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[Newspaper from this newspaper] 29-year-old "Iron Lung Singer" Deng Ziqi has been proud of her love career recently. He won the Golden Melody Award Jury in 2020. He won his first Golden Melody Award in his pocket. He also has a stable relationship with his stylist boyfriend who has been dating for 4 years. Christmas also received millions of pianos from her boyfriend, envy everyone.At the beginning of 2021, she had a new endorsement, and she announced that she would become the Asia-Pacific spokesperson for the beauty brand BIOTHERM's women's care series.Every New Year, many beauty brands will announce new spokespersons. On the first working day of 2021, Bierquan announced that Deng Ziqi will become the spokesperson of its female care series in the Asia-Pacific region, and described her as natural and fresh, authentic and straightforward, and together with her "Welcome the New Year with a new face."Bierquan has collaborated with many big celebrities and supermodels, such as former "Football Golden Boy" David Beckham, male god Takeshi Kaneshiro, South African hot model Candice Swanepoel, Victoria's Secret Angel Elsa Hosk, etc., but recently Marketing has become more low-key every year, and fewer events may be held for a long time without cooperating with celebrities. Now that Deng Ziqi is invited to endorse, it can be regarded as a new atmosphere.


new Year".
碧儿泉曾与不少大咖明星、名模合作,像是前「足球金童」碧咸(David Beckham)、男神金城武、南非辣模Candice Swanepoel、维密天使Elsa Hosk等人,但近几年行销渐趋低调,较少举办活动也许久未与名人合作,如今请出邓紫棋,也算迎来新

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