Shake!The Democratic Party is collecting a list of all Trump supporters and preparing to settle accounts after the fall!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
Since the founding of the United States 244 years ago, after 61 presidential elections, 45 presidents were elected (some are re-elected). Each election is more or less controversial, but after the elections, most of them are calm, whether they support the Democratic Party or the Republican Party. Yes, all go back to work safely.

However, those who have supported Trump in the next four years may not be safe.Democratic rookie Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has publicly proposed to liquidate Trump’s supporters. This proposal is supported by some Democrats, and some worry about being at home. Anyone who planted Trump's banner could be liquidated.

On Friday afternoon, AOC tweeted that it should take screenshots of Trump supporters’ tweets and other Internet activities.

She said: Has anyone filed these Trump supporters to prevent them from downplaying or denying that they are Trump’s accomplices in the future. I expect that in the future they are likely to delete many tweets, articles and pictures.This tweet has so far received 34.4 likes.

In a subsequent tweet, AOC said: Trump supporters are responsible for their actions in the past four years.This tweet again received 13.1 likes.

In fact, AOC is not "fighting" alone. Some colleagues in the Democratic Party support her. In addition to her group of four, there is also the former Democratic National Committee press secretary Hari Sevugan who is reposting AOC. In his tweet, he said: We have just launched the Trump Accountability Project to ensure that anyone who has worked hard to help Trump destroy the United States is responsible for what he did.

Sevukan also attached a link to the website after the tweet. Clicking on the link found that they had actually established a website to report Trump supporters. The first headline read: We must not forget those who promote Trump Agenda people (We must never forget those who furthered the agenda).

The second headline reads: We should not allow the following groups of people to profit from their experience, including-

  • Elect him) Refers to individuals who worked as affiliates of the Republican National Committee for Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 and 2020.
  • Employees who work for the Trump administration include individuals in any position and role in the Trump administration.
  • Those who have funded Trump use a lot of personal wealth and influence to serve the individuals Trump appeals to.
According to Sewugan, 7100 million people in the United States voted for Trump in this year’s general election, so the lives of 7100 million Americans are at risk.And Twitter did not give any warning about the tweets that blatantly threatened the lives of 7100 million Americans.

It is not only Democratic officials who support this motion, but also mainstream media reporters who claim to be fair and objective, including the Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, who wrote in her tweet: Anything proposed now Republicans who refuse the election results, or call for disobedience to the wishes of voters, or baseless allegations of fraud, should not continue to serve, or join the company’s board of directors, or hold faculty positions, or be accepted by a "polite" society. A list.

Her tweets received 3.9 likes and more than 7000 comments.

Some people applauded her approach, and even said that Republicans should be sent to "concentration camps" so that they can install solar and wind energy blades and experience the hard work of the working people.

A netizen named Rank Badjin said: I hate to say that, because I don't like to bring this repost into any controversy, but...this time is appropriate.The German Workers’ Party of Germany (Nazis) also has a list, and they even did exactly what they suggested.Let's imagine.

This reply has now received 5350 likes, and the opponents are not followed.

An opponent said: Stalin has a list, Pol Pot has a list, and Saddam has a list.Every fucking dictator has a list.In this way, once they gain power, they can ask people to follow them. They are threatening people, which is terrible.

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