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联邦政府一名重要的顾问说尽管有来自挪威的死亡报告,很可能澳洲会继续推进用辉瑞疫苗为老年人接种。 Allen Cheng 教授还预测在澳洲疫苗推出后会出现严重过敏。。。澳洲唐人街
                联邦政府一名重要的顾问说尽管有来自挪威的死亡报告,很可能澳洲会继续推进用辉瑞疫苗为老年人接种。<br />

Professor Allen Cheng also predicted the time for severe allergic reactions after the Australian vaccine was launched. He said that there have been rare allergic reactions overseas, often in people who are prone to allergies.


Professor Cheng is the co-chair of the Australian Immunization Technical Advisory Group, an expert group that advises Federal Minister of Health Hunter on key issues such as vaccine priority, distribution, safety and surveillance.

He is also Victoria's Deputy Chief Health Officer and was appointed during the second wave of the Victorian epidemic.

In an interview with The Times and Sydney Morning Herald on Monday, he said that although some problems can be foreseen, he believes that the introduction of a vaccine in Australia will protect the most vulnerable populations and allow the authorities to further relax restrictions.

Professor Cheng said: "Nothing is perfect."

"Some people will get infected after being vaccinated, but the vaccine reduces the risk of infection. It may not completely eliminate the virus, but it can reduce it."

Last week some people questioned the government's reliance on locally produced Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines instead of Pfizer vaccines for most people.

Early evidence shows that the Pfizer vaccine is more effective in preventing infection, but the AstraZeneca vaccine appears to completely prevent severe illness and death.

Later, because 30 elderly people died after being vaccinated in Norway, the Norwegian health authorities are not sure whether this is related to the side effects of the vaccine or whether these people died from existing diseases.

The federal government arranged to purchase enough Pfizer vaccines for 500 million people.The priority groups are border workers, frontline medical staff and residents of nursing homes.

On Monday, Professor Cheng said that the practice of using Pfizer vaccine to vaccinate residents in nursing homes cannot be changed, but they are studying how to transport vaccines that require ultra-low temperature refrigeration to nursing homes, and this also depends on the approval of the Drug Administration.

"Many situations of the two vaccines depend on the specific conditions of registration. If the vaccine can be approved to be provided to this specific group (residents of nursing homes), then the vaccine project will be designed around this approval."

A total of 685 nursing home residents in Australia died of Covid-19, most of which died in the second wave of the epidemic in Victoria.

It is expected that Australia will approve the Pfizer vaccine by the end of this month. Prior to this, the Australian Immunization Technical Advisory Group has completed clinical recommendations on the use of the vaccine.

Professor Cheng said the team has benefited from the experience of countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, which have vaccinated millions of people.

Allergic reactions in these countries are rare, which means that people with a history of severe allergies will be given more cautious advice, such as letting those who already carry pre-filled epinephrine pens get vaccinated in the hospital.

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