Iran implements measures to increase uranium enrichment     

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This move is also controversial in Iranian politics: despite the opposition of President Rouhani and the IAEA, an Iranian nuclear facility began to extract enriched uranium with an abundance of 20%. . . .

Iran Atomanlage Fordo

The Fordo nuclear facility south of Tehran produces enriched uranium with an abundance of 20%    


After U.S. President Trump insisted on withdrawing, Iran stepped away from the agreement reached with the international community.Now, the country threatens to further increase the abundance of enriched uranium.

The United States announced economic sanctions on four Chinese and Russian companies accused of supporting Iran’s nuclear program and providing Iran with “sensitive technologies”.

After Meng Wanzhou, another group of entities and individuals were accused by the United States of violating the sanctions against Iran, and had to pay for it.

Although almost other countries in the world have vowed to ignore the latest US sanctions, violating sanctions will face a major risk of losing access to the US financial system.

Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou appeared in court for the first time in five months.Her defense lawyer argued that she did not hide her business relationship with Iran, but that the United States deliberately misled Canada.

(Deutsche Welle Chinese website) Iran has begun to increase its enriched uranium abundance to 20%.Government spokesman Ali Rabiei said that this step and a related law have been notified to the International Atomic Energy Agency, which allows this refinement.    

Both the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency and the country’s President Rouhani opposed this new atomic energy law.The rabbi said that despite the doubts within the government, the law must be implemented.The Iranian Constitution stipulates that laws passed by the parliament must be implemented anyway.

Disputed law

At the end of November last year, opponents of the current government in the Iranian parliament and hardliners joined forces to pass a new atomic energy law.The law stipulates that the National Atomic Energy Agency must produce and store 11 kilograms of enriched uranium with an abundance of 120% each year.Politically intriguing, the law obliges Iran to withdraw from the International Atomic Energy Agency's memorandum, thereby restricting or prohibiting United Nations inspectors from entering Iran's nuclear facilities.
This law completely violates the Vienna Agreement on Iran’s nuclear issue reached in 2015.The United States, Russia, China, Britain, France, and Germany, the partners that signed the agreement, hope to get Iran to abandon its nuclear weapons program through economic proximity.

Rouhani faces a power struggle    

Iranian President Rouhani called the law politically unwise.He believes that the passage of the law by the parliament is related to the internal power struggle before the presidential election scheduled for June this year.In view of the fact that the newly elected President of the United States Biden will take office in two weeks, there is hope within Iran that the United States may return to the international nuclear agreement on Iran.The Democrat Biden has announced his intention to save the agreement.    

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