Google said or stopped Australian service Morrison: we are not threatened

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(Image source: Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Sharing at the Federal Senate hearing on Friday, January 1, Google Australia Editor-in-Chief Mel Silva said...

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(Photo credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

                                    122日周五在联邦参议院的听证会上,谷歌(Google)澳大利亚总编Mel Silva表示,如果拟议中的媒体交易法正式通过,则谷歌会采取激烈的行动——关闭澳大利亚用户的搜索功能。澳洲总理莫里森称,在澳洲做事需遵守澳洲的规矩,“我们对威胁不予回应”。

The media transaction law is designed to force digital platforms to pay for the news of traditional media companies. The competition regulator ACCC has previously conducted a 12-month review of Google and Facebook.
According to 9News, Ms. Mel Silva said at the Senate hearing, “If the media trading law becomes law, then Google has no choice but to stop providing search services in Australia. This is the worst-case scenario and the last thing we want to do. One thing."
"Now, it will be a bad result for us, and it will be a bad result for Australians, the media and small businesses who use our products every day."
She also said, "This is not a threat. This is reality."

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Google is one of the world's largest companies, with an estimated market value of more than one trillion Australian dollars.
News organizations in Australia have accused Google and Facebook of profiting from their content without paying any fees.
The Senate Economics Committee is reviewing the media bargaining bill proposed by the federal government. Representatives of News Channel 9, Australia News Corporation, The Guardian Australia, Associated Press, ABC, National Television and ACCC will all testify at the hearing.
Chris Janz, chief digital and publishing officer at Channel 9, said that the net assets of Google and Facebook are higher than the entire Australian stock market and the country's GDP.
He also mentioned a recent "experiment" by Google in which local news of some Australian users was deleted to test its impact.
Mr. Janz said: "Google can perform this so-called experiment to prove the authenticity of the core digital media ecosystem. Either you follow its rules or it does not provide services."
"For media organizations, this means having to accept the content displayed on the Google platform, which provides a substantial commercial return for Google without having to pay any fees for the author who created the news."
Janz added: "Google made a decision in California, the United States, to effectively erase local news on the Internet. They have the power and they are not afraid to do so."
Google and Facebookd executives will also provide evidence against the legislation at the hearing.Google claims that media trading laws will "undermine the way Google search works."
Morrison said that the federal government is unmoved by the threat of Google leaving Australia. "Let me make it clear that Australia has set the rules for you to do things here. This is done by our parliament. This is determined by our government. This is how things are done here in Australia. We are very willing to follow the rules. Welcome. But we do not respond to threats."
Australian media executives said that the proposal is critical to the survival of independent news media.

The Economic Committee will submit a report on February 2, and the Federal Parliament is expected to vote on the bill in the first half of this year.

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