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Chinese embassies and consulates in many countries have asked travelers to China to provide double-negative test results within 48 hours before boarding the plane, which has made many Chinese Australians panic.

People wearing protective masks push luggage trolleys through an airport.

The double negative certificate valid within 48 hours and the difficulty of obtaining a ticket make the trip to China even more difficult.

AAP: Joel Carrett

Recently, the website of the Chinese Embassy in Australia issued a notice that starting from November 11th, only local departing passengers who tested double negative for the new crown within 8 hours will be allowed to travel to China.Previously, this policy implemented by the Chinese embassies and consulates in the United States, Britain, New Zealand and other countries has aroused strong reactions from the public.

According to the notification requirements, passengers travelling to China on direct flights from Australia must complete nucleic acid and serum-specific IgM antibodies (hereinafter referred to as serum IgM antibodies) sampling within two days before boarding, and obtain proof that both test results are negative , Can apply to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in Australia for a green health code or health statement with the “HS” logo.

According to the regulations of the Chinese Embassy in Australia, Chinese citizens should immediately pass the International Mini Program of Epidemic Prevention Health Code after obtaining the double-negative test, declare their personal situation, take photos and upload relevant certification documents, and obtain green health with the “HS” logo issued by the embassy code.

Non-Chinese citizens need to scan and upload documents such as the passport data page and the double-negative test certificate to obtain a scanned copy of the health statement approved by the embassy.

The Chinese Consulate General in Sydney stipulates that foreign citizens can declare their personal information through designated platforms and upload double negative certificates.After the relevant embassies and consulates pass the review, the applicant can obtain a green HDC code marked with an expiration date.In the near future, the agency will announce the specific application methods for HDC codes.

Passengers departing from Australia but arriving in China after transiting through a third country must undergo another nucleic acid and serum IgM antibody test in the transit country, and then apply for a green health code or health status statement from the Chinese embassy or consulate in the transit country.

Undoubtedly, passengers who will take a connecting flight from Australia to China in the near future will be most affected.

On October 10, the Chinese Consulate General in Auckland issued a notice stating that from 31:11 on November 7th, passengers transiting through New Zealand must also have a green health code/health statement and double-negative test results. All airport transit areas in New Zealand do not have the testing conditions. It is recommended that you choose to transit from New Zealand to China carefully."

Many Australian Chinese travelers who had booked tickets earlier and were going to transit in New Zealand according to the itinerary made the first reaction after hearing the news-refund.

Travel agency owner: 1/3 of the guests have requested a refund

In the past two days, Wanda Wang, the owner of a travel agency in Sydney, has been busy processing refund requests from customers.

She told ABC Chinese that China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines recently launched cheap air tickets from Sydney to several major cities in China via Auckland, which cost more than 2000 Australian dollars apiece, and there is no need to spend the night in New Zealand.So many people, especially the elderly, book this ticket.

However, the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand issued a notice on its official account last weekend that it plans to implement stricter regulations like the Chinese embassies in Italy, the United Kingdom and other countries. Only those who are double-negative for serum antibodies and accounting tests can board flights to China. Flight.

Wanda said that this policy has caused many customers to request refunds.

"Since Saturday, customers have been asking'how do I get my ticket?', and about one-third of the customers who have ordered a connecting flight in New Zealand have requested a refund," she said.

She believes that this is a panic refund, because everyone is afraid that they will not be able to meet the testing requirements before they plan to refund.

A large jet takes off from an airport surrounded by smaller planes
Wanda Wang revealed that 1/3 of the customers who booked China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines air tickets were worried about not being able to board the plane on time and requested a refund.
(Supplied: Flickr/@byeangel)

"The validity period of the nucleic acid test results required by the [Chinese Embassy and Consulate] has been shortened to 48 hours, and an additional serum test has to be added. But now the guests don’t know whether they can find a serum test agency, nor do they know whether Did you get the test results within the prescribed time. No one has yet to do the test."

