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On January 2021, 1, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China issued a message criticizing the US International Trade Commission (ITC) for launching targeting Chinese companies. . .
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On January 2021, 1, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China issued a message criticizing the US International Trade Commission (ITC) for launching the "26 Investigation" against Chinese companies.Beijing opposes bullying by the US "abusing its power to suppress normal commercial competition."This is the first time that the Biden administration has encountered Chinese protests due to "bullying behavior."

On January 1, the U.S. International Trade Commission decided to determine the specific electrical connector and cage components and their products (Certain Cellular Signal
Boosters, Repeaters, Bi-Directional Amplifiers, And Components

It is undeniable that the Biden administration has just started a week, and the USITC initiated the "337 Investigation" only for the patents, designs and copyrights of individual industry-related products, allowing most of the responding companies to pay patent fees and close the case by "reconciliation."It is different from Trump (Donald
During the Trump period, the "301 Investigation" was initiated for interference in the protection of intellectual property rights of the country concerned.

In addition, the "337 investigation" is also the same conventional US trade remedy measures as anti-dumping and countervailing. It is also different from the "301 investigation" which involves the legislation of the country concerned.But as far as the specific demand for intellectual property protection is concerned, Trump and Biden may not be much different, and the United States has shown continuity on this point.

Trump and his aides believe that China’s regulations, policies, and actions “may damage US intellectual property, innovation, or technological development”, saying that China has put forward “discriminatory technology licensing requirements” through “compulsory technology transfer requirements”. Furthermore, it uses "strategic overseas investment mergers and acquisitions" and other means to "improperly obtain trade secrets."

Biden also revealed similar intentions in an interview on December 2020, 12.He stated that he wants to curb China’s acts of “stealing intellectual property rights, dumping products by companies, providing illegal subsidies to companies, and forcing American companies to transfer technology to Chinese companies”.

Although Chinese scientists have made breakthroughs in areas such as the third type of storage technology in recent years, many basic research and related patents in semiconductor technology are still on the US side.The US public notice restricts Huawei's access to "US software and technology." This restriction actually has a reason. (Xinhua News Agency)

As the two have determined that China is "stealing intellectual property rights," the Biden administration will inherit the previous government's policy on trade with China, and the formation of a "coherent strategy" will become a more likely event.

Of course, compared to the alternate use of extreme pressure and trade bullying to try to blackmail the Trump administration, the Biden team may be much more sleek.

Among Biden's staff, there are not a few people in the political and financial circles who hope that China and the United States will compromise and each step back.Take Campbell (Kurt M.
A new group of American politicians led by Campbell also pointed out on January 1 that the United States under Biden needs to prepare an environment of "competition and peaceful coexistence" towards China.Washington will also change its previous practice of squeezing China's living space and turn to "extortion for road money."

The US's painful killer against Huawei is also related to the fact that it has won 337 investigations more than once in recent years.

Regrettably, economic issues between China and the United States will not be shifted by high-level attitudes after all.Looking at the contents of Section 337 investigations conducted by China and the United States in recent years, the situation in which US non-entity companies used patent issues to accuse Chinese companies or Chinese giants is gradually disappearing.The situation of US industry giants launching "horizontal competition" against Chinese companies has become the main subject of the 337 investigation.

In 2019, China’s TCL company had a relationship with the US semiconductor giant, the world’s third largest semiconductor company, Global
Foundries) reached a settlement on semiconductor technology patents, but this settlement was at the cost of the "cross-licensing" of the patents of both parties.

By 2021, the US companies that initiated the investigation even directly requested "exclusion and prohibition orders" in order to send Chinese companies out of the field.Therefore, even if the Biden administration tolerates China on issues such as international division of labor and values, and hopes to downplay the previous fierce struggle, there are hidden dangers in this compromise, and China's development will not stop due to blackmail.

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