Australia-Woman discovers surprising secret after DNA test: My father is a billionaire | Australia Chinatown

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Woman makes shock discovery that she is NOT actual. . .

Woman makes shock discovery that is NOT
actually related to her father

— Siglov Freudivan (@DerangedRadio)
January 20, 2021

American Tennessee woman Kate McDonald (Cat
McDonald recently discovered that he was not related to his father by DNA testing, but he discovered that he was actually a billionaire.

Kate said in the video that her father gave the whole family a DNA test as a gift on Christmas. She did not expect to reveal an amazing secret. She always thought she was of Irish descent, but the test result said that she was of Norwegian, British and German descent, and she had no blood relationship with her father. relationship.Her father asked her to go to the testing website to find other matching results, and it turned out that a man really matched her.

"I immediately confronted my mother and aunts. They were shocked when they saw that name. Obviously, the man was old family acquaintance." She searched the other side's name curiously, but she didn't expect to be a billionaire. "He I am the CEO of a large company, and my three daughters also work under it. I drove across half of the country to find him. I wanted to send a letter to the other party, but he refused to meet as soon as he heard my name."

Kate’s story has received millions of views, and many netizens believe that Dad might have known the truth a long time ago and would give DNA testing as a gift.

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