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16日,23岁的短跑运动员Rohan Browning在新州Illawarra田径挑战赛上以9秒96的惊人成绩夺冠,成爲澳洲史上第二个在100米比赛中突破10秒大关的选手。
        【本报悉尼讯】16,23岁的短跑运动员Rohan Browning在新州Illawarra田径挑战赛上以9秒96的惊人成绩夺冠,成爲澳洲史上第二个在100米比赛中突破10秒大关的选手。

Unfortunately for Browning, this result cannot be used for Olympic qualifying because its wind assist speed reached +3.3 m/s, exceeding the prescribed limit of 1.3 m/s.

Nonetheless, this game allowed Browning to appear in the rare air.Before him, Patrick Johnson was the only Australian sprinter who broke 10 seconds. His first breakthrough of 10 seconds was in a 2003 Japan game, where he broke the record with a time of 9 seconds.

Browning represented Australia in the 2018 Commonwealth Games held on the Gold Coast and ranked ninth in the 100m semi-finals with a time of 10 seconds.But after recent efforts, he will focus on larger goals and may participate in this year's Tokyo Olympics.

He needs to break 10 seconds 05 (with the help of allowed wind) to have a chance to represent Australia in Japan.

For Australian sprinters, this is the most recent golden sprint.A week ago, Tasman Hale (Jack Hale) broke a 55-year-old Australian 100-yard dash record.

这位22岁的运动员以9秒43的成绩冲过终点线,打破了半个多世纪前前奥运会选手艾迪(Gary Eddy) 9秒52的记录。(苏)
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