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前大满贯网球冠军和直言不讳的反LGBT人物玛格丽特考特说她为维州州长安德鲁斯祈祷,因为他的观点"太极左了"。 考特女士昨晚获得了澳洲最高荣誉:澳洲同伴勋章。。。。澳洲唐人街

Former Grand Slam tennis champion and outspoken anti-LGBT figure Margaret Court said she prayed for Victorian Governor Andrews because his views were "Tai Chi left."




"People like him, they think you have to say it, but, no, I pray for them...because I think they are so left that they forget our traditional values, you know, lying is wrong."


She said she was sad to see a small group of people decide how the country should work.






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