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维州人指责新州等了太久才强制口罩来对抗悉尼北部海滩的冠状病毒疫情爆发。 新州政府在群发开始了两周多之后终于从周日开始强制人们在大悉尼地区某些室内场所戴。。。澳洲唐人街

Victorians accused NSW of waiting too long to force masks to combat the coronavirus outbreak on Sydney’s northern beaches.

The NSW government finally started to force people to wear masks in certain indoor places in the Greater Sydney area starting on Sunday after more than two weeks of mass posting.

The epidemic spread to Melbourne a few days after the first case was detected on the northern beaches. There are currently more than 10 positive cases in Victoria.

Victorian officials, nervous about the second wave of the outbreak in Melbourne, pleaded with the NSW Department of Health to implement a mandatory mask order at the beginning of the outbreak.

The Sun Herald reported that Professor Brett Sutton, Chief Health Officer of Victoria, called on Dr. Kerry Chant, Chief Health Officer of NSW, to follow the example of Melbourne and let residents wear masks.

However, NSW waited until Saturday to announce that residents of the Greater Sydney area must wear masks when in public indoor places, such as movie theaters or shopping malls.

It is reported that Victorian health officials are nervous about NSW's lazy attitude in handling the epidemic.

They are also worried that NSW does not require secondary contacts and close contacts of confirmed cases to be isolated. Victoria believes that this is the key to controlling the epidemic.

A person familiar with the situation told the Sun Herald that they are worried that if NSW does not have mandatory masks and implements secondary contact tracing, they will continue to pursue every case.

This means that NSW will see more and more mysterious cases.

Victoria recorded 3 local infections on Sunday, all of which were related to the mass outbreak of Black Rock in Melbourne. There are now 21 mass outbreaks.

Thirteen of the cases ate at the Smile Buffalo Thai restaurant on December 13. A person who had been to NSW had visited the restaurant. … r-masks/ar-BB1cqo2h

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