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I recently saw a Russian TV news about a fire in an oil producing area.The method used by the Russian authorities to fight the fire is to have the army use cannons to hit the fire scene to put out the fire.I was surprised to use cannons instead of water for fire fighting.

It reminds me of the current situation in Hong Kong. In the past year, the Hong Kong government has been using soft methods to fight violence.There has been no way to subdue the black storm.Until the first brother Deng Bingqiang played.Correctly start to solve the black storm, the police morale and follow up.

Afterwards, Guo Rongkeng presided over the election of the chairman of the internal council of the Legislative Council. More than a dozen meetings were held. In addition to two or three establishment members speaking out, the election of the chairman of the internal committee delayed Guo Rongkeng for more than six months.It wasn't until China and the Hong Kong Federation made their speeches that the establishment members began to take action.In twos or twos, the chairman was elected.The National Anthem Law was passed.

After that, China will make a move to establish a national security law in Hong Kong.The opposition tried every means to oppose it, and even some petty traitors demanded that the U.S. troops land in Hong Kong.However, the response from the community was surprisingly positive, and many individuals and groups reported support.Even the two major foreign banknote printing banks also declared their support.

The cannon fired three nights in a row, and many troublemakers began to turn around.

Before June, there were demonstrations and demonstrations, and the demonstrators were exposed to the air, and the police retreated after a slight movement.Just because the former Lu Yige waited to close the furnace and went to the United States to sigh.Every time I watch TV news and see the grievances of those policemen, it hurts me.However, since the police's brother Deng Bingqiang came on the court, the Hong Kong police had a completely new look and their morale was high.Take the initiative in the demonstration and even use plain clothes to mix with the mob to arrest people.This has greatly reduced the violence of recent demonstrations.

Staying with the Legislative Council for the past six months, sitting and collecting government money to watch Guo Rongkeng play.Those members of the Legislative Council, just like government officials, do thirty-six and thirty-six if they don’t.Sit down and get the money.Until China, the Hong Kong Federation spokes.The members of the Legislative Council suddenly woke up from their dreams.All of a sudden began to do it.

In this environment, China finally took the initiative to establish a national security law.This is a law that protects the country in many countries in the world.But when China shot.Britain and the United States immediately exported.Especially the United States.Because of the epidemic situation, I have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.The most important thing is to have Hong Kong people who look like Huang Zhifeng.Actually asked the U.S. military to land in Hong Kong.That's really hard to ask for. I have seen a cartoon with two panels. One panel is that Americans want American troops to exit his streets, and the other panel is that Hong Kong people demand that American troops land in Hong Kong.

People with a little bit of common sense, except mad people, will ask this American madman to be rescued to see how the Trump administration responds to the epidemic. He is not trying to reduce the epidemic, but just trying to shirk the responsibility for the epidemic.There is a cartoon saying that in the Trump office building, there is a roulette wheel with five grids on it, and within the five grids, 1 China conceals the epidemic, 2 WHO, 3 U.S. Democrats, 4 U.S. media, and 5 former President Barack Obama.Trump turned the roulette wheel before recording the move, and the arrow stopped in that grid. If it stopped on the WHO grid, the WHO would be thrown away at the press conference that day.

If those five grids are not convincing enough, make another five more specific ones. 1 China concealed the epidemic, 2 WHO concealed the epidemic, 3 media spreading rumors, 4 state governments were not doing well, 5 US GDC was not doing well.In short, the responsibility is completely shrugged off, and such a president will only shirk his shoulders.And our anti-government Hong Kong people actually wanted him to send troops. Of course, he couldn't ask for it, because the United States has tried every means to suppress China along the way.First of all, the simplest is to use tariffs, 1 finance, 2 science and technology, 3 use Chinese traitors, and 4, of course, use China to conceal the epidemic, except for the above methods.The United States united five British English-speaking countries, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, and joined the five countries against China.

In addition to the above, the United States also uses China's neighboring countries to contain China. Of course, Taiwan is the most effective, followed by Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam and India in the south.In short, encircle China.But China still has Hong Kong as a breakthrough point.Therefore, I have always used covertly to support all those who can oppose the government in Hong Kong, including legislators, educators, media, government officials, and students, and contribute money to those who can use it.

As for Hong Kong itself, up to now, whether it is the Hong Kong government or the demonstrators, they have emphasized the rule of law. The rule of law by the demonstrators is obvious to all. However, when we look at the Hong Kong government and the rule of law management, we have not done our best at all. There are actually a lot of them. The brave demonstrator was arrested after beating and setting fire, and was found not guilty.I can’t understand, but there was a Nepalese who was fined for crossing the road. The government could actually sue the lady for two years. He was ultimately defeated and wasted public money, but he was treated lightly to those who violated the law. Convicted.

Now that China wants to establish a national security law, the United States will immediately impose sanctions, one of which is not to grant visas to officials who help Hong Kong.This is really undesirable. Just like our former chief of police, in order to go to the United States after retirement, in the riot environment at that time, the police could not be allowed to do things because they were waiting to live in the United States.If the United States is using it to sanction Hong Kong officials.That made Hong Kong officials die and go to the United States.That is the signing.In the U.S. demonstration, I don’t know whether the Americans raised their five fingers when they saw the thugs in Hong Kong. Therefore, the U.S. demonstrators also followed suit and raised their hands during demonstrations.The president of the United States relies on five fingers to do things.So the above actions are almost related to the five.

There are many similarities between the Hong Kong government and the US government. The first two governments are unwilling to admit their mistakes. The second is that people below the heads of the two lands have no idea what they are doing.The United States has the Vice President and the Secretary of State, and Hong Kong has the Department of Administration and the Department of Justice.The underlings of the two politicians are like one.Stand on both sides to make scenery boards.The United States has nothing to do with me, so I have nothing to say.But Hong Kong is the place where I was born and raised. I hope that the Hong Kong government can take advantage of the opportunity of China to establish a national security law.Stand up again and do something for Hong Kong.

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