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Victoria recorded two new locally-infected Covid-24 cases in the 19 hours as of Tuesday, bringing the total number of cases related to the Holiday Inn in Melbourne Airport to 25.Two new cases were also recorded among overseas returnees quarantined in hotels, bringing the total number of active cases in the state to 23,950.The latest data was obtained after 426 tests were processed on Monday.The Victorian Department of Health confirmed that these two new local cases are family contacts of previously known Holiday Hotel cluster cases, and are related to XNUMX Sydney Road, C...
    维多利亚州在截至周二的24小时内录得两个新的本地感染的新冠病例,使与墨尔本机场假日酒店(Holiday Inn)相关的病例总数达到19例。

Two new cases were also recorded among overseas returnees who were quarantined in hotels, bringing the total number of active cases in the state to 25.

The latest figures were obtained after 23,950 tests were processed on Monday.

The Victorian Health Department confirmed that the two new local cases are family contacts of previously known Holiday Hotel cluster cases and are related to a dining event held at 426 Sydney Road, Coburg.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said that these two new cases had done what they were fighting for and they have been isolated at home.

"They are not unexpectedly positive cases, although I want to make it clear that they did get a negative test result a few days ago, and they have been in isolation, so there are no more exposure sites," he said.

"You can say that there are no other risks except that they are close contacts (of known cases).


For a complete list of places at risk of public exposure to the new coronavirus, please visit the Victorian Department of Health website.

He also said that the current five-day blockade is likely to be lifted tomorrow night.However, the final decision will be made tomorrow.

Mr. Andrew declined to speculate on whether the lockdown will be lifted tomorrow night, saying only that Victoria is currently “in a good position”.

"We will do our best to get as much data as possible to make judgments," Mr. Andrew said. "But we are in a good position."

Flinders Lane假日酒店闹水患 阳性隔离头裹垃圾袋撤离

Victoria builds "dedicated" quarantine accommodation

Victoria will establish a dedicated quarantine center to prevent large-scale outbreaks.

州长Daniel Andrews周二证实了此举,Avalon机场和墨尔本机场是最的两个地点。

A Victorian delegation will visit Howard Springs Camp in the Northern Territory.


“部分将基于Howard Springs 模式,”Andrews先生说,他指的是北领地.

Mr. Andrews led the national cabinet debate on the need to install quarantine outside the current hotel arrangements in major cities.

He said that cabin-style accommodation is favored by the government and provides more flexible living arrangements for overseas returnees.


"There will be free air circulation. This will not be risk-free, but a small risk. The relevant work is progressing smoothly and is indeed ongoing."





"No matter where you live in Victoria, whether it is a city or a rural area, you can leave your home and escape #domestic violence during the five-day breaker operation," the department wrote on Twitter.

For more information, please visit

No local transmission in NSW for 30 days

On Tuesday, New South Wales recorded a new case of COVID-19 among returning overseas travelers, bringing the total number of cases in the state since the beginning of the pandemic to 4950.

However, a small milestone was reached on Tuesday-there have been no local cases in NSW for 30 days.

The number of tests today has dropped by about 20%. As of 8 o'clock last night, 12336 tests had been reported, compared with 15695 the day before.

Those who have arrived in NSW from Victoria since midnight last Friday are only allowed to leave home on reasonable excuses, including exercise, essential work, purchase of basic items, medical and other care and care requirements.The stay order will end at 11.59pm tomorrow.


在西澳卫生部(WA Health)下调了市的COVID-19风险等级之后,人现在可以在西澳州免于隔离。


"According to the latest public health recommendations, as part of interstate border control, travel from NSW is now allowed without quarantine requirements, but strict conditions are still required," a statement from the Western Australian Health Service said.

“ 在2021年2月18日周四至少凌晨12.01点之前,维州的必须获得豁免才能进入西澳。”

Overseas returnees arriving in Western Australia still need to undergo a 14-day quarantine and require mandatory COVID-48 testing within 12 hours of arrival and on the 19th day of quarantine.

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