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The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian waited to offend people everywhere in the war wolf diplomacy, which actually failed.Picture: China News Serv. . .
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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian waited for the wolf diplomacy to offend people everywhere, but it actually failed.Picture: China News
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Chinese President Xi Jinping recently sent a letter to the former Starbucks president Shuz, asking him to slow down the relationship between the United States and China. "Modern Diplomacy"
Diplomacy published earlier an analysis by the Indian critic Rajesh Kumar Sinha, pointing out that this move meant the failure of China’s war wolf diplomacy.

Sinha pointed out that Xi Jinping had to rely on American entrepreneurs to win the understanding of the new US government, which means that China's recent aggressive war wolf diplomacy failed to achieve the expected results, and the Communist Party of China is now under greater pressure to soften both. The recent tension between.

Foreign policy and diplomacy are both about protecting and promoting the recognized national interests of a country.When achieving national goals, we must also strive to establish and maintain a good image in the international community.However, China's diplomatic system has run counter to this common sense since Xi Jinping came to power.From the most likely origin of the Wuhan pneumonia virus to reprimanding leaders, diplomats and media of other countries, China has been trying to establish a new diplomatic norm, a new normal, which prohibits any country from using political speech, media or other Way to criticize China.

China's wolf-of-war diplomacy has caused backlash from countries around the world.Pew Research Center
Research) A recent study shows that China is a big disappointment all over the world.In nine developed economies, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Sweden, and the Netherlands, the vast majority of residents have a negative attitude towards China.Australia (81%), the United Kingdom (74%), Sweden (85%), and the Netherlands (73%) have a very large increase in negative views of China, which also affects the political and commercial relations between China and these countries.

Hasing pointed out that China's actions to challenge the United States, the only superpower in the world, did not help itself in any way.On the contrary, the United States is supporting Taiwan more and more politically and militarily, which makes it difficult or almost impossible for China to even consider occupying Taiwan in the near future.India, which has been cautious about Taiwan until recently, has also begun to strengthen its political and commercial relations with the country.

Hasing said that India was also angered by China and changed its gentle attitude since the Nehru era.Now countries that have disputes with China in the South China Sea, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines, are negotiating with India and cooperating in military and other aspects to face China together.

As China’s war wolf diplomacy has angered all countries, the "Quadrilateral Security Dialogue" (Quadrilateral Security
Dialogue, The
Quad), it is likely to develop into a specific form. Vietnam, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries may also negotiate to join, which will be a nightmare for China.

Hasing concluded that all these developments, including Xi Jinping’s letter to Schutz, are showing that China’s belligerence is counterproductive.China needs to reorient its diplomatic and political behavior.If not, China should not want to become an emerging superpower in the new international order in the post-epidemic era.

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