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Australia’s skilled immigrant occupation list has more than 400 occupations, and each occupation has a specialized agency for occupational assessment.

Although career assessment is not an entry requirement for an individual to enter a certain industry, it must be one of the prerequisites for immigration.Applications including 189/190/491 and 485 visa (GW branch) are required to get a positive career assessment.



Common assessment agencies

Applicants who need to do a career assessment must go through the following steps:

  • Determine the evaluation agency based on the nominated occupation

  • View the corresponding assessment requirements

  • Prepare the corresponding materials

  • Submit application

  • The results

Applicants can view the assessment agencies of their occupations from the official occupation list (MLTSSL, STSOL and ROL).

Different organizations have different requirements, and most organizations can evaluate multiple occupations.Let's look at a few common assessment agencies.


Accounting and Auditing

The assessment of accounting and auditing professions is mostly done by CAANZ, CPA, and IPA, but Internal Auditor is assessed by VETASSESS.


CAANZ, CPA, and IPA have the same vocational assessment requirements. They all have a bachelor’s degree or above, complete the required core courses, and reach 4 7s in English.

The core courses of different professions are also different, so when choosing courses, you can choose the courses required for career assessment in a targeted manner. If you can't cover all the core knowledge required for career assessment, you have the opportunity to obtain it through supplementary lessons before the assessment.



For computer occupations among the eight popular occupations, their career assessments are all completed by ACS.


ACS assessment does not need to provide English scores, only academic materials and work related materials.

Different educational levels, whether the job is related to the nominated occupation, will affect the requirements for working life.

Students who study in Australia and have obtained relevant academic qualifications can exempt the work experience requirement by studying PY courses.

And if you read PY, EOI has an extra 5 points.

In addition, by the way, ACS is now a nominating body for multiple GTI fields.



The evaluation of engineering occupations is mostly done by EA.


EA has 5 technical assessment methods. The more common ones are the first and the last, namely the Australian EA certification (direct certification), and the overseas non-certified courses + CDR.


EA recognizes three engineering occupation categories: professional engineer, engineering technician, and assistant engineer.

The English requirement is relatively low, as long as it reaches the competent level.Those who have completed an engineering undergraduate, or a 2-year master course, or a PHD course in Australia, as well as passport holders of certain English-speaking countries, can be exempted from the English requirement.



AITSL(Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership)对教师类职业进行评估,包括幼儿(学前)教师、小学教师、初高中教师、特殊需要教师、听障教师、视障教师、特殊教育教师。


Applicants need to provide academic documents and English results (exempt if they have completed 4 years of bachelor's degree or above in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom).

  • Education: At least 4 years of undergraduate study, including at least one year of teaching and at least 45 days of professional internship.

  • Language score: equivalent to IELTS 7788 (reading and writing 7.0 and above, listening and speaking 8.0 and above).



The assessment agency for nurses and midwives is ANMAC (Australian Nursing & Midwifery Accreditation Council Limited).



Early in his career, quantity surveyors are still a sunrise industry relatively speaking.


Social worker

The evaluation agency for social workers is AASW (Australian Association of Social Workers).

Completion of the certification course plus 4 IELTS 7s (exempt for completion of secondary school and at least three years of university in English-speaking countries) can make a full professional assessment.

But IELTS 4 7s can be put together from two exams!The patchwork requirements are:

  • 6 IELTS scores within 2 months,

  • Each transcript should have a total score of at least 7 points and no less than 6.5 points for each item.

  • After putting it together, each item can reach 7 points.


Work experience deduction

In the Australian Skilled Immigration Scoreboard, both domestic and overseas related work experience will have the opportunity to get extra points. The specific number of points that can be added depends on the working years.

In addition, some professional assessment agencies will also require certain work experience, which should be based on the applicant's background.

However, sometimes the work experience used for the assessment can no longer be calculated into the EOI score, because some career assessments will deduct a certain amount of work experience, which is commonly known as the reduction of years.

For example, VETASSESS will give a skill "deeming date" (deeming date) based on the applicant's academic qualifications and work experience during the assessment.Work experience before this date is only used to meet the requirements of career assessment, and technical work after this date can be scored in EOI.

The unfavorable consequence of this is that the applicant's bonus points for work experience may be reduced or even not!

后来移民局修改了相关规定,如果因为职业评估导致工作减年,进而导致EOI分数减少,那么此时签证官可以参照ANZSCO的要求(有的职业仅要求学历满足即可,有的要求学历加工作),以有利于申请人的结果 – 多拿分数来处理。

This is good news for applicants.

But then again, this is only a regulation in the PAM of the Immigration Bureau, and the visa officer will refer to it, but it does not guarantee that all applicants can get back the deducted work experience for extra points.

Furthermore, the practices of each state may vary.Because the state government is not as professional as the Immigration Bureau, and they only approve state guarantees and do not process visas. The state government basically refers to the opinions of professional assessment agencies.




Work experience bonus

In addition to being used for career assessment, work experience can also add points to the EOI score.

So what kind of work experience can add points?


basic requirements

The work experience used to add points should be closely related to the nominated occupation.



Time calculation

Only work experience after completing the minimum relevant academic qualifications required for the nominated occupation can be calculated. Work experience gained during the study period is not counted.




PY internship

Although PY is carried out after graduation, it is also working for the applicant, but a separate PY internship is not counted as a bonus for work experience, because the Immigration Bureau considers it only an internship and not a skilled employment.

However, at the same time as the PY internship, the applicant also did other paid technical work that has nothing to do with PY, so this part of the work may be used to calculate the score.




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