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According to a report on the Domain News website, according to the latest "Domain House Price Report", although property sales in many areas have stalled due to the virus lockdown, the median house price in Mitcham in the east of Melbourne, Chadstone and Aspendale in the southeast The number still rose to 100 million Australian dollars.


Real estate agency Ray White Victoria CEO Stephen Dullens said that as Victorian families seek larger living spaces, real estate transactions are still going on even during the worst of the lockdown.Although Melbourne was banned for 8 weeks in August and September from house inspections and public auctions, property sales are still ongoing.

The Chadstone district is known as the fashion capital because of its famous shopping mall. House prices in Chadstone rose from A$6 in the June quarter to A$99.5 million in the September quarter.

In Mitcham, the median house price jumped from A$6 in the June quarter to A$98.1 million in the September quarter as families and first-time home buyers wanted to enter the area.

Real estate agency Noel Jones Mitcham director and auctioneer Michael Muncey (Michael Muncey) said that although the number of houses for sale in the entire east has decreased at the height of the virus epidemic, they are still being snapped up by buyers.He said that the Mitcham district is close to good schools and public transportation, which is attractive to families who want to buy a house.

The Aspendale area by the sea also joined the million-dollar real estate club. The median house price rose from A$6 in the June quarter to A$98.9 million in the September quarter.

Katrina O'Brien of Hodges Real Estate Mentone, a real estate agency, said that the lifestyle during the lockdown period has attracted people to the area. First-time home buyers and families are now flooding the area due to the relaxation of house viewing restrictions.

O'Brien said the area is more affordable than the nearby Parkdale area, which has a median house price of $117.375, and Aspendale also has many shops, cafes and restaurants that families like.
She said that the area is very close to the beach, within walking distance, and there are reputable schools nearby, which is very attractive.

Melbourne's 200 million real estate urban area:

Ward name Median house price Annual increase
Canterbury 270 million 10.40%
Brighton 265 million 15.20%
Malvern 251 million 13.00%
Portsea 250 million 9.20%
Hawthorn 232 million 36.50%
Kew 228.5 million 16.00%
Balwyn 226 million 3.70%
Armadale 222.5 million 10.00%
Caulfield North 220 million 22.20%
Hawthorn East 205 million 13.90%
Camberwell 201 million 8.10%

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