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After manicure, shoe shine, and "awkward" birthdays, Haidilao recently launched a "shampoo" service. Although it is only a few stores, it does not affect its sensational effect. Netizens commented that "Not only does it wash well, but it also blows up the styling." profession."

The "script killing" service is beyond the reach of colleagues, which has won the hearts of post-95s and post-00s.

It must be said that Haidilao has once again refreshed the service standards of the catering industry.In this issue, let’s take a look at the fancy services offered by hot pot restaurants to increase praise and see what you can learn.


Haidilao launches shampoo service

Praise is comparable to professional hair salons

Recently, Jianjun discovered that Haidilao has a "hair washing" service. Netizens said, "It doesn't matter if you wash your hair comfortably and professionally, and the hair style is particularly beautiful."

With its own efforts, Haidilao has raised the service standard of the catering industry to "no people on earth can stop" Haidilao. This service was actually available in the first two years, but at that time it only provided shampoo, hair dryer, hair cream and other items. Back calculation is officially launched.

This store is the Jinxiu Qingcheng store in Qingyuan, Guangdong. It will open in July 2020. It not only can make appointments for nails, but also provides free "hair washing" services.


▲Haidilao shampoo service

Many people commented, "Washing your hair and manicure outside, at least 70-90 yuan, this hot pot does not lose money", some customers ridiculed, "I think Haidilao will open a bath service sooner or later."

However, there are relatively few people who go to this store to experience shampooing. Many people do not know about this service. It is expected that the pioneering move of shampooing will become another topical drainage service in Haidilao.

In addition to shampooing hair, Can Jianjun also discovered that Haidilao launched a "script kill" package in Melbourne's Glen Waverley store.In the past two years, for post-90s and post-00s, playing "script killing" has become an indispensable new form of social interaction.



Haidilao once again set a new level of service in the catering industry.


Hot pot restaurant "fancy service" inventory

Properly increase praise

The hot pot market is fiercely competitive, and you may be out of the game if you are not careful. In order to win the "hearts" of consumers, in addition to the products, various hot pot restaurants have gradually upgraded their services, just like "the eight immortals cross the sea, each showing their magical powers", changing their patterns customer.

Take a look at the highly acclaimed fancy services in the hot pot industry:

Waiting coffee cart


▲Daddy's fried steak old hot pot coffee cart


Hanfu photo

Under the trend of "Hanfu fever", some ancient hot pot restaurants have launched Hanfu photo services.


▲Hanfu at the hot pot restaurant welcomes guests and takes photos with Hanfu

Also in Chengdu, Long Qi treats hot pot like a national quintessence hot pot experience hall. It not only allows customers to try on different styles of Hanfu, but also invites some professionals to perform on opera and guzheng.

Live singing, karaoke


Live private room

Guangzhou’s Yemei classic hot pot Bao’an Daqianli flagship store integrates the hottest live broadcast of the moment, and has set up a “live broadcast private room” to provide live broadcast equipment for free, so that customers can eat hot pot and live broadcast.

Boyfriend Peeling Shrimp

▲Shrimp peeling service of set fish


Game console

Some nostalgic hot pot restaurants in the market will place some retro game consoles and claw machines in the store, so that customers can find the joy of the past.

Women's makeup kit, luxurious dressing table

Last year, Haidilao also launched a "female makeup kit", including makeup remover, absorbent paper, and match lipstick. Use makeup remover wipes to remove residual lip makeup before meals. Use oil-absorbent facial tissues to absorb facial oil during meals. Use matches after meals. Lipstick touches up makeup easily.

In order to capture "her", Haidilao also launched a luxurious dressing table, makeup brushes, makeup eggs, eyebrow trimming knife... everything is available, the girl is full of heart.

▲Haidilao makeup table

And the cosmetics provided will be updated with the trend. Some netizens have discovered that the eyeshadow palette is a certain brand of animal eyeshadow palette that is popular nowadays, how can it make my lady happy!

Awkward birthday

▲Haidilao sends birthday wishes

"If you love someone, take her to Haidilao, and if you hate someone, take her to Haidilao for her birthday." This kind of "awkward birthday" that makes some fearful customers feel uncomfortable and makes Haidilao successfully out of the circle again. , Many bloggers and netizens have taken videos of this kind of theme one after another, and the popularity remains high.

Customized Digestive Tablets

If Haidilao has turned the hot pot pre-dinner service into the industry standard, then Xiaolongkan has become popular with the after-dinner digestion service, customized digestion tablets, food dictionary walls, interesting explanations and paragraphs... Marketing The effect is remarkable.

▲Xiaolongkan Customized Digestive Tablets

Play games, rank discounts

What should I do if the meat is cooked during the game?Some Haidilao employees can also help customers play games on their behalf, which really shocked netizens.


Tutorial work

At the beginning of the new year in 2020, the topic of “Haidilao tutoring primary school students to do homework” was hotly searched on Weibo, and netizens joked that “Apart from having children, what else can Haidilao do?

Accompany eating doll

▲Haidilao escort service

Nowadays, the experience of "eating hot pot alone" is not rare. For such customers, Haidilao will accompany the eating dolls as companions, which not only provides emotional care, but also avoids mistakenly receiving tableware.

Exclusive snacks

There are always surprises for specific services for certain groups, such as Haidilao’s children’s toys, the pumpkin porridge presented by Yunhaiyao for female consumers, and the ladies’ exclusive love garlic mash provided by Chongqing Hot Pot Factory...


3 characteristics of current hot pot restaurant service

Eating hot pot is not only a "gourmet" meal, but also a "joy" and "decompression". After taking stock of fancy services, Mean Jianjun found that hot pot brands are paying more and more attention to the service section, and the current service shows 3 Features.

√Grasp high-frequency social needs and explore multi-period operations



√In addition to the obvious needs, we can detect more hidden needs of customers

In the Internet age, nothing can be done without "user thinking". To satisfy customers' apparent needs can only satisfy them, but only by detecting customers' "hidden needs" can they surprise them. This is the so-called " Altruism is the greatest self-interest."

During a study tour in Chongqing at the end of 2020, Jian Yinan, general manager of Zhou's hot pot area, shared that their definition of service is to see if you can find out the potential needs of guests.

On this basis, employees brought glasses to watch menus for older customers, bought new skirts for dirty girls to replace them, and tied up shoelaces for customers going out.


Reaching this level indicates that the hot pot restaurant’s services are either topical or the industry’s first, which can be fully used for marketing, which is the so-called "service marketing."

Of course, Haidilao has done the best in this regard. From face-changing, face-shaking, manicure, awkward birthdays, to the current shampoo, script killing, each item is novel and interesting, triggering customers' desire to share.


Haidilao is a benchmark in the industry. In addition to products and scenarios, it is also inevitable to upgrade and iterate in services, and a bit of trouble will attract the attention of countless people.

But this does not mean that other catering people will flock to it, just like Baru, who believes that good service is the value output of the product.

In fact, there is no standard action for service, service consciousness is the key.

Even if there is no nail art or shampoo, as long as your employees are always service-conscious, actively explore the potential needs of customers, and provide customers with what they need most at the moment, which is good service.

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