Victoria 11 has 0 new!The Minister of Immigration broke into an affair? [How much are you?] The epidemic has cost Australia $5885 per capita, and immigration is even higher; the amount is lowered, and the job search subsidy will be extended to March next year

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

[Victoria] A total of 20345 confirmed cases of new crown infection

(819 dead)

No new diagnoses for the 11th consecutive day, No new deaths.

Active cases dropped to 4(Including a mysterious case), 2 of them are in hospital.

Yesterday a total of 12955 tests were performed, the positive rate0.

Daily additions in the Melbourne metropolitan area in the past 14 days0.4 cases.

Many people believe that the new crown epidemic in Australia can basically be declared over, and the current situation is better than when Victoria was preparing to further unblock it in early June.

Jeroen Weimar, the head of DHHS testing, confirmed that a "large-scale asymptomatic testing program" is about to start, which is "not for any special area."

But there is an important point: Hume and Wyndham.

"We still feel there are traces of the virus spreading in the community."

Catherine Bennett, professor of epidemiology at Deakin University, said that even if the new crown virus is still in the Australian community, it is likely to extinct itself rather than continue to spread.

Hassan Vally, an epidemiologist at La Trobe University, believes that if there are no local additions in another week, technically speaking, the Australian epidemic may be completely eliminated. 

However, for example, Dr. Michael Douglas of the NSW Department of Health urged people to remain vigilant: the infection process happened inadvertently, and the second outbreak in Victoria is the best example.Australia cannot repeat the same mistakes.

The governor said that residents should be tested even if they have mild symptoms. "The zero cases in 11 days are not a vaccine."

It is planned that Victoria will further unblock it from November 11; before Christmas, it is expected to return to "new crown-style normal" life.

However, in the fight against the epidemic, it is easy to say that it fails, and the result is the same; but to succeed, it takes a little bit of luck.

A Melbourne man made a mistake and bought lottery tickets with the same set of numbers twice on the Internet, but he won over 100 million Australian dollars in the TattsLotto lottery prize last Saturday.

"I play every week, usually just press the'play again' button. I didn't know that I pressed it twice this time. The number I chose was not a carefully selected number, but a random number reported by my family. All the numbers are put in the box, and then I let each of my immediate family members choose one of them."

Victoria also announced today that Kinder pre-school education for children will be free for the whole year next year, which is expected to cost A$1.7 million.

Each child (15 years old, and eligible 4 years old) who attends Kinder 3 hours a week in public kindergartens will be subsidized about 2000 Australian dollars.

In addition, more than 95% of public primary schools will enjoy free pre- and after-school care services next year, with an investment of A$8160 million.

For 3-year-old children who did not participate in the plan, their kindergarten fees will be reduced.

Before the end of the year, a free supermarket called Foodbank appeared in Melbourne CBD to help international students in difficulties.

Open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 2 pm. For details, see:

Provide real real hammer information/exclusive inventory

[New South Wales] A total of 4474 confirmed cases

(53 dead)

5 new cases of overseas importation were added.

[Kunzhou] A total of 1178 confirmed cases

(6 dead)

1 new overseas import(Young women returning from Turkey).

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said that Melbourne’s continuous absence of new cases is “exciting” and it is hoped that the border with Victoria will be opened in early December.

[South Australia] A total of 517 cases

(4 dead)

[Western Australia] A total of 776 cases

(9 dead)

【Capital Territory】Total 114

(3 dead)

[Tazhou] A total of 230 cases

(13 dead)

[Northern Territory] 40 cases in total

So far, 27674 cases have been confirmed in Australia907 cases died and 85 people have not recovered.

The ABC's "Four Corners" program revealed that two Liberal Party federal ministers had an improper relationship with their subordinates.

they are:

Christian Porter, the current Minister of Justice,She was witnessed “kissing and hugging” a young female staff member in a bar in Canberra in 2017.He has a wife and a young child in Perth.

In 2018, former prime minister Tan Bao implemented a "bonk ban", which prohibited government ministers from having sex with their subordinates.At that time, Porter was taught "father-like teaching" by Tan Bao in his office.

At that time, the most concerned thing was that former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce ended his 24-year marriage with his wife because of a relationship with a former subordinate.

Porter now says that ABC is defamating and is seeking legal solutions.

In addition,Acting Minister of Immigration Alan TudgeIt is alleged that he had an affair with his media adviser Rachelle Miller in 2017, who worked in Congress for 9 years.

The two ministers had previously played the "Gujia Good Man Card" to canvass votes during the election. Tudge publicly stated that he was a socially conservative man and advocated traditional marriage.

"The Australian" reported that the government has decided to extend the JobSeeker unemployment subsidy to March next year, consistent with JobKeeper, but the specific amount has not been announced.

It is reported that the part of the epidemic subsidy will be reduced from an additional $250 to $150 every two weeks (for single persons without children).

This subsidy will be automatically paid to eligible welfare recipients (approximately 150 million people), including those who enjoy JobSeeker, partner allowance, widow allowance, youth allowance, Austudy, ABSTUDY living allowance, childcare allowance, farmer allowance and special allowance . 

The amount of unemployment allowance before the end of this year is: single persons without children can receive up to A$815.70 per fortnight, single persons with children and single persons aged 60 and above can receive up to A$862, and those with a partner can receive up to A$760.80. AUD XNUMX.

The Australian National University released the latest research results today. Australian employees worked an average of 3 hours between March and October, which is lower than the 10 hours before the epidemic and a decrease of 692 hours per capita.

This is equivalent to losing a total of 13 billion working hours and about 470 billion Australian dollars in wages, which is equivalent to 5885 Australian dollars per capita.



Taken together, men have reduced their working hours by 10.8% and women by 6.1%.


But Victorians outside Melbourne work 19.7 hours a week, which is higher than the 17.9 hours for people in other areas outside the metropolis.

In addition, employees born overseas with non-English speaking backgrounds lost 104 hours during the epidemic, and elderly employees lost 140.6 hours, resulting in even greater losses.

Of course, there is another calculation method that can reduce per capita losses.If you count Australians who have not been employed, each person will lose A$2379.

Treasury Deputy Secretary Steven Kennedy said that although 2570 billion of direct economic support has been issued and interest rates are now record low, if there are no more economic stimulus measures, the recovery will be "very faltering."

Of course, if you are in a lobster foreign trade business, the losses this year may have just begun.

How much has the new crown of 2020 actually cost you so far (what you didn't earn, the extra cost...)?Have you ever counted it? (Mind damage is temporarily excluded)

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