Morrison supported National Day "that day started a journey to the modern country"

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Australian Prime Minister Morrison (Photo by Rohan Thomson/Getty Images) shared that January 1 is Australia’s National Day. Many people will celebrate on this day, but there are also...

Australian Prime Minister Morrison
Australian Prime Minister Morrison (Photo by Rohan Thomson/Getty Images)


 "There is no need to escape or cancel this fact. For better or worse, that was the moment when our journey to modern Australia began. Today, we are still continuing this journey.
"Since that day, our story is full of sadness and joy. Loss and redemption. Failure and success." Morrison said.
1788,在英国政府的命令下,英国皇家海军第一舰队的11艘船载着1400人抵达了澳大利亚的Sydney ,在地球的另一端建立一个全新的英国殖民地。
On January 1, the fleet landed at Port Jackson, which became a symbol of European colonists’ embarkation on the Australian continent.However, it was not until 26 that this day was called Australia Day across Australia. In 1946, Australia Day became a national public holiday.

Protesters and activists across the country designated January 1 as "Invasion Day."Thousands of people in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and other cities took part in the protests on January 26 this year.Most of the protesters were peaceful, but in Sydney, four people were arrested for violating health restrictions or assaulting police officers and obstructing law enforcement.At the end of the Melbourne event, a few people fought.
Morrison said in Canberra that day that for 2500 million Australians, each individual’s story is unique, important and should be respected. "Whether it is the aboriginal people with a strong, ancient and proud culture—their stories of surviving under colonial rule, or the stories of the souls considered guilty and forgotten—they are not about building a new world, but Because they were expelled and abandoned by the old empire."
"The initial settlers and the immigrants who followed in search of a better life created a country in the process. This includes 130 people from more than 12,000 countries who are Australian citizens today."
Morrison said that their stories did not compete, but coexisted and intertwined to create this country, where there is the oldest human culture and the most successful multicultural community in the world.
He said that every Australian should contribute to this successful and resilient country. "The reason we do this is because in Australia, we believe in the unique value of each Australian as an individual, rather than distinguishing only by age, race, gender or ethnicity or religion."
Opposition leader calls for unity
The Labour Party does not support changing the date of Australia’s National Day, and opposition leader Anthony Albanese called for Australia’s National Day to be regarded as a day of unity rather than a day of division.
"I think the current debate should be towards how to truly unite the country. We recognize the capture, but we should also recognize that modern Australia has been developing and will continue to develop in the future." He said.
On the contrary, former Prime Minister Tan Bao believes that the date of National Day should be changed when Australia becomes a republic.

Australian Governor David Hurley praised the strength of the Australian people during the pandemic in his speech on National Day. "We will continue to face difficult days. We know this, but we have every reason to be optimistic about our future, because in our hearts, we are good people. This is an incredible force. This allows us to be optimistic about the future. Being full of confidence makes us very proud to be Australians.

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