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Many immigrants from Hong Kong in Australia, although in Australia, still feel that many things are closely related to them, especially in the face of the recent Hong Kong version of the National Security Law.The Australian News Corporation has repeatedly reported that Australia has been heavily infiltrated by a powerful country, and it has been deeply affected from Australian politics to business.Earlier, the foreign ministers of Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada jointly issued a joint statement on May 5, focusing on the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law.The three foreign ministers later, together with the US Secretary of State, issued a second joint statement on May 23.

A group of Australian citizens, permanent residents, and holders of Australian entry visas from all walks of life in Australia, who come from Hong Kong background, have merged into the Australian-Hong Kong Alliance of All walks of life. Regarding the Hong Kong version of the National Security Act, they raised eight major concerns to the Australian Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Members of Parliament. Urged the Australian government to take relevant practical actions.This matter was immediately supported by other supporters who care about Hong Kong's democracy.

One country, two systems development road

Hong Kong was handed over from the British government to the government of the People’s Republic of China in 1997. It was not handed over to the Qing government that signed a treaty to cede Hong Kong but no longer exists, nor is it handed over to the government of the Republic of China that has inherited the Qing government and still exists today. Although the Government of the Republic of China still has three treaties concerning the "Nanjing Treaty", the "Beijing Treaty", and the "Special Articles on Extending the Hong Kong Boundary Site" signed between the Qing Dynasty and the United Kingdom concerning Hong Kong.

When Beijing and the United Kingdom signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration in 1984, it stated that "except for foreign affairs and defense affairs that are under the management of the Central People's Government, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region enjoys a high degree of autonomy." This is the emergence of the so-called "one country, two systems", and Beijing The authorities consider this to be an innovation and often take pride in promoting it.

Why is "One Country, Two Systems" a "new thing"?Australia is "one country, one system," the United States is "one country, one system," and the Qing country is also "one country, one system." The Republic of China that inherits the country is also "one country, one system."However, from 1921 to 1949, Mao Zedong and others were dissatisfied with the "one country, one system" and accepted the help of the foreign power "Communist International" and the Soviet Union to instigate and organize the red color revolution and violent revolution, engage in division and subversion to overthrow the Chinese government. This has caused China to split into the two sides of the strait, and in fact caused the "one country, two systems" on both sides of the strait.

Never change for fifty years

Why do Australians, Americans, and British all accept the "one country, one system" of their own country?Do not propose "one country, two systems"?Why don't these citizens ask their own government to implement "one country, two systems"?Why did China and Britain only propose to implement "one country, two systems" in Hong Kong in the XNUMXs?


Zhao Ziyang, then General Secretary of the Central Committee, asked Hong Kong people what they were afraid of?Zhao Ziyang himself has become a living and typical case, and even the General Secretary of the Central Committee "cannot protect himself" in the end!Zhao Ziyang was placed under house arrest by Deng Xiaoping in 1989 because he sympathized with the students on Tiananmen Square and lost his freedom.

However, when Deng Xiaoping met with Hong Kong’s wealthy businessman Li Ka-shing in January 1990, when he talked about Hong Kong’s "One Country, Two Systems", he still said: "It will not change, it cannot be changed, not in the short-term, but in the long-term... There is no reason to change after fifty years..."

Regress into one country, one system

In fact, before the violent suppression of the patriotic democracy movement in Beijing in 1989, millions of people in Hong Kong took to the streets to support Beijing students, showing that Hong Kong people are very patriotic.There was a Hong Kong person who really had a dream that after Hong Kong became a member of China in 1997, he would become a Chinese and become the master of his country, and he could truly "stand up"!


These "regressions" in Hong Kong in recent years have been pushed from "one country, two systems" to "one country, one system" like mainland China.Beijing's introduction of the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law is more like taking over Hong Kong directly.Therefore, people from all walks of life in Australia and Hong Kong stepped up and urged the Australian government to pay attention to developments.The Australian and Hong Kong Alliance of all walks of life began with XNUMX people signing the letter, and within two days it has received XNUMX signatures.

Raise eight major concerns

The Australia-Hong Kong Alliance of All walks of life wrote to the Australian government and raised eight major concerns.

First, it is concerned about Beijing’s introduction of the so-called Hong Kong version of the National Security Law, which violates the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration and undermines Hong Kong’s human rights, freedom and "one country, two systems."Beijing Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang said at a press conference on June 2017, 6: "As a historical document, the "Sino-British Joint Statement" no longer has any practical significance, nor does it have any practical significance for the Chinese Central Government’s management of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Any binding force." It is obvious that Hong Kong has essentially moved towards "one country, one system."

Second, it is recommended that the Australian Parliament set up a special committee to review and evaluate (XNUMX) between Australia and Hong Kong (XNUMX) whether the official documents signed between Australia and mainland China are still valid together with relevant departments?If China violates its commitment, it will seriously affect Australia and Australian nationals.

Third, the Beijing authorities want to establish a national security agency in Hong Kong, which will affect not only Hong Kong citizens, but also Australian nationals in Hong Kong or Australian nationals who travel to Hong Kong.It is recommended that the Australian government formulate a contingency plan and take preventive measures.

Fourth, it is recommended that the Australian government increase the immigration quota for Hong Kong.

Fifth, it is recommended that the Australian government increase the quota for overseas students in Hong Kong.

Sixth, since June 2019, thousands of Hong Kong people, including 6-year-old children, have been subjected to specious reasons for political prosecution for participating in the Hong Kong democracy movement, including peaceful demonstrations and assemblies.Those detained by the Hong Kong police face violence and inhumane treatment.It is recommended that the Australian government give humanitarian considerations to these suppressed persons and grant Australian residency rights.For those who participate in and support the Hong Kong democracy movement in Australia, we also ask the Australian government to protect the safety and freedom of these people.

Seventh, it is recommended that Australia establish a human rights accountability law similar to that of the United States to impose targeted sanctions on human rights violators and dictatorship agents.

Eighth, it is recommended that the Australian government, together with the United States and other Western democracies, take further concrete actions against regimes, institutions, and officials that restrict human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of communication, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and freedom of demonstration.

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