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联邦政府的COVIDSafe应用在近几个月的假期疫情中未能发现COVID-19病例的接触者。 这段时期包括了从11月中旬开始的南澳州Parafield爆发,新南威尔士州Northern Beaches和Berala病例集群,以及维多利亚州的社区传播病例。 《澳大利亚人报》联系了每个州和领地以了解该应用程序的使用情况。 在新州,一位卫生发言人说,迄今为止在新州的经验表明,对于接触追踪人员没有通…

这段时期包括了从11月中旬开始的南Parafield爆发,新南威尔士州Northern Beaches和Berala病例集群,以及维多利亚州的社区传播病例。

The Australian了每个州和领地以了解该应用程序的使用情况。





Other jurisdictions did not use this application to track community cases. "During this period,没有任何社区传播。没有通过 COVID Safe应用找出接触者。“卫生部发言人说。


This does not mean that this application is useless.According to information provided by the Minister of Government Services Stuart Robert to The Australian at the end of last year, the app proved useful in the early stages of the pandemic.

"NSW successfully used the COVIDSafe application 98 times and identified 80 close contacts, including 17 contacts that the contact tracking and identification team did not identify," it said.

“有一次,他们所获得的COVID App数据揭示出一个以前暴露在下的未知地点(Mounties)。这样最终确定了另外544名接触者。其中两人进行了测试,随后被确认感染了COVID-19。

“维州现已将应用程序的使用完全整合到他们的程序中,超过1,800名感染了COVID-19 的人士同意将其应用程序数据传输给公共卫生部门,”联邦提供的信息说。

"Victoria health officials are actively using the COVIDSafe application to verify identified close contacts."

This app was initially promoted to the public as one of the main pillars of the federal government’s response to COVID-19, and the government still wants the public to download it because it can supplement the information available to the state health department.

"The Australian government continues to encourage Australians to join the 728 million people who have downloaded and registered the COVIDSafe app.

"Continuous upgrades of the technology behind the app, including Bluetooth, will also help you, and we encourage everyone to make sure they have the latest version.

"Importantly, the app is suitable for people within 1.5 meters of each other. This is very effective for people who are not keeping social distance and are close for 15 minutes.



Since the initial allocation of 2020 million in March 3, Delv’s contract has been revised twice.

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