Australia – A Chinese male from the University of Queensland has been diagnosed with having spent 14 days in Dubai – Chinatown, Australia

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Queensland confirmed the 10th case of new crown, the case is a 20-year-old Chinese male.

A total of 34 confirmed cases have been reported across Australia, including 15 recovered cases and 1 death.

A total of 34 confirmed cases have been reported across Australia, including 15 recovered cases and 1 death.

Ryu Young-seok/Yonhap via AP

According to media information released by the Queensland Ministry of Health, Queensland has confirmed the 10th case of new crown. The case is a 20-year-old Chinese male who is an international student at the University of Queensland.

External Link: Australia's new crown epidemic confirmed case data (continuous update)

The boy is currently under quarantine at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital.


Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, Dr. Jeannette Young, said the agency is investigating where the man may have contracted the virus.

"The man lives with a roommate in Toowong. We are contacting the man's roommate and this person is under observation and evaluation."

"The methods we use to track contacts with patients are proven effective and trustworthy. If there is a spread of the virus in the community, we will use every opportunity to raise awareness of the case in the community," Dr. Yang said.

20岁男生确诊之前的最新的病例是一名63岁女性,此人目前仍在黄金海岸大学医院( Gold Coast University Hospital)接受隔离,病情稳定。

After clinical examination by the treatment team, the other eight patients in Queensland have been cured and discharged.

The University of Queensland said in a statement that the correction is providing help and support to the student.

"We extend our best wishes and hope you will recover soon," the statement read.

"At present, the relevant institutions believe that the student has not been to any campus of the University of Queensland after arriving in Australia.

"We understand that the student complied with the federal government's entry requirements."

Dr. Yang said that Queensland is ready to deal with the COVID-19 virus.The safety of people in Queensland is our first consideration.

"Our health system is working hard to protect Queenslanders from the virus, but the best weapon the community can use to deal with the virus is to wash their hands."

The Queensland Department of Health warns that if you have been abroad in the past 14 days and feel unwell, please call 13, The general practitioner or local hospital will arrange a health assessment.Please call the general practitioner's clinic or hospital before seeking medical attention to let them know your symptoms and travel history, and prepare for your visit.

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