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Google threatened to end its search engine service in Australia, and Australian Prime Minister Morrison remained unmoved.

Google logo

Google threatened to withdraw from Australia.

Unsplash: Paweł Czerwiński

Google threatened to end its search engine service in Australia, and Australian Prime Minister Morrison remained unmoved.

Weather in Australian capital cities:

The weather in the capital cities of Australia on August 1: 

  • Sydney: showers 22-26 degrees
  • Melbourne: 15-24 degrees from cloudy to sunny
  • Canberra: showers 17-23 degrees
  • Brisbane: Showers 25-31 degrees
  • Perth: Partly cloudy 14-27 degrees
  • Adelaide: sunny 16-28 degrees
  • Hobart: Cloudy 12-17 degrees
  • Darwin: Showers 25-29 degrees

Google threatens to withdraw search engine services from Australia

For many Australians, Google is the Internet.

Last month, a new law bill in Australia was submitted to Congress. According to the bill, technology giants Google and Facebook will pay news organizations to obtain news services. The Minister of the Treasury of Australia described this as "the first in the world."

In response, Google threatened to end its search engine service in Australia.

Faced with Google’s statement, Morrison said that Australia sets its own rules of doing things and the Australian Parliament makes decisions.

Morrison said Australia welcomes people who are willing to abide by the Australian way of doing things, but will not respond to threats.

The emergence of this mandatory agreement can be attributed to the complaints and dissatisfaction of traditional media over the years.Traditional media believe that social media platforms benefit from the hard work of journalists without having to pay a penny for it.

Google Australia and New Zealand CEO Mel Silva (Mel Silva) said in the Australian Parliament hearing recently that unrestricted links between websites are the fundamental principle of search, and at the same time [Media Law Bill] will also cause irres Financial and operational risks.

Silva said that if this bill becomes a reality, then Google can only stop providing search engine services in Australia.

Silva said that this is the worst-case scenario. He does not want this to happen, but hopes to get a result that can be implemented by all parties.

According to a 2018 survey, Google’s search engine accounts for 90% of Australian desktop computer users’ searches and 98% of mobile users’ searches.

Belinda Barnet, a professor at Swinburne University of Technology, said she is not sure if Google is serious about this, but if they want to withdraw their search engines from Australia, it may indeed be possible.

Although this situation can only happen when this law is passed, people may need to start to find alternatives to Google. Some possible alternatives include Bing and DuckDuckGo.

Professor Barnett said that if this happens, it will have an impact on many Australian businesses. The Google Engine digital advertising market in Australia is worth about 43 billion Australian dollars each year.

Pfizer vaccine becomes the first new crown vaccine approved in Australia

Pfizer's new crown vaccine became the first vaccine approved for use in Australia.
Pfizer's new crown vaccine became the first vaccine approved for use in Australia.
(AP: Mike Morones)

The Australian Drug Administration (Therapeutic Goods Administration, TGA) officially approved the use of the new crown vaccine developed by Pfizer in Australia.

TGA stated that the vaccine has passed a rigorous and independent review process to meet its high standards for safety, efficacy and quality, making it the first new coronavirus vaccine licensed for use in Australia.

Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg (Josh Frydenberg) said that overseas Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine shortages are unlikely to affect Australia's vaccine promotion.

Australia has purchased XNUMX million doses of Pfizer vaccine and plans to market it after obtaining TGA approval later this month.

Previously, many European countries have already reflected the problem of insufficient vaccine supply.

The vast majority of Australians will receive the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine instead of the Pfizer vaccine.

>>>Click to read the details of Australia's new crown vaccination plan.

Australian researchers have recently made new discoveries as part of global trials of potential therapeutic drugs for the new crown.
Australian researchers have recently made new discoveries as part of global trials of potential therapeutic drugs for the new crown.
(Supplied: Nucleus Network)

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian (Gladys Berejiklian) reminded in an interview that vaccination will be a complicated and difficult process.

Berejiklian said that she still has confidence in her new crown management actions, but she also admitted that the vaccine has not yet been fully answered, and it is very important to admit this.

Berejiklian believes that vaccines will be one of the important parts of the epidemic control strategy, but it will not be the whole strategy.

Frontline health care workers in Australia plan to start being vaccinated in the middle of next month, but experts say that unless more than 60% to 70% of the country’s population are vaccinated, the effectiveness of any vaccine cannot be confirmed.

Last year today, Australia's first case of new crown infection occurred in a male who arrived in Melbourne by plane from Wuhan, China.

In this year, Melbourne experienced two lockdowns. In the second serious epidemic, more than 820 people were diagnosed and 2 people died.At present, the number of confirmed cases in Australia has exceeded 8, with 909 deaths.

As of yesterday, Australia has had no new local infections for seven consecutive days, and Victoria has had 18 days.

