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Alibaba’s share price is 7% off and will be reclaimed as state-owned On December 2020, 12, Alibaba’s stock price rose by 30%.

Alibaba’s share price is 7% off and will be reclaimed as state-owned?

On December 2020, 12, Alibaba's stock price rose by 30%, and the stock price began to rebound rapidly. The amplitude of up and down exceeded 6% in three days. In just one month, Alibaba’s investigations, including antitrust investigations, lost US$3 billion in market value.The cause of the incident is that for Internet e-commerce platforms, businesses need to "choose one of two" when operating in China.

For example, when Double Eleven comes, brand merchants need to choose between and Taobao Tmall.Companies that sell on Tmall cannot sell on, this behavior has caused the majority of small and medium-sized sellers to suffer serious unfairness. The root factor is that there is not enough competition mechanism for e-commerce platform vendors.


The investigation revolved around allegations that companies forced merchants to sign mandatory exclusivity agreements, thus stifling competition.Similarly, in many traffic areas, companies are also faced with the choice between Ma Yun’s Ali empire and Ma Huateng’s Tencent empire.

Against the United States, Facebook and Amazon are also conducting antitrust investigations.Among them, Facebook is similar to Tencent and Amazon is similar to Alibaba.Therefore, the impact of antitrust investigations on Alibaba Group's share price should not exceed 10%.

Prior to this, the IPO of Ant Group, a subsidiary of Alibaba's financial technology, was postponed, which also caused investors to worry about the status quo of Ali and Jack Ma.Regarding Ant Financial, Jack Ma stated that his personal shareholding ratio does not exceed 8.8%. He also announced that he would donate 6.1 million shares of Ant for public welfare, which is equivalent to 2% of Ant’s total share capital after the issuance. He is also willing to let the government participate in shares.We do not discuss political factors.From an economic perspective alone, let’s discuss whether we can continue to buy Alibaba stock.



From a business perspective, Alibaba’s core businesses, including Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, Hema, Cainiao, and, have brought 80% of the group’s revenue. Alibaba Cloud and DingTalk and Gao The revenue growth of innovative businesses including Deutsche Map was very strong, up 58% and 90% year-on-year respectively.I think it is a high probability that Ant Financial will finally go public.The bad news has basically been exhausted.

On the other hand, Alibaba Group's financial situation is very healthy, with a debt ratio of only 11%.In the context of future market uncertainty caused by the epidemic, companies with abundant and stable cash flow will most likely perform better.


Bitcoin rebounded from a low of $3 in March to a new high of $4,607 in December, an increase of approximately 12 times.This rebound is different from 28,300. Bitcoin will be affected by the epidemic in 6. In more countries and regions, its popularity has surpassed the local legal currency.For many Middle East and some countries with high inflation, the price of Bitcoin on the black market has exceeded US$2017.

In order to support the troubled economies, large-scale money printing activities are underway around the world. There are only 2100 million Bitcoins, and they are constantly depleting.Rare is precious, new investors seek security measures to hedge against inflation. Bitcoin's encryption and security make it the first choice.


In view of the study in the investment market in the past 5-10 years, I found this rule is very valuable: when most of the people around me who don’t understand say good, that’s risk.When people around me who have never bought bitcoin say that bitcoin is a scam, it is an opportunity.As long as we circulate any product in the market, we are dealing with people, not just dealing with the product itself.

What exactly are investors investing in?It's time.We are investing in time.What we buy today is what we hope to rise in the future. Through the natural delay of time, it will bring us excess returns.And this opportunity will only bring to those who enter the venue early.That is, the person who runs ahead of time.

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