Australia intends to compel paid Google plans to open a news platform in February –

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The Australian government is planning to pass a new media law requiring technology giants such as Google and Facebook to pay local news organizations. It is reported that Google plans to open its own news platform News Showcase in Australia within a few weeks.Australia one...

The government is planning to pass a new media law that requires technology giants such as Google and Facebook to pay local news organizations.Open your own news platform News Showcase.An expert said that the tech giants hope the U.S. government will support their boycott of regulation, which may lead toAnd the U.S. on this issueConfrontation.

according toMorning Herald reported that familiar with Google’sSaid that the technology giant renewed discussions with the media that had reached an agreement in the past week, and said it expects to launch the "News Showcase" as early as February.

Misha Ketchell, editor of The Conversation, also confirmed that Google has contacted him, hoping to resume discussions on the possible launch of News Showcase in February as soon as possible.Reuters reported that the move shows that Google is willing to trade in its own content.eliminateThe need for government legislation to force it to pay for each news link.

A Google spokesperson declined to comment on the incident.

Google first announced plans in June 2020Launched the "News Showcase" project and signed agreements with small local media such as Crikey, The Saturday Paper and The Conversation.But when the competition regulator disclosed the draft "New Media Code", Google postponed the plan and said it needed to understand what the proposed law would do to its finances..

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With other major media such as News Corp, Nine tertainmt Co and Sev Informal discussions at West Media continue, but there is no indication of when the project will be launched and no agreement has been signed.

Google claims to have invested US$10 billion in the News Showcase project worldwide and has reached agreements with more than 400 publishers.

Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg criticized the News Showcase project as a "smoke bomb" and attacked GoogleWith Mel Si, CEO of New Zealandwhy aThere is no payment model.

according toThe draft "New Media Code" proposed by the government, if some large multinational technology companies list on their platformsLink or summary of news, thenLocal news agencies pay for news services.In this regard, Google threatened that if this bill is officially passed, then Google can only end itsSearch engine service.

Faced with Google’s statement,Prime Minister Morrison responded that inThings need to be observed"We will not respond to threats."

Submit toFederal participationIn a written statement, the Office of the United States Trade Representative statedThe proposed new law poses obvious harm to two U.S. companies and calls forThe government abandoned legislation.

according toFinancial Review reports,Well-known sociologists,University Associate Professor SaAtore Babones said,The government is taking more and more actions to monitor the power of Google and Facebook in the local market. This will become the year 2021.Potential diplomatic hotspots between China and the United States.

The ABC report quoted Swinburne University of Technology professor Belinda Barnet as saying that she does notDoes Google really want to withdraw its search engine?If they want thisMaybe it can be achieved.Although this situation will only happen if the new law is passed, butPeople may need to start looking for alternatives to Google, such as Bing and DuckDuckGo.

Barnet also said that if Google endsSearch engine services, manyBusiness will be affected by.The annual market value of Google Engine digital advertising is about A$43 billion.
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