Australia – COVID-XNUMX: UK trial antibody therapy is expected to provide immediate virus protection – BBC News

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Generally, the new coronary pneumonia vaccine usually takes several weeks to provide complete protection for a person. This antibody therapy is expected to immediately protect the patient.

A variety of new coronary pneumonia vaccines around the world have been approved by local governments.




If the trial is successful, the researchers hope that this can provide rapid protection for some people who have not been vaccinated or cannot be vaccinated.

Instant protection

这项试验在伦敦大学学院国民保健署信托医院(University College London Hospitals NHS Trust)进行,研究注射两种不同能否防止接触过病毒的人生病,或者至少减轻他们的病情。

研究员估计,这种由阿斯利康(AstraZeneca)制药公司开发的单克隆疗法能立即中和病毒,也能提供达一年的持续保护。 如果医护人员、医院病人和疗养院居民接触过已知新冠病例,他们可以利用这个方法,减少自己发病的.

This therapy can be provided by general practitioners to people with health defects, and can prevent one or two cases from evolving into large-scale outbreaks in student dormitories and other environments.

伦敦大学学院国民保健署信托医院病毒学家凯瑟琳·霍利亨(Catherine Houlihan)博士的研究小组希望招募1000名志愿者。他们希望在可能已经出现病毒的,包括医院和学生宿舍中招募对象。


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The largest vaccination program in British history was launched, and the vaccinators said "this is really good"



She explained that similar techniques have been used to treat or prevent rabies, or to protect pregnant women from chickenpox.

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Injection before exposure to the virus

伦敦大学学院国民保健署信托医院还在进行另一项试验,看能否在一个人接触新冠病毒之前This治疗,以防止感染。 这对有免疫缺陷或正接受免疫抑制治疗(如化疗)的人尤其有用。

Infectious disease consultant Dr. Nicky Longley (Nicky Longley) is conducting such tests on cancer and AIDS patients, he said, these diseases "may affect the ability of their immune system to respond to vaccines."


霍利亨博士证实,在接种疫苗之前,这种方式也可以用来保护弱势人群,以作为权宜之计。 但她说并不建议将其作为疫苗的替代品,而且疗法的成本也可能要高得多,一剂成本要几百英镑。

除了伦敦大学学院医院,这种疗法还将在美国、韦克菲尔德、曼彻斯特、南安普顿和等多个地点进行试验。但只有伦敦开始招募人群。 在接触新冠病毒前后的试验预计将在春季公布第一批研究.

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