The high temperature puts the suburbs of Australia facing survival threats, no action will be taken, Western Sydney may be abandoned | Australia Chinatown Australia News

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Parts of Victoria and NSW are experiencing a strong heat wave. Although this is a good excuse to go to the beach, as the earth warms, summers become longer and more unbearable, and the survival of many suburbs in Australia is already threatened.

[Sydney News] Some areas of Victoria and NSW are experiencing a strong heat wave. Although this is a good excuse to go to the beach, as the earth warms, the summer becomes longer and more unbearable. Many suburbs in Australia Survival is already under threat.

Compared with other natural disasters (including floods, hurricanes and forest fires), the number of Australians who died due to heat waves was the highest.Facing the prospect of high temperatures above 50 degrees in summer, experts warn that parts of highly urbanized Australia may become uninhabitable within decades, and the pace of redesigning and rebuilding Australia’s suburbs needs to be accelerated. This may include Planting green plants in parking lots has been eliminated, houses have been thermally insulated, roads have been coated to reflect heat, and supermarkets and even the entire suburbs have been built underground to reduce cooling costs.

Western Sydney, with a population of 250 million, has a summer temperature close to 50 degrees, which is only the ambient temperature.The temperature of some asphalted parking lots is as high as 80 degrees, and the surface temperature of sports field equipment can reach 100 degrees.

Since 2019, all 33 city councils in Sydney have begun funding a climate adaptation plan that has identified high temperatures as the primary climate threat facing Sydney residents.

Dawson, the person in charge of the plan, said that we have not yet established a city that can truly enable people to survive and adapt to extreme heat.If it cannot be cooled down, the entire Western Sydney will become a huge oven.


Kim Loo, a general practitioner in Blacktown, said that some poor people are afraid of electricity prices and he has treated many patients with heart failure, respiratory failure and childhood asthma.Air conditioning is expensive and many patients cannot afford it. He has advised these people to go to the shopping mall to escape the heat.

In Sydney, the most expensive suburbs are also the coolest. Ports and coastal areas are usually 10 degrees cooler than inland, and vulnerable people are also most prone to problems.

A project called Sweltering Cities is listening to how it feels to live, work, and travel around Western Sydney on extremely hot days.Investigator Bacon said that the interviewee used the word "fear", saying that political parties should formulate policies to deal with urban heat.

The Australian Institute of Science CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology predict that by 2090, the average number of days above 35 degrees in Western Sydney will increase fivefold.

In other words, by 2090, Western Sydney will have a temperature exceeding 35 degrees for a whole month.

Saint Morris, a professor at the University of New South Wales, is also a globally recognized expert in building cool cities. He believes that if no action is taken, "many places" in Western Sydney will be abandoned in the next 20 to 30 years.Even in places where you can still live, you may have to adopt a daily thermal risk rating system similar to forest fire warning.When encountering extreme heat, an emergency response must be made.

Kim Loo, based on her medical practice, foresees a future where medical expenses will rise rapidly due to the hot summer.She believes that if there is not enough adaptability, Western Sydney will no longer be livable. (Child force)

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