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Vice President Pence confirmed early this morning that Congress officially certified that Biden won the presidential election, which greatly increased the uncertainty of Pence's own political future. (Midland...




计算选举人票过程虽因川普支持者闯入停摆数小时,期间也有挺川普议员对2州的票数提出异议,但最后表决皆未成立。美国Early this morning确认拜登(Joe
Biden) won with 306 electoral votes. Pence then announced that the result of the vote "should be sufficient to declare" Biden's victory; but he did not say any words to congratulate the new government.

彭斯昨天开始参众两院联席会议前不久,对议员发表公开信说:「经过我深思熟虑后判断,我支持与扞卫宪法的() The oath prevents me from unilaterally claiming the right to decide which electoral votes should be counted and which should not be counted. "


川普随后又在推特表达对彭斯的不认同。他写道:「彭斯没勇气做出本来就该做的事,来保护我们的国家和宪法,让各州有机会认证的一系列事实,而非它们先前被要求认证的舞弊或不事实。美国要求! "

Under normal circumstances,计算选举人票只是一种形式,是美国选出新政府的复杂技术程序中最后一步。但川普和盟友在提出的选举诉讼一个个失败后,加上手中已无更多选项,便把目标锁定1月6日的认证程序,视为影响大选结果的最后机会。


Although Pence finally acted as expected, it still caused a serious rift between him and Trump.Pence was originally Trump's most loyal deputy. He has defended Trump in every incident in the past four years, and he has also taken care to avoid angering Trump.

However, this time, Pence refused to reject the electoral vote on the grounds of adhering to the Constitution, which greatly violated Trump.Since Pence intends to compete for the 2024 presidential election, this episode may hurt his own election, especially if Trump and his supporters have been holding grudges.Even if Trump resigns, he is expected to remain the de facto leader of the Republican Party and the political king maker in the next few years.


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