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Some Australian citizens from Hong Kong and Taiwan said they did not like Trump, but wanted to see him re-elected.

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Michael said that the US election is closely watched by many young people in Hong Kong, but they are cautious about discussing it publicly.


Michael Wong has always been entangled with the upcoming US presidential election. He does not like Trump, but hopes that he can be re-elected.

"I think this is very contradictory," the 28-year-old man from Hong Kong told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

"I think the reason is emotional. We feel hopeless, so we hope someone can really do something for us."


He believes that Trump has “played a role” in supporting the Hong Kong democracy movement, but after seeing Trump’s handling of the new crown epidemic and the police violence that occurred during the “Black People’s Fate” campaign, his Opinion has changed.

"After all, I don't believe his purpose is purely to fight for freedom for Hong Kong people," Michael said.

"You can see that he is not very keen on democratic values... I think he is just using Hong Kong as a weapon or tool to fight against China."

President Donald Trump delivers his inaugural address
Some people in Hong Kong and Taiwan do not like Trump, but hope that he can be re-elected.
(AP: Patrick Semansky)

Although Michael is cautious about Hong Kong being used by the United States as a pawn against China, he is more wary of being deprived of the freedom of his hometown by the Beijing government.


November 11 is the U.S. election day.In the previous two election debates, the Republican candidate, the current President Trump and the Democratic candidate, and former Vice President Biden expressed their views on their China policy.Hong Kong and Taiwan have always been important issues in Sino-US relations.

With regard to Hong Kong, the Trump administration has repeatedly criticized Beijing’s unprecedented National Security Act this year. Since then, the US Congress has passed the Hong Kong Autonomy Act, which aims to punish Chinese officials and entities that help violate Hong Kong’s autonomy.

This action has caused Beijing to strongly condemn and oppose Washington's "brutal interference" in Hong Kong affairs and China's internal affairs, saying it "violates international law and the basic norms of Sino-US relations."

In contrast, Biden said that he will propose a tougher line against Beijing.

In Foreign Policy magazine earlier this year, Biden wrote: "The United States really needs to take a hard line against China."


Joe Biden meets Xi Jinping in Beijing
Biden's contact with China began in 1979. He once supported the rise of China, but now he condemns Xi Jinping as a "thug."
(AP: Lintao Zhang)

The US election has put some Hong Kong and Taiwan people into a dilemma


报道写道:“台湾民众显然认为特朗普总统是更有可能改善的候选人…… 香港民众也更有可能认为他是美国经济的上佳选择。”


"This shows that Hong Kong people are desperate," Michael said.

External Link: Chart: Who do people in the Asia-Pacific region hope to win the US election?

Connor, an Australian citizen who is reluctant to use his real name out of concerns about personal safety, said that many Hong Kong people like him are expecting Trump to continue his tough China policy during his next term.

But he also expressed disappointment with the Trump administration's handling of the epidemic and the black movement.

"After SARS in 2003, Hong Kong is a place that pays great attention to hygiene. We may not agree with many of his government's handling methods," Connor said.

"If you don't delve into American politics, I think in terms of Chinese policy... Trump will be a better leader because he has always been willing to speak up against such violations of human rights.

"So in this sense, we are not entirely on the side of the Trump administration. I think we are a group of contradictors."

William Lin

Lin Xiancheng, chairman of the Melbourne Taiwanese Association, also hopes that Trump will win the general election next week. He said it is a "life and death moment" for his native Taiwan.Beijing considers Taiwan to be a separate province, while Taipei considers it to be independent.

"Because the threat of military confrontation [Taiwan and China] is so serious now, I absolutely hope that he will win," said Lin Xiancheng. Like many expatriates from Hong Kong and Taiwan, he believes that Trump's second term will protect the people of his hometown. freedom of.

Meteorology 习近平曾表示“不排除使用武力统一台湾”,而北京台湾岛附近加强了军事活动。过去一个月,近40架中国战斗机越过台湾海峡中线,进入过台湾西南防空识别区。

Although Washington does not have diplomatic relations with Taipei, the United States under Trump has increasingly shown its support for Taiwan. This has aroused strong condemnation from China, but it has received popular support from Taiwan.

The US State Department approved a US$25 billion arms sales plan to Taiwan last week, which triggered Beijing this week to impose sanctions on several US arms dealers participating in the plan.


"The United States will not give up its protection of Taiwan," he said.

The US Congress is the promoter of Hong Kong and Taiwan issues, not Trump

The West Front of the neoclassical US Capitol in Washington is bathed in morning sun up against a blue sky.
Dr. Wu Muluan said that Trump is not a promoter of protecting Hong Kong and Taiwan, but the US Congress that listens to public opinion.
(AP: J Scott Applewhite)

Although some interviewees from Hong Kong and Taiwan believe that Trump has provided operational support for the two places, Alfred Wu, an associate professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore, told the ABC that many people believe that the United States is supporting Hong Kong and Taiwan. The support from Trump is a “misreading” because the real driving force comes from the US Congress.

Dr. Wu Muluan explained that Hong Kong and Taiwan are at the forefront of US-China diplomatic and trade tensions. No matter who becomes the next president, the US policy towards China will remain unchanged.

"I don't think there will be any changes in the position of the U.S. Congress. Now the Senate and House of Representatives can agree on the China issue," said Dr. Wu Muluan.

"If you look at the record so far, the Trump administration is still willing to implement many people now think he is more predictable.

"Even after the policy softens, he may still maintain a tougher posture [to China]."

A US Consulate representative, left, receives a letter from protesters who are waving US flags.
Some demonstrators displayed banners in front of the US consulate in Hong Kong during the protests in September 2019 and handed a letter to the consulate representative.
(AP: Kin Cheung)

For Michael, he can see the ambivalence.But out of fear that his family and friends in Hong Kong are gradually losing the freedom to talk about politics publicly, he has no choice but to hope that someone with a more predictable China policy will be elected president.

But he also admitted that Hong Kong people and Taiwanese need to rely on their own efforts instead of geopolitics to defend their freedom.

"You can't rely on any other country to do this," he said.

"It is difficult for us to maintain our values. Therefore, we are trying to find someone who can really do something for us. This is actually very sad."

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