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Chinese President Xi Jinping has not congratulated Biden on his election, nor has any official media commented on it.

Joe Biden smiling with his hand on Xi Jinping's shoulder

Chinese President Xi Jinping has yet to comment on Joe Biden’s victory in the US election.

Reuters: David McNew

中国对拜登当选的初步反应积极,但同时透露出不确定的口气。中国官方媒体和评论员对缓和两国对立关系表现look forward to.


But the Chinese state media is already thinking about what might change.


"With Biden on stage, at least China and the United States can make breakthroughs in the latter two aspects."

The tone of commentary articles in China's strongly regulated media environment is very cautious, and even nationalist writers resist speaking in front of domestic readers.


"In any case, this will be the most turbulent and uncertain transition period in the United States.


A close up of Trump in front of a White House sign, mouth open mid sentence
"People's Daily" publicly mocked Trump in a Twitter account and then deleted the tweet.
(AP: Evan Vucci)

But some people couldn't help it.

The Twitter account of the People's Daily publicly mocked Trump.

External Link: @MothershipSG China state media People's Daily mocks on Twitter


How will President Biden deal with China?

The Chinese government’s cautious attitude towards Biden’s election reflects the lack of discussion of China’s issues during the US election.      

The proportion of foreign policy in the US election process was extremely small. When directly related questions were asked in the debate, Kamala Harris, who was elected vice president of the Biden team, brought the discussion back to the United States. problem.   

Biden hinted in the early elections that he would generally continue Trump's hardline attitude towards China, calling leader Xi Jinping a "thug" and vowing to lead international forces to "press, isolate, and punish China."

But on some issues, such as Trump's tariffs on China, Biden said he would change his strategy.His assistant said he would consult with allies to seek "collective strength."

Trump meets Xi Jinping
Trump's relationship with Xi Jinping during his four-year term is not very good.
(AP: Susan Walsh, File)

"The internal debate in the United States means that Biden will need to consider the views of Trump supporters on trade issues and the views of the Democratic Party on human rights issues," Renmin University scholar Shi Yinhong told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

"If Biden and China enter into trade negotiations, it will likely improve the relationship between the two parties, but the differences on human rights issues will not change and may even worsen."

Some Americans believe that Biden, like former President Obama, may seek cooperation with China in the fight against climate change, but many others believe that China’s identity as a rising competitor will surpass that of a partner.

The relationship between Xi Jinping and Trump's great power opponents will not change

If the past four years have had any educational significance for Chinese leaders, it is that the President of the United States has very little influence in China.

A man looks a screen with Joe Biden pictures while a woman walks by
(AP: Andy Wong)

The U.S. criticism of China's "anti-terrorism" project to detain ethnic minority Muslims in the western Xinjiang region, and the U.S. criticism of China's political repression in Hong Kong did not have any deterrent effect on Xi Jinping.

Xi Jinping has recently stepped up to call the Xinjiang Muslim detention project the “right” thing.


Trump's criticism of China's early handling of the new crown epidemic did not have much impact on Chinese leaders.


In terms of trade, Trump's effortlessly imposing tariffs did not have much impact on China's economic growth.

The "Phase One Trade Agreement" signed in January did force China to substantially increase its purchases of American agricultural products, but it did harm to Australia and other competing exporting countries.

China's restrictions on foreign companies in its vast domestic market have not changed, which means that the deep grievances of American companies that promote the trade war still exist.

But in terms of broader international policy, the Trump administration’s handling of Huawei prompted some inactive European allies to eliminate Chinese government-funded companies in the construction of 5G networks.

Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks during an event.
Xi Jinping has yet to congratulate Biden on his victory, and the official media has so far kept a low profile on his election.
(AP: Xinhua)

Other measures taken in retaliation against China’s US technology, such as the ban on the Chinese mobile phone app WeChat and TikTok, the overseas version of TikTok, were undermined by the US courts and received no attention or support from the Democratic Party.


“拜登用80%的理智进行战斗将比特朗普用100%的愚蠢战斗对中国造成更大的损失,”国际政策智库珀斯美亚研究中心(Perth USAsia Centre)的杰弗里·威尔逊(Jeffrey Wilson)表示。


China’s primary task-persuading the United States to stop selling weapons to Taiwan, so that the Communist Party can invade or control Taiwan politically before 2049-is unlikely to be supported by any camp in the United States.

As Xi Jinping instigated a broader "struggle" against the United States in order to seek the "national rejuvenation" of China as a major country, little change can be brought about by either side of the relationship.

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