Australia-A female doctor of African descent who contracted the new crown went to see a doctor, but was rejected by a white doctor and drove her away. She died two weeks later... (Photos) | Australia Chinatown

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According to a comprehensive American media report on January 1, a sad news broke out in the United States recently: a black female doctor

According to a report from the US media on January 1, there was a sad news story in the United States recently: a black female doctor diagnosed with the new crown, went to see a doctor to relieve pain, but was disgusted by the white doctor, unfortunately two weeks later Died of illness.

It is reported that this patient was named Susan Moore (Susan Moore), a doctor. She was diagnosed with new crown and had neck pain. When she went to the hospital to prescribe painkillers, she was discriminated against by white doctors.

She subsequently filmed a video, saying that the white doctor's attitude was so careless, treating herself as if she were treating a drug addict, and refused to give her more painkillers, and sent her away in a few words.


It is reported that this video was recorded while lying in a hospital bed. Her voice was trembling and breathing was difficult, but she still insisted on recording it, telling her experience of being discriminated against.

The New York Times quoted her as saying in the video: "I was humiliated. He made me feel like a drug addict."

Dr. Moore went on to say that she herself was a licensed doctor, but even so, she couldn't get the respect of a white doctor. She felt very sad.


She said in the video: "If I were white, I would not suffer this humiliation."

"At the time I was panting, and I was not in good condition. He didn't want to know why my neck hurts, and he didn't want to give me painkillers. All I could do was cry. I said that I was very painful, but he was very disgusted. Say you can go home'."

"During the whole process, he didn't even listen to my heartbeat, observe my lungs, or touch me in any way. Obviously, he didn't want to do any physical examination on me. It is really difficult for me to describe how much it is. It's uncomfortable!" said Dr. Moore.

It is reported that two weeks after posting the video to Facebook, Dr. Moore died of complications from the new coronary pneumonia.

In this regard, the "New York Times" commented: "A large number of studies have shown that the treatment of black patients is often inferior to white patients, especially in terms of pain relief."


The study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association also showed that the mortality rate of new coronary pneumonia in black and Latino patients is also significantly higher than that in white patients.

According to a report by Agence France-Presse, in Chicago’s reported rate of contracting new coronary pneumonia, there are 925 per 389 blacks and only XNUMX whites.

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