Hong Kong Social Media Immigration Wave: The last straw to crush WhatsApp

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
Immigration is a hot topic in Hong Kong, and an alternative "migration wave" has recently erupted on social platforms.The instant messaging software WhatsApp announced changes to its privacy terms, which caused a backlash in many countries around the world.Many Hong Kong people not only abandon WhatsApp, but are also determined to break up with their parent company Facebook. What are the reasons behind it? . . .

WhatsApp Updates I Terms and Privacy Policy

(德国之声中文网)这几天,不少香港人的手机上新增了两个应用程式——Signal和MeWe——来替代使用多年的WhatsApp和Facebook。社交分享平台上涌现一个个帖文和QR Code,人们把自己的新帐号奔走相告,呼吁彼此在「彼方」再会。



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