Australia-the trade war continues?US initiates 337 investigations against China | Australia Chinatown

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On January 2021, 1, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China issued a message criticizing the US International Trade Commission (ITC) for launching targeting Chinese companies. . .


On January 1, the U.S. International Trade Commission decided to determine the specific electrical connector and cage components and their products (Certain Cellular Signal
Boosters, Repeaters, Bi-Directional Amplifiers, And Components

It is undeniable that the Biden administration has just started a week, and the USITC initiated the "337 Investigation" only for the patents, designs and copyrights of individual industry-related products, allowing most of the responding companies to pay patent fees and close the case by "reconciliation."It is different from Trump (Donald
During the Trump period, the "301 Investigation" was initiated for interference in the protection of intellectual property rights of the country concerned.

In addition, the "337 investigation" is also the same conventional US trade remedy measures as anti-dumping and countervailing. It is also different from the "301 investigation" which involves the legislation of the country concerned.But as far as the specific demand for intellectual property protection is concerned, Trump and Biden may not be much different, and the United States has shown continuity on this point.




As the two have determined that China is "stealing intellectual property rights," the Biden administration will inherit the previous government's policy on trade with China, and the formation of a "coherent strategy" will become a more likely event.


Among Biden's staff, there are not a few people in the political and financial circles who hope that China and the United States will compromise and each step back.Take Campbell (Kurt M.
A new group of American politicians led by Campbell also pointed out on January 1 that the United States under Biden needs to prepare an environment of "competition and peaceful coexistence" towards China.Washington will also change its previous practice of squeezing China's living space and turn to "extortion for road money."

The US's painful killer against Huawei is also related to the fact that it has won 337 investigations more than once in recent years.


在2019年时,中国TCL公司美国半导体巨头,世界第三大半导体企业格芯 (Global
Foundries) reached a settlement on semiconductor technology patents, but this settlement was at the cost of the "cross-licensing" of the patents of both parties.


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