also a good breakthrough!

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