External Link: COVID-XNUMX confirmed and death data in various states and territories-continuous updates

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The first wave of heat wave sweeps across Australia in 2021, and there is another wildfire in Adelaide

Heat waves bring the risk of bushfires. On the evening of January 1, smoke rose from the Cherry Gardens fire in southeast Adelaide.
Heat waves bring the risk of bushfires. On the evening of January 1, smoke rose from the Cherry Gardens fire in southeast Adelaide.
(ABC News: Steve Opie)

Yesterday, high temperatures swept through a fire near Cherry Gardens in Adelaide, South Australia, burning more than 1200 hectares of land and approaching urban areas in the northeast. At the same time, police arrested a man who was escaping from the fire in Clarendon last night.

Police said they were investigating whether the Clarendon fire was related to other fires nearby.

On Sunday (January 1), the temperature in most parts of South Australia exceeded 24 degrees Celsius.

As of 5pm yesterday, the fire was still burning in Hicks Hill Road, Orchard Road, Lewis Street, Frith Road and other places and was moving towards Heathfield, Upper Sturt, Aldgate, Bridgewater, Longwood and Mylor.More than 200 firefighters were dispatched to participate in the fire fighting.

At present, the Mount Lofty mountain area is under fire emergency alert. Residents in Longwood, Mylor, Biggs Flat and other areas are told to leave under safe conditions or seek shelters.

Heat waves above 40 degrees have swept many states in southeastern Australia.
A heat wave approaching 40 degrees has swept across many states in southeastern Australia.
(ABC News: Jackson Peck)

At the same time, Victoria is facing great challenges brought about by high temperature weather in the next 24 hours. All regions except the southwest and Wimmera have sounded the "high temperature health alert".

The temperature in northern Victoria is about to exceed 40 degrees, and the temperature in Melbourne will also be close to 40 degrees. This is the highest temperature in Victoria after January 2020.

Emergency experts also reminded Victorians to pay attention to safety when moving on the water's edge.There have been seven drowning incidents in Victoria in the past ten days, including one person killed in Barwon Heads and Anglesea on Saturday.

In addition, Victoria has issued fire prohibition orders in Mallee, Wimmera, Northern Country, North East, East Gippsland and North Central, and no fire can be lighted outdoors until midnight today.

In the past 24 hours, there have been 10 fires related to camp fires in Victoria.

In NSW, most coastal areas will also be affected by high temperature and windy weather, and the heat wave will not be relieved until later tomorrow.

Today, Macquarie, Hunter, Sydney, Illawarra, Batemans and Eden Coasts all face strong wind warnings.

In some inland areas of NSW, including Hay, Narrandera, Deniliquin, etc., the temperature is also expected to exceed 40 degrees.

The Bureau of Meteorology reminded NSW people going to the sea to be safe. Recently, there have been multiple incidents involving people being caught in the sea by large waves, and 4 people have died.

In the port of Kembla on the southern coast of NSW, three people were caught in the sea from the reef and died while fishing without wearing a life jacket, one was rescued at the same location, and one died when they were caught in the sea in Coffs Bay.

Asian doctors return medals to protest for awarding Margaret Court

Video Player failed to load.

Woman holding medal

Clara Tuck Meng Soo, an Asian doctor in Canberra, explained why she returned her Australian Medal of Order.


Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume.

堪培拉的亚裔医生Clara Tuck Meng Soo解释了她为什么会退回自己获得的澳大利亚勋位勋章。 (
ABC News

The decision to award the Australian Day of the Order to the Australian tennis legend Margaret Court (Margaret Court) has caused great controversy. Recently, an Asian doctor in Canberra, Clara Tuck Meng Soo, returned her Australian Order of Order (OAM). ) In protest.

Dr. Soo said that she did not want to be considered that she supported the values ​​of the Australian Medal Committee, and they seemed to express their support for Court by awarding the medal to Court.

Ms. Court will be awarded the highest level of Australian Companion Medal (AC).Currently, she is the recipient of the Australian Official Order of Merit (AO).

In recent years, Ms. Court has been criticized for her views on LGBT niche communities.

Last Friday (January 1), Ms. Court once again emphasized that she would not change her point of view and said that freedom of speech to express her beliefs is very important.However, the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, said he did not support the award of Australia Day to Margaret Court.

In 2016, Dr. Soo was awarded the Australian Medal of Order (OAM) for medical assistance to LGBT niche groups, HIV-infected people, and drug addicts.

In 2018, Dr. Soo became one of the first family doctors in Australia to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

China sends more fighters to Taiwan’s air defense identification zone

Flying over Taiwan’s airspace included Chinese H-6K bombers with nuclear capabilities.
Flying over Taiwan’s airspace included Chinese H-6K bombers with nuclear capabilities.
(AP: Liu Rui/Xinhua)

Taiwan claimed that Chinese military aircraft violated its airspace for the second day in a row.

Last Saturday (January 1), eight Chinese bombers and four fighters entered the southwest corner of the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone, causing the Taiwan Air Force to deploy missiles to "survey" the invasion.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense stated that China sent another 1 military aircraft of various types to the same area on Sunday (January 24).

