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In another week, Trump and Morrison will have a meeting in Washington. Will Trump be curious about Liao's affairs?

Liao Chan'e, a woman in white and glasses

People raised reasonable and important questions about Liao Chang'e.

ABC News: Ian Cutmore

In about a week or so, Australian Prime Minister Morrison and US President Trump will meet in Washington. When they talk about China, will Trump be curious about Liu Chang'e?

If Trump really asks, Prime Minister Morrison will undoubtedly say something good to the first Australian-born member of the House of Representatives who was born in China.Liu Chang'e is currently the Liberal Party member of the House of Representatives in the Chisholm constituency of Melbourne's fringe seat.

Prime Minister Morrison may be reluctant to admit that Chan-e Liao's past has caused a series of complicated issues. It is necessary to confirm whether there may be China's interference in Australian politics and whether it will cause risks when certain individuals are involved.If it exists, when is it?

From a good point of view, Liu Chan-e's story may be as simple as Morrison wanted to say: a Hong Kong woman has overcome many obstacles and finally walked to her current position.

Work hard to gain something in the end.

In the political turmoil that Liu Chang'e is caught in, she may be a victim of growing concerns about China's influence and interference in Australia.

However, the questions raised to Liao Chang'e are reasonable and important.

These questions revolve around two questions: first, her past contacts with associations that have direct or indirect relationships with the Chinese Communist Party (these contacts are always related); second, she was able to raise a lot of funds for the Liberal Party.

Although it has not been formally confirmed, it is well known that the security department expressed concern about some of the guests she invited in the fundraising event.

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Scott Morrison says questions about Gladys Liu have "grubby undertones"

Scott Morrison criticized the Labor Party for questioning Liu Chang'e


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Scott Morrison criticized the Labor Party for questioning Liu Chang'e (
ABC News

A terrible interview

作为前维州州长特德·百鲁(Ted Baillieu)手下的一员,廖婵娥(负责与中文媒体打交道)凭借其筹款能力备受赏识。

In fact, when Denis Napthine, the governor after Bailu, visited China, Chang'e Liao's name was not on the list of follow-up personnel.Bai Lu came forward to speak for her, and Liao Chang'e's name was added.At that time, it was said that she wanted to save face in the local Chinese community in Australia.

"Obviously, Chan-e Liao is very good at interpersonal relations. Those who express concern will ask: Is she intentional or unintentional when she gets help from the Chinese authorities to improve the establishment of this network?"

Before the anti-foreign interference law legislation in 2018, China expert John Garnaut was an adviser to then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. He outlined the methods China used to exert influence.In the evidence he provided to a committee of the US Congress last year, he wrote: "His usual tactics are to provide special treatment, establish personal relationships, and reward those who achieve their goals."

即将离任的澳大利亚安全情报组织ASIO负责人邓肯·(Duncan Lewis)上周在悉尼论坛(Sydney Institute)讲话时,对这种广泛存在的危险提出警告。

"Currently, the scale and scope of foreign intelligence activities aimed at Australian interests are unprecedented," he said. (By the way, Charlie Liao will speak at the Sydney Forum later this month.)

Earlier this Tuesday (September 9), the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported on the connection between Liu Chang'e and China's United Front Organization.On the same day, Sky News' Andrew Bolt interviewed Liao Chang'e. Liao's performance in the interview was terrible, adding fuel to the fierce controversy surrounding her this week.

When Bolt asked about her past associations with those institutions, Liao Chang'e said she didn't remember, and when asked about her views on China's policies and regime, she was incoherent.

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Gladys Liu grilled by Andrew Bolt about South Chine Sea, Xi Jinping

During the interview, the host asked Chang'e Liao several times about the South China Sea and Xi Jinping.


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During the interview, the host asked Chang'e Liao several times about the South China Sea and Xi Jinping. (
ABC News

The next day, the Prime Minister’s Office made sure that she included which organizations she was previously associated with and her current thoughts in a short statement.Liu Chang'e issued this statement instead of reading it out in Congress (the Prime Minister later submitted the statement to Congress on Thursday).However, the Sky News interview was like a dam bursting its bank. Criticism from the Labor Party and other critics gushed from this gap.

The government was forced to do everything in its power to defend it, saying it was just a "clumsy" interview.This is understandable given that she has just joined the Congress.The Labour Party besieged and intercepted her, both "exclusive" and "destructive".

Both of these arguments for her justification are untenable.

Playing the race card is a bad move

The problem for Chang'e Liao was her connection with the Chinese United Front Organization, not the bad interview.

The government played the race card to defend her. This strategy was both wrong and stupid.

Concerns about China's interference in Australian politics are related to the behavior of this expansionary power, not based on race.

This is like the United States is worried about Russia's interference in its own politics.

Strategically speaking, did the government fail to realize that one of the Labour Party members was Huang Yingxian, the leader of the Labour Party’s Senate, to criticize Liu Chan-e’s problem?And Huang Yingxian's father is a Chinese Malaysian.If the attack against Liao Chan'e is due to her race, then Huang Yingxian shouldn't be at the forefront.

Although the Liao Chan-e incident reminds people of the former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari, who resigned from parliament because of the scandal caused by his relationship with China, the two cannot be compared.

Dastyari received the money for the reimbursement, expressed opinions on China's activities in the South China Sea that were not in line with Labor Party policies, and revealed to the Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo that Huang's mobile phone may be tapped by security agencies.

In short, Dastyari undoubtedly violated the principle.For Liao Chang'e, the question is how she answers people's questions.

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Ms Lui denies having been a member and suggested her name may have been added without her knowledge

Liao Chang'e said that her name may have been added to the list published on the Chinese government website without her knowledge.


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Liao Chang'e said that her name may have been added to the list published on the Chinese government website without her knowledge. (
ABC News

Question to answer

A new question is, as the ABC reported on Thursday, why she did not list the names of important Chinese associations that she has joined in accordance with the rules for reviewing her nomination form.The pre-selection nomination form requires candidates to list "which organization you are a member of, or have you been a member of".

When Liu Chan-e was selected for the Chisholm constituency, the Liberal Party judged that it would perform well in the constituency with high Chinese turnout.The Labor Party also launched a candidate with a Chinese background (born in Taiwan).For the Liberal Party, the Chisholm constituency is particularly weak.Liu's predecessor, Julia Banks (Julia Banks), left the government to become a neutral MP after Malcolm Turnbull stepped down.

Candidates with a large network of people can bring political benefits, but as the Liberals have discovered, such people can bring bad relationships.

Political parties need to conduct stricter scrutiny of candidates, and the case of Liu Chang'e is the latest example.This has been obvious since the citizenship clause in the Constitution turned the last Congress upside down.

Before the general election, such scrutiny was intensified.Some candidates lost their qualifications because they had previously published unacceptable posts on social media.

As far as we know, Liu Chan-e's position in Congress is quite safe.The Liberal Party elected her, and Morrison will support her.

Even if China had hoped to use Congressman Liu Chan-e as an agent of its external influence, any hope of this kind would be dashed under the attention of the public today.

Michelle Grattan is a professor-level researcher at the University of Canberra and the chief political reporter of The Conversation. This article was first published in Conversation.

Note: In a statement issued by Liao Chang'e on Wednesday, she said: "I have withdrawn from many organizations and are reviewing any organization that may add me as a member without my knowledge or my consent."

"I am a proud Australian and dedicated to serving the people of Chisholm. Any speculation that is contrary to this is a deep offense [to me]."

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