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首席医疗官Paul Kelly说,虽然辉瑞-BioNTech公司的COVID-19疫苗很可能将第一个在澳洲获得批准,但我们大多数人最终会接受牛津-阿斯利康的疫苗。。。。澳洲唐人街

Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said that although Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine is likely to be the first to be approved in Australia, most of us will eventually receive the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.
In a national update on the coronavirus situation, Professor Kelly said that Pfizer vaccines need to be produced overseas, which means that we will get a large supply of AstraZeneca vaccines.

He said: "We know that Pfizer vaccine will be the most experienced vaccine in the world, because it is the first vaccine to be authorized for emergency use in the United States, the United Kingdom and other places."

"But it is produced overseas. The supply of Pfizer vaccines is limited."

Pfizer vaccine also brings logistics challenges.The vaccine needs to be transported and stored at minus 70 degrees Celsius.

Professor Kelly said: "As for the AstraZeneca vaccine, it is now being produced in Melbourne and is very advanced, so we will get a large supply of AstraZeneca vaccine."

"This vaccine is what we will supply to most people this year."

Currently, Australia is expected to start promoting the coronavirus vaccine next month, nearly 6 weeks earlier than the government originally expected.

Australia has locked 1000 million doses of Pfizer vaccine and 5380 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine.

The first to be launched will be Pfizer’s vaccine, and the government hopes to get approval before the end of this month.

Professor Kelly said that the Therapeutic Drug Administration (TGA) test-takers already had the information needed to make a decision to approve AstraZeneca vaccine in February.

He said: "We have the third phase of the interim results announced in December... but what the regulator will get is richer data from AstraZeneca."

"Once we have the data, we can answer questions about the actual dose used."

Professor Kelly said that countries that have obtained the emergency use of AstraZeneca vaccine have chosen to inject the full-dose vaccine twice.

In November last year, AstraZeneca said that in a group of people who received two doses of the vaccine, the protection against the virus was 11%, and in the other group who received only half the dose initially, the vaccine's effectiveness reached 62%. .

However, there were only 2741 people in the second group, which was too small to provide conclusive results.

Because of this, Professor Kelly said. "People should be very cautious about the low effectiveness of the vaccine based on provisional data from a study."

"I think we should wait for the regulatory authorities to do a comprehensive job."

Confidence in AstraZeneca vaccine is the "most critical factor" for promotion

Before the expected vaccine plan is launched, the federal government has spent A$2400 million on public health information campaigns that will be launched this month.

Professor Kelly said he hopes this event will help Australia build confidence in AstraZeneca vaccine.

He said: "The key factor in vaccine promotion is confidence in a system, so we need to build confidence in this particular vaccine."

"Of course, everyone is very interested in this issue, and there are many discussions."

"Approvals and so on are going on very quickly, much faster than usual, because we are in that kind of danger and want to return to a normal life."

"But there is absolutely no shortcut. Before this vaccine is introduced to the community, every item that needs to be checked must be checked."

The chief medical officer said that the advertising campaign will also help Australians understand the actual situation in the queue and where to get vaccinated.

Priority will be given to those who are at higher risk of exposure to the virus, such as those working at the Australian border, those working in isolated hotels, as well as health professionals, cleaners and transport workers.

The other most important priority group is those who are more likely to be severely infected.

Professor Kelly said that information about vaccines will also be provided in multiple languages.

He added: "We will definitely tell people everything they need to know about vaccines in the coming weeks and months." … paul-kelly/13045960

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