Australia-South Korea found a case of mutated new crown virus that came from the UK on the 22nd (photo) | Australia Chinatown

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Radio Korea International reported: A mutated new coronavirus that is continuing to spread in southeastern Britain has also been found in South Korea.Korea

韩国国际广播电台报道: 韩国国内也发现正在英国东南部继续扩散的变异新冠病毒。



此外,上月8日和本月13日分别入境的另一家庭4人也被确诊感染新冠病毒,防疫当局正在调查他们是否感染变异新冠病毒。在这4人中,1名80多岁男性在居家隔离过程中于26日死亡, 他死亡之前进行的新冠病毒检测结果呈阳性。该男性13日从英国入境,患有心脏病。此外,其上月8日入境的另1名家属之前接受的两次检测结果均呈阴性,但第3次检测呈阳性。他在被确诊之前曾进行外部活动,因此防疫当局正在开展流行病学调查,确认其移动路线及接触者。



Topic: Countries around the world respond to the new crown pneumonia epidemic into the topic >>

Too scary!After taking Pfizer vaccine, the eyes were slanted and 4 people had adverse reactions. The FDA insisted that there was no problem... (Picture)

Australia wants to take the lead in investigating the origin of the virus!Beijing clearly refuses: political manipulation is unpopular (photo)

Why did you suddenly change your face?WHO also needs to investigate the source of the virus, will China agree to it (photo)

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