Victoria has given out money to millions of families again!Today is all good news!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

All good news!Today, November 11th: The new trend in Victoria 17 continues!

Newly diagnosed 0!

Added death 0!This is also the 18th consecutive day Victoria has achieved double zeros!

The number of inspections yesterday also increased to a great extent compared with last weekend, with the total number of inspections exceeding 17000.
Currently, the number of active cases in Victoria remains at three.

We also continue to look forward to the day when the active cases are cleared!

Today, in addition to continuing to achieve zero new epidemics, the people of Victoria also ushered in some good news!

Millions of Victorians will receive $250 cash subsidy to pay electricity bills
Since this year, giving money to the people has become the main theme of the work of the Australian government.
And today the people of Victoria ushered in another piece of good news:
Now the Victorian government has to send money to its own people!

According to multiple Australian media reports:
The Victorian government will include a welfare subsidy program costing A$2.25 million in the state budget for this fiscal year:

Provided over 95 Victorians with an energy subsidy of A$250 in cash to help them pay their utility bills!

The coverage of this subsidy program called Power Saving Bonus is as follows:

All discount card holders, including:

  • Federal Senior Health Card
  • Former Caregiver Allowance (Child) Health Card
  • Foster child health card
  • Health care card
  • Low-income health care card
  • Pensioner health card

Recipients of various welfare allowances, including:

  • JobSeeker unemployment allowance recipients
  • Youth Allowance Recipient
  • Old age allowance
  • Disability allowance
  • Caregiver allowance
  • Single parent allowance

The time for this benefit is2021年的2月1日-2022年的1月31日,为期一年。
During this period, eligible applicants can apply through the Victorian Government's official Victorian Energy Compare website.
Each person can only apply once, and the benefits will be paid by bank transfer.

Melbourne City parking fees are expected to be cut!

Not only the federal and state governments in Australia are constantly sending warmth to the people, but now even the Melbourne city government is ready to give everyone benefits!Recently, the Melbourne City Government has just gone through the mayoral election, and the current mayor Sally Capp was re-elected successfully.
After being re-elected, Mayor Capp also began to fulfill her previous campaign promises!

According to local media in Melbourne:
Melbourne City Council is considering reducing parking fees within the City area and is striving to reduce the "congestion tax" that needs to be paid to the state government.
In recent years, in order to alleviate traffic congestion in the Melbourne City area, the Victorian Government and the Melbourne City Government have been vigorously encouraging public transport and plan to convert some on-street parking spaces into sidewalks and bicycle lanes.However, because of this unexpected epidemic, the problem facing Melbourne City has changed from too many people to no one.If reshaping the flow of people in the City has become a top priority for the city government.

And because the epidemic has hit many people's willingness to take public transportation, the city government has also changed its plan and began to encourage everyone to drive into the city again.
Before the current mayoral election, the current Mayor of Capp promised to focus on solving the problems of difficult and expensive parking in Melbourne City.
On Tuesday night, the new Melbourne City Council will vote on a motion to reduce parking fees within the City.

In addition, Melbourne City Council will also discuss with the Victorian state government, hoping to reduce the "congestion tax" that needs to be paid to the state government by 25%. "Congestion tax" is a tax that the Victorian government levies on the number of parking spaces in Melbourne City and various parking lots in the surrounding area.This tax collection project mainly targets various commercial parking lots, as well as some private parking lots (not counting apartment houses).
Depending on the location, the annual tax and fee for each parking space to be submitted to the Victorian government is about 1000-1500 Australian dollars.

If the city government and the state government can successfully negotiate a reduction of the "congestion tax", it can save parking lot operators more than $12 million in the next 2500 months.
And all the money saved will be required to be transferred to customers who use these parking lots.
The mayor of Capp stated that this policy is a "temporary measure" adopted in response to the epidemic in a special period, and the city government will still adhere to the long-term goal of optimizing City's traffic efficiency.

However, there are also voices of opposition within the city government regarding this proposal.
Some people criticized the mayor of Capp for "reversing the car." Lowering the parking fee will not only solve the problem of parking difficulties, but may cause more congestion.

Free ferry tickets are here!

In addition to governments at all levels, there are also some private companies that have shown love to Victorians who have just recovered from the epidemic!Searoad Ferries, the shipping company that operates the Geelong-Mornington ferry route, just announced:Will provide passengers with more than 3 free tickets!

Due to their special geographical location, although Geelong and Mornington face each other across the sea, they have to surround the entire Phillip Bay by land.Therefore, taking a ferry is always the best choice to travel between the two places.

Searoad Ferries is a local family business that operates the Sorrento ferry route from Queenscliff in Geelong to Mornington.
During the epidemic, the number of people taking the ferry plummeted by more than 90%, but with the lifting of the Victorian ban, the number of passengers has now returned to 80%.

Although in the past six months due to the epidemic, it has encountered great business difficulties, but in order to give back to tourists and support the local tourism industry, Searoad Ferries Group recently announced:More than 3 free tickets will be distributed!The validity period of these free ticketsFrom next Monday, November 11, until July 23 next year.

Friends who want to receive can apply through the following website, collection channel will be fromIt will open tomorrow on November 11th and will end on November 18nd.It should be noted that the number of free tickets that can be received every day is limited, and friends who are interested should start grabbing tickets tomorrow!

Then there are these benefits to receive!

In addition to the above-mentioned newly launched benefits, the Australian government just announced a few benefits not long ago. Xiaowei will review for everyone:The first is the $500 red envelope from the federal government!The account will start at the end of the monthLast Wednesday, the Australian Federal Parliament approved this project called

Economic Support Payment
Financial support subsidy
Appropriation proposal.

According to government regulations, Australians can get the money as long as they receive the following benefits:

  • Old age allowance
  • Disability support allowance
  • Carer's Income Allowance
  • Family tax allowance
  • Caregiver allowance
  • Pension Concession Card
  • Federal Senior Health Card
  • Veterans Allowance
  • Other eligible discount cards

There is no need to apply for this welfare allowance. As long as you meet the conditions, the government will issue it directly to your account through the Centrelink system.

In addition, the Victorian government just launched a big move last week:Kinder is all free next year!

The Victorian government will allocate A$2020 million in the 21-1.7 fiscal year budget.

All children registered in the government public Kindergarten will be exempted from tuition for a whole year!

It is expected that this will save at least A$2000 in tuition fees for each child in each family.

According to this plan:

The government will directly provide subsidies to all government-funded public kindergarten projects to exempt registered students from tuition.
This means that all children attending 4-year-old Kinder (15 hours per week) can get 1 full year free.
Eligible 3-year-old children (5 hours per week) who go to Sessional Kinder can also get free.

In addition, if the child is in a Childcare Centre day care, but it includes the Kinder Program, he can also get a subsidy of at least A$2000 per year.

Moreover, if you are enrolled in a 3-year-old class at Sessional Kinder, the tuition fee for more than 5 hours of government funding can also be partly reduced.

Write at the end

Victorians have been back to normal life for some time. Not only are everyone actively embracing freedom, from the government to the private sector, they are also actively providing support.
However, the recent outbreak of the epidemic in South Australia also reminds us that we must not relax our heart in preventing the epidemic.

Let us protect our beloved Melbourne together!

Source: Herald Sun, The Age
Some pictures from the Internet

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