Victoria continues to have no new additions! [Finally] After nearly 9 months, China Southern Airlines resumed the Guangzhou-Melbourne route; South Australia will end the blockade ahead of schedule; Sydney New Year’s fireworks open for admission

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

[Victoria] A total of 20345 confirmed cases of new crown infection

(819 dead)

No new diagnoses for the 22th consecutive day, No new deaths.

1 active case, in hospital.

It was tested 11333 times yesterday.

On Wednesday, components of the new coronavirus were detected in sewage samples from the Altona sewage treatment plant in southwest Melbourne.

Residents in Altona and visitors to the area, as well as residents and visitors in the surrounding areas, especially visitors from Monday, November 11 to Wednesday, November 16, are advised to get tested as soon as possible if they develop symptoms.

The sewage plant where the virus was found mainly collected sewage from 7 areas including Altona, Altona Meadows, Seaholme, Sanctuary Lakes, parts of Laverton, Point Cook and Williams Landing.

Victorian Minister of Finance Tim Pallas said that while Victoria will focus on tax cuts to stimulate employment and the economy, But will not follow NSW to abolish stamp duty for the time being(New South Wales will instead levy an annual land tax annual fee, plus a floating fee of 0.3% of the unimproved value of the land; the current average is less than A$2500 per year).

Stamp duty revenue is the third largest source of revenue for the Victorian government, second only to goods and services tax (GST) and payroll tax.

Tomorrow the governor will announce further unblocking beginning next week, which may be larger than planned (allowing more people to gather together).

And from November 11, NSW and the Capital Territory will lift border restrictions on Victoria.

Another major change isVictoria will start accepting international passengers from December 12th (From outside New Zealand), Up to 160 people per day (1120 per week, Roughly the current amount in Brisbane and Perth).This has increased Australia's weekly reception capacity to nearly 8000 people per week. It is expected that the day will be more than this number.

Note that those who can come back to Australia are still citizens, PRs, their immediate family members, and temporary visa holders who have applied for exemptions.(Including international students who have studied medicine, dentistry, nursing and other degrees in the last year).

As for how the number of 1120 is determined, it may be because 8000 times 3, plus 6000 next week, can roughly achieve Australia's goal of bringing back all Australians registered overseas before Christmas.

Victoria's quarantine hotel system will restart, and specific policies (such as tariff standards) are still unknown.

Now the state government has 16 days to prepare,A military order has been issued to ensure "clear control and accountability structure, no more mistakes",All employees will be directly contracted and arranged by the government for training, and they cannot have any jobs in other places during the hotel service.

The recommendations in the quarantine hotel investigation report also include: immigrants from low-risk countries can be isolated at home, electronic monitoring equipment management through mobile phone technology, and even wearing ankle or wrist monitoring equipment.

However, since there is a limit on the number of receptionists, it means that those who will come back some time in the future will still have to stay in isolated hotels.

The Australian branch of China Southern Airlines immediately followed up yesterday and announced that starting from December 12, one of the two flights between Guangzhou and Sydney will be moved to Melbourne.(The air tickets for the next few months released on the official website yesterday have been completed in seconds, wait, now the air tickets are in the circle of friends..).

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In short, the long-lost CZ343/344 is coming back.

(Exactly 10 months ago, the first confirmed case of new crown reported in Australia was a man from Wuhan who came to Melbourne on a southern flight).

This is the first time since China implemented the “five 3s” restriction policy for international flights on March 29, and mainland airlines chose Sydney as the only point of access in Australia, and for the first time to resume regular passenger flights between Melbourne and mainland China.

On the other hand, it also shows that under the existing "reward mechanism", the total number of up to two round trips to one country per week by an airline is still unable to break through, and it is impossible to deploy routes in more cities in the short term.

Using the future quota of arrivals in Melbourne will also make the Sydney flight vacate seats and take more people. China Southern Airlines can sell more air tickets from Guangzhou to Australia while still flying 2 flights, which is more economical.

These changes will only happen one month later. It is expected that the first to resume flights in Victoria will be airlines from Japan, Singapore and the Middle East, as well as Cathay Pacific.

At the same time, all of the above changes are based on the premise that the new crown epidemic in Victoria no longer rebounds.

