The first female vice president of the United States was born: The mistress was accused of being in high position. How sacred is she as an Indo-African hybrid?

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Why did Biden choose her "regardless of predisposing"?
Make history
yesterday(February 11), It is very sad for Trump.
Biden was successfully elected as the 46th President of the United States. His running partner, He Jinli, made history, becoming the first female vice president in American history and the first African and Indian vice president.

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 After learning that Biden won the election, He Jinli called Biden: "Joe, we did it. You are the next president, hahaha"
Maybe many people in the country see ""This name will make you feel good, but stop, except for a Chinese name, she has no relationship with China and is an anti-China pioneer.
Although she is 56 years old, she is tall and beautiful. She was once praised by former President Obama as "the most beautiful attorney general in the United States."
And her political rise is also closely related to her appearance.She is probably the most successful mistress in American political history.
He Jinli's real name is Kamala(Kamala D. Harris, Was born in a very generous family in 1964.
▲ Harris as a child
Her mother is an Indian immigrant and belongs to the highest Brahmin class.He is a doctor of medicine from the University of California, Berkeley, a well-known breast cancer expert.
My dad is a black man from Jamaica. He also graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and was a professor at another university after getting his PhD in economics.But he did not admit that he was a black man, claiming that his ancestor was a large estate owner of Aryan descent, with more than 200 slaves.
Harris, who was born rich, lived in a white community since he was a child, and attended a white school, no different from white people.After growing up, like his parents, he passed the enviable J.D.
 Harris parents
Although her ancestors have raised so many black slaves, it does not prevent her from repeatedly using her skin color in the future to win votes for herself in elections, and eventually become the pride of African Americans.
In 1990, Harris worked in a district court in California, and she was always waiting for opportunities with lofty ideals.
Four years later, she met a married gangster, and since then began her political voyage.
In 1994, Harris was just 30 years old.She skipped the election and was appointed by California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown as a member of the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and the Medical Assistance Board.
The former's annual salary is as high as 9.7 US dollars, and the latter's annual salary is 7 US dollars, even if it is now considered top.Moreover, she also received a luxury car presented by the speaker.
Suddenly, the speculation that "the mistress is in the top position" was rampant.
 Willie Brown
No wonder everyone guessed, because the speaker is notorious for his style.He has been the Speaker of the House since 1980, and his life is extremely extravagant. Although he has been married for a long time and is 60 years old, he has never stopped having an affair.
The speaker’s wife is also very heart-broken. It is said that he often takes two women to participate in activities.Holding his wife with one hand and his girlfriend with the other.
When Harris met this big man, he was not deterred by the 30-year-old age gap, and the two quickly fought fiercely.She became the speaker's favorite girlfriend and often accompanied him on various occasions.

In frequent dinners and gatherings, Harris got to know many powerful figures in the circle and gradually accumulated some contacts.

The age of the boss is declining. After serving as Speaker for 15 years, he finally retired in 1996 and served as the Mayor of San Francisco for two more terms.
He still escorted Harris. In the third year as mayor, he transferred her to the professional crime department of the San Francisco Attorney's Office. In 2003, he fully supported her running for the San Francisco Attorney.
 Harris andWillie Brown
It was also at this time, in order to win over 30% of the Asian citizens in San Francisco, Harris focused on his Asian identity during the campaign.
With the help of Chinese staff, she gave herself a Chinese name: He Jinli.This small move really won the favor of the local Chinese.
In the end, Harris got his wish and became a San Francisco prosecutor, entering the core area of ​​power.Then she began to alienate Willie Brown, and the distance between the two became farther and farther.
 HarrisversusWillie Brown
"There is only one rule, become a hunter, or become a prey." She used to be a prey, but now she has been upgraded to a hunter, and of course she won't be as pleasing as before.
In 2003, Harris said in an interview with San Francisco Weekly: "Willie Brown's career is over. In the next 40 years, I will be full of energy. I owe him nothing!"
She was right in saying that the future is hers.When the old man completed his mission, of course, what was left was the fate of being discarded.

