More than 95% of people fail to eat more than 5 kinds of vegetables per meal to stay healthy-the good news is coming!Australian vegetable powder will be available soon, which can reduce food waste and make it easier for the public to eat healthy vegetables

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A few days ago, a start-up company in Victoria is developing a nutritional product based on vegetables, and plans to commercialize its technology within a few months.

According to the "Herald Sun" report, two years ago, Victorian vegetable grower Fresh Select and the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) co-founded Nutri V, a food manufacturing company that specializes in the production of nutritional products made from vegetables.

Nutri V makes vegetable powders from broccoli and carrots that look bad and may be discarded. These vegetable powders can be used to make beverages and snack foods.At present, the company is adding Omega-3 and starter to the vegetable powder, which will enrich the nutrient content in the vegetable powder.

CSIRO scientist Pablo Juliano said that this is the second-generation product of the vegetable powder project. One of the challenges they face is to not only add Omega-3 to the product, but also to make it tasteless of fish.

The patented technology developed by CSIRO can lock the oil, natural color and taste of vegetables.Currently, this special process is still under development. Nutri V plans to commercialize the technology within a few months and sell it to food manufacturers such as bakeries and supermarkets.

Giuliano said that according to statistics, only 7% of adults and 5% of children in Australia eat the five kinds of vegetables recommended in the health guide every day, while the annual economic loss caused by food waste in Australia is as high as 5 billion Australian dollars.

Editor in charge: Li Xinran

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