It is also entirely possible for other Chinese airlines to resume Melbourne routes.

For example, Eastern Airlines and Xiamen Airlines, and even whether Air China will recover are all in suspense; but the recent local epidemics in Tianjin and Shanghai have also brought some variables.

Of course, no matter which city you depart from and return to your country, the "Double Yin Proof" 48 hours before departure must be prepared. This has not changed.

Recently, many media speculate that China has tightened the issuance of entry and exit documents, but this is only to suggest that you do not travel internationally in the near future.If you really have urgent travel needs and reasons, they will not fail to handle it for you.

Ruthlessly slap all kinds of false news in Australia

Provide real real hammer information/exclusive inventory

[New South Wales] 4527 cases in total

(53 dead)

From November 11, New South Wales will allow 23 people to attend outdoor gatherings.

I want to enter Sydney CBD and North Sydney to watch fireworks on December 12(Only the midnight show, there is no 9 o'clock show this year)Dear, you can now apply for the pass.

The viewing area will be divided into two areas, green and yellow.

The green and yellow areas on the map are both venues to celebrate the New Year

[Capital Territory] 115 cases in total

(3 dead)

[South Australia] A total of 554 cases

(4 dead)

South AustraliaThe number of local mass releases increased to 26, and at least 44 suspected cases and more than 4500 close contacts were required to be isolated.

South Australia announced that it would end the "hard blockade" early this Sunday (6 days became 4 days):

No longer restrict the reason for going out;

The gym reopened;

Wedding up to 150 people(But drinking or dancing while standing is prohibited);

Private events and funerals can allow up to 50 people to gather;

No more than 100 people for religious ceremony;

Up to 10 people for family gatherings;

Dining placesReopen, up to 100 people can gather;

Wear masks for beauty and personal services;

No longer mandatory, people are encouraged to keep wearing masks outdoors;

The school will reopen next Monday;


In addition, family or roommates can join together for outdoor exercise, which has already taken effect.

The reasons for unblocking in advance are:

Governor Steven Marshall mentioned yesterday that a close contact with Woodville Pizza Store deliberately misled the contact tracking team and lied.

He obviously worked there for a while, but said that he had been a customer recently, thinking that he had been infected by buying pizza there.

This represents a completely different direction and source of infection (indicating that the pizza shop is not a problem),This led South Australia to start the blockade against the community based on false information.

But the South Australian police said that they would not punish the person.

Genetic testing showed that these cases were related to a traveller who returned from the UK on November 11.

Supermarkets have just begun to restrict purchases, airlines have just begun to adjust flights, and other states have just begun to block South Australia... Now they are fainting!What is it going to be?

And those who "escaped" South Australia in the past two days, or have just been fined.......

It is still possible that the border between Victoria and South Australia will be restored as scheduled from December 12.

[Northern Territory] 46 cases in total

[Kunzhou] 1192 cases in total

(6 dead)

Recently, there has been a hotly discussed matter related to Australia.

Recently, a 123-page report material was circulated on the Internet. The author claimed to be "Lv Xiang, a former master student in chemical engineering of Tianjin University", and reported "Professor Zhang Yuqing and his daughter Zhang ** from the School of Chemical Engineering of Tianjin University to academic fraud."

Yesterday the school stated that the investigation team confirmed that Professor Zhang Yuqing’s academic misconduct was true and Tianjin University had dismissed him.

The above reporting materials are divided into seven chapters. In addition to the introduction and conclusions, each chapter describes "Falsified thesis of Zhang Yuqing and her daughter Zhang**", "Falsified thesis of Professor Zhang Yuqing's students", "Falsified thesis on my thesis" In the writing, how Zhang Yuqing guides the fraud", "a brief introduction to the fraud phenomenon of academic papers published by Zhang Yuqing", "How Zhang Yuqing submits multiple manuscripts (plagiarism)", and attaches multiple photos, screenshots of related papers, etc.

According to Baidu information, Zhang also went to the University of Queensland and the University of New South Wales as a senior research scholar.

[Western Australia] A total of 794 cases

(9 dead)

[Tazhou] A total of 230 cases

(13 dead)

So far, 27805 cases have been diagnosed in Australia, 907 have died, and 97 people have not recovered(Excluding imported cases from NSW).

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