President praised
The fate of the Chinese name "He Jinli" is almost the same as that of Willie Brown, and it is rarely used again after achieving the goal.
Later, when she ran for the California Senate, her multi-ethnic identity came in handy again.She emphasized that she is of Indian descent, because California has not yet seen an Indian senator, so it is a natural bonus.
 OnHarris’ mother’s hometown in India, children support her with photos of Harris
With a keen eye, she paid attention to a senator named Obama in 2004.
In the 2007 presidential campaign, she served as California co-chairman and raised funds for Obama on various platforms, and the two forged a deep friendship.
 Harris andObama
When Obama became president, he would reciprocate himself from time to time and give Harris free publicity.
In 2011, the proud Harris made history, becoming the first female California attorney general and the first African and Asian California attorney general.
Two years later, Obama praised her at a luncheon in San Francisco for her "brilliant, dedicated, tenacity, and the most beautiful attorney general in the United States."
The president’s grand sponsor, Harris, made the headlines of the day, with nearly 41 news links about Obama and Harris.
Because skin color, resume, image, identity of the senator, etc. are similar to Obama, she even won the title of "Female Obama".
Ironically, the attorney general, whom the president personally praised, was not rigorous in law enforcement.
In 2015, in order to combat false propaganda, 14 states in the United States conducted investigations on nutraceutical companies.California, as the most prosperous state on the west coast of the United States, is the focus of false propaganda. The Herbalife brand alone has more than 700 complaints.
 Harris and her husband
But Harris ignored all complaints and did not organize any investigation.Because most of these brands are represented by her husband’s law firm.
In the face of the people's righteous and solemn speeches, they were ultimately defeated by the complicated relationship.

Enmity with Biden
The time of stone fire is cloudy, and the years flow like water.Before she knew it, she had been in politics for 30 years and became one of the most prominent female politicians in American politics, and her ambitions were growing.
Although he became the vice president in the election this time, he created a series of history.But in fact, she initially aimed at the presidency.
Don't look at the smiles on her face when she and President Biden are in the same frame. In fact, the two have a deep grievance.
 Harris and Biden
She and Biden's late eldest son had a very good friendship, and they also established friendship with Biden in their mutual exchanges.When she was running for the Senate, Biden also supported her.
But the pain she later caused Biden was no less than Trump's profanity.
In January 2019, Harris announced his candidacy for President of the United States.In order to win the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, she disregarded her past love in the party's competition and launched a sharp attack on this old friend.
The most dangerous enemy is often an anti-purpose friend, because the other party knows your weakness.
She frantically digs up Biden's black material, accusing Biden of voting against the school bus bill to break apartheid in the early days of politics.As a black woman, she sat on this discriminatory school bus when she was a child.
In the current politically correct America, "black life is expensive" has become a trend.She cleverly buttoned a big hat of "racism" and caught Biden by surprise.
Later, Biden was accused of sexual harassment or sexual assault by several women who had worked with him.Harris Naken let go of this opportunity to beat his opponent, and immediately stood up to support these women and expressed his belief in them.The implication is that Biden sexually assaulted myself.
However, she was still too young in the first campaign, and she had no clear ideas at all, and her approval rate kept falling.Due to insufficient funds raised, she withdrew from the presidential election at the end of 2019.
Later, Biden became the Democratic Party’s nominee for president, but he was scolded by Trump.He desperately needed a running partner who could win votes for him, so he chose the dark-skinned Harris in August this year.
Before making this decision, Biden must be very entangled.Because on July 7 this year, Biden was photographed by the media during his speech with some hand cards related to Harris: "Don't bear hatred", "Respect her", "She is very helpful to the campaign."
 'S hand card reveals the true relationship between the two
It can be imagined how much a psychological shadow Harris cast on Biden.
After becoming a campaign partner, a reporter asked her why she wanted to cooperate with someone as unbearable as Biden. Wasn't it a mockery of his sexual assault and racial discrimination before?
Harris' answer is full of political art: "What I said before was just a campaign speech!"
You can say that she lives on both sides and is exquisite.You can also scold her for following the wind and duckweed by the water.
But the terrible reality is that perhaps such a person is more suitable to run American politics.
She has criticized China many times, and she and another colleague drafted the S386 "High-Skilled Immigration Fairness Act" known as the "New Chinese Exclusion Act."
This bill caused an uproar in the Chinese circle, blocking the path of most Chinese immigrating to the United States in a short period of time.It is estimated that in the next 6 to 10 years, it will be difficult for Chinese international students to obtain American citizenship by relying on academic or work.
There is a classic line in "House of Cards": "There are two kinds of pain, one makes you stronger, the other is worthless, just add to torture. I have no patience with worthless things."
 "House of Cards"Screenshot
Conversely speaking, of course you must be patient with valuable things.Even if it was a tit-for-tat mortal enemy in the past, for the benefit of the future, we must smile and embrace and take a group photo.
Therefore, although they had a very unpleasant quarrel with Biden, they both let go of their previous suspicions and laughed extremely happily in front of the media.
For such ambitious people, living barely is no different from death.
In order to squeeze into the center of power, everything can be used and everything can be discarded.
Harris has become the first female vice president of the United States.In the near future, she may even become the first female president of the United States.
This woman who is arrogant and straightforward, paired with Biden, who is wise and foolish, is likely to surpass Trump's team.
In the next few years, this figure in American politics is destined to appear frequently in the Chinese media.But don't be close to her just because she has a Chinese name.
Under any circumstance, we should stay awake, stand on the sidelines, and don't let illusory feelings affect our judgment.

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