At present, what Wanda can do is to reassure customers and make them wait for the airline's specific policies before making a decision.Because the travel agencies have not yet received the airline's notice of agreeing to a full refund due to policy reasons, the refund will now result in greater losses for the guests.

Now, passengers who have booked tickets and are ready to fly on Eastern Airlines or China Southern Airlines flights in the past two days don’t have to worry too much, because the policy of double-negative test results for transit through New Zealand will not take effect until 11:7 on November XNUMX.

Wanda Wang revealed that she discovered yesterday morning that the two major airlines, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines, no longer sell direct flights from Australia to China from November to December, and all seats are closed.She speculated that perhaps the airline was waiting for the notice from the Chinese embassy in Australia.

Where can I do nucleic acid and serum antibody tests approved by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate?

The website of the Chinese Embassy in Australia did not give the name of the accredited testing agency in its notice.However, the Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne stated that it accepts nucleic acid test reports issued by testing agencies approved by the Victorian and Tasmanian Ministry of Health.As for serum IgM antibody testing, the agency recognizes the test report issued by a qualified testing agency recognized by the local government.

According to the Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne, if people plan to be tested in Victoria and Tasmania, they can seek serum antibody testing services through the following three channels:

  • Consult your local general practitioner (GP) to see if you can be referred to a qualified pathology testing institution for serum IgM antibody testing.In Victoria and Tasmania, Dorevitch Pathology, 4Cyte Pathology, Melbourne Pathology, Australian Clinical Labs, TML Pathology, Hobart Pathology and Launceston Pathology are all regular institutions that can perform serum antibody testing
  • If you are not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you can directly consult agencies that can provide testing services for international travelers, such as Healius or 4Cyte Pathology
  • Consult whether the local regular hospital can carry out relevant tests

The Chinese Consulate General in Sydney did not designate a testing agency, but said it would publish the relevant information it learned on the agency’s website and WeChat public account as soon as possible.

Is it really necessary to do a serum specific Igm antibody test?

The core of the policy of boarding on the basis of double-negative test results is short time and requires serum-specific IgM antibody testing.

Many people have been tested for the new coronavirus with a swab inserted into the nasopharynx.This is the standard new coronavirus test, also known as polymerase chain reaction test.The serum IgM antibody test is different, because this test is not to find out whether there is a virus in your body, but to test whether your body is producing antibodies against the virus.In addition, for serum IgM antibody testing, finger blood must be collected to test whether the blood contains antibodies against the new coronavirus.

A woman's sticks out from a car window, the middle finger with a patch of blood is extended towards a gloved hand.
IgM testing collects finger blood for testing to find out whether the subject has recently contracted new coronary disease.
(AP: Seth Wenig)

According to the introduction of the Lab Tests Online of the Australian Pathology Testing Organization (Lab Tests Online), a positive serum IgM antibody indicates that you are currently or recently infected with the new coronary disease, so the body will produce IgM antibodies.If you have suffered from the new coronary disease earlier but have recovered, serum IgG antibodies can be detected in your blood.

In Australia, throat swab testing has become more common, and many testing sites provide this service.However, it is not easy to detect whether the blood contains serum IgM antibodies that indicate recent or current infection with the new coronavirus.Currently, kits for serum IgM antibody detection are available on the Internet.However, according to the Australian Medical Goods Administration (The Therapeutic Goods Administration, TGA) regulations, you cannot buy it yourself and test it yourself. Only professional health personnel can perform this test in an environment that meets the professional requirements.

Since no one needs a serum IgM antibody test before, we don’t know how long it actually takes to get the test results.

Studies have shown that even if the serum IgM antibody test is negative, it cannot fully prove that the person has not contracted the new coronavirus.

Usually, someone has a 5-10 day window from infection with the new coronavirus to the production of IgM antibodies.During this time, even if the serum IgM antibody test is negative, you may still be a carrier of the virus and may transmit the virus to others.

Chris Moy, chairman of the South Australian president of the Australian Medical Association, believes that a negative test does not mean that there was no virus at the time.This is the problem that people are most worried about now, because doing so gives us a wrong guarantee.

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