The US State Department said on Saturday that it is concerned about China’s “continuous attempts to intimidate neighboring countries, including Taiwan.”

US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said in a statement: “We urge Beijing to stop its military, diplomatic, and economic pressure on Taiwan and instead engage in meaningful dialogue with Taiwan’s elected representatives.”

On Sunday, the Chinese side did not immediately comment on the matter.

Canberra said the reason for developing new weapons is to deter potential opponents.
Canberra said the reason for developing new weapons is to deter potential opponents.
(ADF: Phillip Cullinan)

At the same time, the Australian Federal Government will spend one billion Australian dollars to develop new weapons for the Australian Navy.

The plan launched last year shows that Australia will soon begin early development of new missiles, torpedoes and other weapons.

The federal government said that these new weapons will have a greater deterrent effect on potential opponents.

Australia seeks to extradite the heads of the Chinese-Canadian Asian drug cartel "Three Brothers"

Xie Zhile, who had tried to board a plane to Canada, was arrested in Amsterdam.
Xie Zhile, who had tried to board a plane to Canada, was arrested in Amsterdam.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is seeking the extradition of Tse Chi Lop (Tse Chi Lop), the head of the alleged Asian drug cartel.

Xie Zhile, 57, was born in China and now has Canadian citizenship.He is as infamous as the Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman (Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman).

Xie Zhile was recently arrested by Dutch police while boarding a plane at Amsterdam Schipol Airport.

AFP issued an arrest warrant for Xie Zhile in 2019 because of his relationship with a drug cartel. He was wanted by Australia for allegedly trafficking heroin and methamphetamine to Australia. He was also on the Red Wanted Order of Interpol. Therefore, Become one of the ten most wanted criminals in the world.

AFP stated that it would cooperate with the federal justice department to request the formal extradition of Xie Zhile, and said that the drug cartel led by Xie Zhile dominates the A$900 billion annual drug trade in the Asia-Pacific region.

The most popular names Oliver and Charlotte dominate

What is the most popular newborn baby name in 2020 in the first year of the new crown?
What is the most popular newborn baby name in 2020 in the first year of the new crown?
(ABC News: Gregor Salmon)

According to figures collected by MaCrindle, the most popular boy and girl names in 2020 are Oliver and Charlotte.

However, the situation is different from state to state. For example, the most popular baby girl name in Western Australia is Isla, and Charlotte ranks fourth.The most popular baby girl name in NSW is Amelia, and Charlotte is only ranked third.However, Oliver is still the most popular baby boy name for parents in the past two weeks.

It is said that the parents of one in ten Australian newborn babies last year will choose one of the ten most popular baby names. 

Attorney-General NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman said: “In an unforgettable year, NSW welcomed thousands of babies. I wish those families who have added a baby ,"

Top 2020 most popular baby boy and girl names in Australia in 10

Baby boy Baby girl
1 Oliver Charlotte
2 Noah Olivia
3 Jack Amelia
4 William Isla
5 Leo Mia
6 Lucas Ava
7 Thomas Grace
8 Henry Willow
9 Charlie Harper
10 James Chloe


ABC Chinese: Editing report by Jason Fang and Iris Zhao

Stock and foreign exchange

Global overnight stock and foreign exchange market quotes: 

  • [Australian stocks] ASX 200 futures: 6743.5 points (↓ 0.38%); ASX was closed for one day yesterday
  • [exchange rate] AUDUSD= 0.7748(); AUD against RMB = 5.0088(); Australian dollar to euro = 0.6370(); USD to RMB = 6.4647() ;
  • [US stocks] Stock Dow Jones closed at 30937 points (↓22 o'clock); S&P 500 closing price was 3849 points (↓5 o'clock); Nasdaq 13626 points (↓9 o'clock
  • [European shares] The London Financial Times 100 Index closed at 6654.01 points (↑0.23%); The German DAX index closed at 13870.99 points (↑1.66%); The French CAC index closed at 5523.52 points (↑0.93%
  • [Commodity] Cash gold price: 1850 US dollars / ounce (↓ 0.23%); New York oil futures: $52.61/barrel (↓16美分

(Data at 1:27 AM on January 9th, Eastern Australian Daylight Time) 


Statistics on global new crown cases

Global new crown case statistics 

Serial number  country / region  Number of diagnoses  death toll 
美国  25,407,414 424,164
印度  10,676,838 153,587
巴西  8,871,393 217,664
Russia 3,716,228 69,391
英国 3,700,235 100,358
France 3,138,449 74,248
西班牙 2,629,817 56,794
Italy 2,485,956 86,422
土耳其 2,442,350 25,344
10  德国 2,164,027 53,794
100,063,707 2,151,992

Updated: Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time at 1:26 on January 9 in the morning; Source : Statistics of COVID-XNUMX from Johns Hopkins University

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