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Due to severe water damage caused by the hotel's sprinkler system, the new coronavirus-positive patients were evacuated from the Melbourne quarantine hotel.The first positive patient in the "fever hotel" at the Holiday Inn in Flinders Lane was evacuated at around 10 o'clock on Tuesday morning and walked out of the hotel with a trash bag.The guest boarded a Skybus bus and was taken to the Pullman hotel in Albert Park.The confirmed case is the only passenger on the bus.garbage bag…

位于Flinders Lane的假日酒店(Holi Inn)的“发热旅馆”中的第一名阳性患者在周二上午快到10点的时候被,套着一个垃圾袋从该旅馆走出来。

The guest boarded a Skybus bus and was taken to the Pullman hotel in Albert Park.The confirmed case is the only passenger on the bus.


The patient was assisted by a medical staff wearing a full set of personal protective equipment and a mask.
Covid-19 positive people arrive at The Pullman Hotel in Albert Park. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Ian Currie
Holiday Inn Flinders Lane is the second quarantine hotel in Melbourne to be evacuated in less than a week.

This is a "hot hotel", which means that every resident here is infected with the new crown virus.Before the completion of repairs to the hotel’s water damage, the hotel’s guests were evacuated on Tuesday morning.

COVID-19维多检疫专员Emma Cassar表示,周二从假日酒店迁出的居民选择穿袋来自己的身份。


Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews added to Ms. Cassar's comments.

"What they did was not want to be recognized. They shouldn't be forced to be recognized," he said.

"There is no public value in taking pictures of these people. We will let people do the same in hospitals."



"This will be a very slow operation. Every time we transfer a person, we have to clean the terminal before transferring another person.

The first patient has been evacuated. They came out with what looks like a garbage bag over their head. Taken to the Pullman in a Skybus – they were the only person on board. 31 people have to be moved – this is going to be a slow and steady process @9NewsMelb

— Steph Anderson (@_StephAnderson) February 15,

Earlier, a spokeswoman for the Victorian Quarantine Service said that 31 residents and staff would be transferred to the Pullman Hotel in Albert Park.


The water damage was caused by the sprinkler system, which was activated on Saturday without a fire on the fourth floor of the Holiday Inn, causing water damage to four of the eight floors of the hotel.

"The residents of Flinders Holiday Inn Melbourne will be transferred to another medical hotel on Tuesday," the spokesperson said. "After reviewing the available options, the Pullman Albert Park Hotel was assessed by ventilation experts and determined to be a Victorian quarantine. The bureau’s current list of hotels is most suitable for symptomatic and positive residents.

"Strict infection prevention and control measures will be taken during the transfer process to ensure the health and safety of hotel residents, employees and the community."


Before making the decision to evacuate the hotel, she said on Saturday that some residents were moved to the higher floors of the holiday hotel to avoid damage.




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