Australia-flash crash! "BMW enters in the morning and Wuling comes out in the afternoon." What happened to the "sacred car" that was 6 times in 15 months? | Australia Chinatown

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"BMW goes in in the morning and Wuling comes out in the afternoon." The "domestic sacred car" once again experienced a thrilling day. 01 from rising

"BMW goes in in the morning and Wuling comes out in the afternoon."

The "domestic car" once again experienced a thrilling day.



From a rise of 40% to a fall of more than 20%, the amplitude exceeds 70%

On Tuesday, December 12, the Hong Kong stock Wuling Motors drove high in early trading, rising 29%, 13% or even 20% all the way. The biggest increase exceeded yesterday's all-day increase (40%), and the intraday share price reached a new high of 36 Hong Kong dollars.


But approaching the close of early trading, the stock suddenly dived from a high position and turned green, and fell more than 6%.

In the afternoon, the share price of Wuling Motors continued to decline, once falling by more than 20%, and the intraday amplitude exceeded 70%.Eventually closed down 18%, at 2.54 Hong Kong dollars.

Faced with such ups and downs in the "roller coaster" market, investors can't help but sigh.A snowball user called out in the comment area: It's too exciting, "BMW enters in the morning and Wuling comes out in the afternoon."




15 times the previous stock price in half a year

In the past week, Wuling Motors has gained momentum: From December 12 to yesterday's close, the stock rose more than 18%.


What’s interesting is that looking back at June, Wuling Motors, which fell into penny stocks due to poor performance in the first half of the year, borrowed a wave of “marketing economy” to launch the “stalwart car”. The stock price immediately hit a new high. The tide is rising.

Since June this year, its share price has soared close to 6%.


"Wuling God Car" sells crazy

This surge of Wuling Motors is inseparable from the hot sale of the "national sacred car" Hongguang MINI EV.

Hongguang MINI EV, which focuses on the low-end market, has been welcomed by the market since its launch in July this year.The minimum price of 7 yuan and the maximum price of no more than 2.88 yuan allows it to firmly occupy the low-end new energy vehicle market. It is currently the only pure electric vehicle that can be legally on the road within 4 yuan.


Previously released data showed that in November, the actual sales of Wuling Motors Hongguang MINI EV reached 11 units, an increase of 33094% month-on-month, and the highest single-day sales exceeded 39 units, setting a new record for China's new energy vehicle sales.So far, Hongguang MINIEV is also the only model in the domestic new energy market with a monthly sales volume of over 2000 vehicles.


This also means that this "unremarkable" Hongguang MINI EV has become Tesla's rival.According to data from the Travel Federation, among the retail sales of new energy vehicles in November, 11 MODEL3 were sold.

Previously, Xu Haidong, deputy chief engineer of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, wrote an article that SAIC-GM-Wuling Hongguang MINI EV is expected to sell more than 10 vehicles throughout the year, becoming the fastest-growing model in the field of new energy vehicles.

Zhongtai Securities said that Hongguang MINI EV may be able to become a million-level sales explosion.The report believes that MINI’s stage is the market for low-end fuel vehicles with a price of 150 million units and less than 5 units + 4200 million motorcycles and electric bicycles, with huge market potential.


Shareholders "speculate" the wrong stock?

However, it is worth noting that SAIC-GM-Wuling produces Hongguang MINI EV, while Hong Kong-based Wuling Automobile is a Hong Kong investment holding company mainly engaged in automobile-related businesses.

So, are investors completely wrong to "speculate"?Not really.


The Hong Kong stock Wuling Automobile ( is called Wuling Automobile Group Holdings Co., Ltd., and its controlling shareholder is Guangxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd.


In addition to the relationship between shareholders, Wuling Automobile is also one of the main suppliers of SAIC-GM-Wuling.The annual report shows that SAIC-GM-Wuling is Wuling's largest customer, accounting for 2019% of Wuling's sales in 48.1.


Who is the real concept stock of the "shen car"?

Since this Wuling is not the other Wuling, what are the real Wuling Hongguang MINI EV concept stocks?

The previous research report of Caitong Securities pointed out that Hongguang MINI EV parts suppliers include Founder Motor, Wanan Technology, Fuyao Glass, Shenglu Communication, etc.


Hongguang MINI EV batteries are supplied by five battery manufacturers including Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Xingheng Power, Penghui Energy, Ningde Times and Huating Power. The lithium iron phosphate batteries provided by China Xuan Hi-Tech, Penghui Energy and Ningde Times are lithium iron phosphate batteries; Hua Ting Power provides ternary batteries; Xingheng Power provides manganese multi-element composite lithium batteries.The driving motor suppliers are mainly Founder Motor and Shuanglin Co., Ltd., and the electric control is supplied by Huayu Electric and Ningbo Yangteng.

In addition to the three-electric system, other related listed companies supporting the components include Wanan Technology (subframe, ABS, electronic vacuum pump), Chuanhuan Technology (brake booster vacuum hose), Shenglu Communication (antenna), Song Chi Power (condenser, air conditioner, heater), Ningbo Gaofa (electronic accelerator pedal), Fuyao Glass, etc.


Photovoltaic and new energy vehicles plummeted across the board

CITIC: Beware of the collapse of institutions

It is worth mentioning that the A-share holding group sector experienced a sharp adjustment on Wednesday, and popular sectors such as the new energy vehicle industry chain, coal power, photovoltaic wind power and liquor fell collectively.

In terms of photovoltaic stocks, Sungrow Power fell by more than 13%, Trina Solar and Jinchen shares fell 10%, and Yijing Optoelectronics fell by 7.5%. New energy upstream stocks also fell sharply. Ganfeng Lithium and others blocked the limit, Huayou Cobalt The industry blocked the lower limit; the new energy vehicle sector expanded its decline in the afternoon. The SAIC Group, which had its daily limit yesterday, fell nearly 6.5% today, and JAC fell more than XNUMX%.

Institutions have different views on whether the market clique has truly collapsed.

A previous research report of China Merchants Securities pointed out that before each Baotuan truly collapsed, there will be 1-2 flops, but after evaluating the performance trend, it will regroup and be more determined than the last time. Therefore, the excess return of the Baotuan sector After a flop, it accelerates upward; the fundamental reason for the collapse of the group is the emergence of better-performing sectors.

CITIC Securities issued a warning, saying that after the new year, the game of capital tends to ease, and local speculative groups will most likely collapse.

CITIC Securities analysis pointed out that at the end of the year, under the pressure of the "scale war" and "income war", institutions continued to group consumption and new energy sectors.At the end of the year, the actual sales of the institutional heavy storage sector decreased. Instead, it stimulated speculation in active funds in a disguised manner. With the help of the theme and the logical speculation concept of the track, it chased the institutional heavy storage sector and drove the stagnant non-leading varieties in the early stage to rise sharply, giving birth to some Pure market speculation that does not match the fundamental characteristics.

CITIC Securities predicts that by the beginning of next year, institutions will usher in the time when the ranking war is over. Speculative funds driven by the logic of "institutional grouping" will also be withdrawn from related products. At that time, local speculative grouping will have a high probability. collapse.

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