Starting today, the most important political struggle in the United States in 250 years has begun!

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!


Looking back after a few years,今天(1月11日),肯定是历史性的一天。


In the past 250 years since the founding of the country, such an incident has never happened.

After all, the president was impeached only once at most, and only four times in total.but现在,特朗普将成为历史上唯一一位被弹劾两次的总统。


It is impeachment now, but this crime can still be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Originally, the Democratic Party also hoped that Pence would come forward and quote the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, ousting Trump from power and replacing him.

I don't know, Pence is very hesitant, not willing to take this mess.

Then the Democratic Party can't wait, start impeachment!

According to Pelosi:“这个精神错乱的总统的处境,已经是再危险不过了。我们必须尽一切努力,保护人民免受他对我们国家和民主发起不平衡的攻击。”

What makes Pelosi even more angry is that Trump's instigated attack on Congress, her office has also fallen, although she escaped in time, but the big feet of Trump supporters have reached her. On the desk, and her laptop hasn't been found yet.


according to宪法,总统如果犯有“叛国、受贿等重大罪行以及行为不端”,可以被国会弹劾下台。

The first impeachment was initiated by the House of Representatives.Similar to the prosecutor's office filing a lawsuit against a criminal suspect, the House of Representatives first charges the president and then votes.

This is a race against time.In the House of Representatives that the Democratic Party can handle, if it comes soon, on January 1 (Wednesday), there will be a vote on impeachment.

If nothing else, the vote will pass.

The most critical game is in the Senate.

In the Senate trial, the members of the House of Representatives play the role of prosecutors, the senators are the jury, and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides over the trial.To impeach the president from office, the Senate must have a 2/3 majority to find the president guilty.




What about this time?

Still hanging!

One is attitude.


有多名Party senator很生气,公开表示,支持弹劾特朗普。但更多党人则在劝民主党,就只剩10天了,这样折腾将加剧全国混乱。如果党不大面积倒戈,弹劾案不可能通过。

The second is time.


The last impeachment case, from the passage of the House of Representatives to the vote in the Senate, took a total of 17 days.This is still fast.According to the current arrangement, the Senate will not resume until January 1, and the fastest voting may not be until January 19.On this day, Trump has officially stepped down.



The struggle is fierce.

One thing is certain,Every step forward in impeachment, Trump humiliates Trump.

What about Trump?

according to媒体的报道,虽然弹劾案泰山压顶,虽然外界呼吁辞职不断,但特朗普坚决不干,8日他还在白宫内呐喊:"I will not resign!"

Resignation is not Trump’s personality.

If there is a Twitter, it is estimated that Trump must have scolded Pelosi for eighteen generations.

But unfortunately, the Twitter of President Twitter was permanently banned by Twitter.His mobile phone is really a brick now.

According to the information disclosed by the White House, Trump will not sit still. In the last 10 days, he is still the president after all. He will issue a series of orders, accept a large number of media interviews, and deliver his own voice.

Trump also knows very well that only the last ten days are left. The Democratic Party still insists on impeachment. This is a political pursuit.

One is to completely end his political life.


Don't you still run for the election in 2024?

Impeaching you, convicting you, and nailing you to the historical stigma. If you want to run in 2024, it is impossible.

Therefore, there is a saying that even after Trump steps down, the Democratic Party will insist on impeachment.


For the Democratic Party, such a situation is too rare.Some MPs who support Trump are also being liquidated by public opinion, such as Senators Cruz and Holly, who are also charged with the same charge: inciting rebellion.


Holly was going to publish a new book in June this year, and the contract was signed.But I just saw the press statement: Taking into account the opinions of the public, especially considering that he incited violence, the contract was cancelled!


The third is to establish power for Biden in full power.

In the past, the army had to kill one person to sacrifice the flag.This is to boost morale and to demonstrate to the other side.


Trump just sent it up.

If you don't take some tough moves against Trump, those 7500 million people will not be tame.






It is very interesting to see that there are two jokes on the Internet.

One sighed like this:

一个老人,他任期内道琼斯、纳斯达克涨至最高,率历史最高,任内没有发动战争,还撤回几万军人,全家四口人肺炎,弟弟死于疫情中,四年只拿了四美元的工资……然而人删掉了他的推特、脸书、Ins账号……历史上除了耶稣和苏格拉底,我想不出还有谁有这样的遭遇 !

Well, there are too many loopholes, but this is a joke, I won't refute it.But it is estimated that Trump must be very confused. "I had my heart turned to the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch" Ah!

Therefore, he must shout in the White House: I will not resign!




Alas, when you come out, you always have to pay it back.


Personal opinion, does not represent any organization

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